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Humane Restraint straitjackets are in four sizes, made of #6 cotton duck, and sewn together with nylon thread. The sleeves have #7 grommets at the sleeve end. The sleeve strap and back straps are leather and can be removed to launder the 'jacket. An optional cotton crotch strap is available at extra cost.


Nr. Zwangsjacke
CSJR-10S Small
CSJR-10S-CS Small / Crotchstrap
CSJR-10M Medium
CSJR-10M-CS Medium / Crotchstrap
CSJR-10L Large
CSJR-10L-CS Large / Crotchstrap
CSJR-10XL Extra Large
CSJR-10XL-CS Extra Large / Crotchstrap

The Posey straitjacket is still in use in the USA.
It's closed on the backside with four belts.
A crotchstrap makes sure that the patient can't pull the jacket over the head.
After passing the sleeves through the security loop on the chest and the loops under the arms the sleeves are buckles together behind the back making sure that escape is impossible.


Nr.. Zwangsjacke
8118S Small
8118M  Medium 
8118L  Large 
8118XL  Extra Large 

All straps are web with friction buckles.

Thanks to Remco für the nice picture.




Size Bezeichnung US size
Small MJ-100 36-42
Medium MJ-200 42-44
Large MJ-300 44-46
Extra Large MJ-400 48-50


This gimmicked straitjacket allows the wearer to easily escape with the use of  a special control strap.

This jacket is made with a light cotton duck and trimmed with a suede border. The closure straps are made of  leather.