Bondage Hospital

Chapter One - "Admission"

"Come in." I heard the voice from behind the door and entered the doctor's office and he motioned me to sit down in the chair in front of his desk.

"Good morning, I'm glad you could make it today. I have the results back from the tests. I'm afraid it is going to be necessary to keep you in our clinic for a while. You'll be taken from here right away to begin your treatment. I just need you to sign this." The doctor passed a document across his desk towards me. I signed at the bottom of the form and pushed it back to the doctor. It was an agreement that I would accept to undergo any treatment the hospital deemed necessary. He picked up his phone and pressed a button.

"You can come and collect the patient now. He'll need special care when you take him to his room."

A minute later two female nurses appeared; one was a long haired blond with beautiful deep blue eyes and the other was black with short cut afro hair and dark brown eyes. They both wore short white dresses with opaque white tights and pump shoes. They took hold of me on either side and ushered me out the office, down the corridor and into a small room on the left.

"You need to take off all your clothes and change into these." said the blond handing me a small bundle. I looked at the bundle of items I had been given to wear. "This is the official uniform for all our patients here. You will not be allowed to wear anything else other than these."

I held up one of the items I was to wear and let it unfold. It was a pair of very thick black nylon tights. Holding them up by the waistband I could see the leg and foot shapes of the tights and I was able to see a seam along the back of each leg from the very tip of the toe right up to the waistband. They were completely opaque too. I put the tights down and held up the other item. This too was black and made with thick nylon. I quickly knew what this was. It was a leotard with long sleeves. A zip ran up the back of the leotard to a very high turtle neck. On closer inspection I could see that the ends of the sleeves were sealed forming a thumbless mitten. It was obviously intended to deny the wearer the full use of their fingers though why I did not know.

"Hurry up and get changed." said the black nurse. "We need to get you to your room to begin your treatment."

I quickly undressed and began to put on the tights and leotard. I relished the feel as I placed my right foot into the tights, then the other foot and slowly pulled the tights over my feet, up my legs and over my bum right up to my waist. They were tight and completely opaque and smooth. Next I stepped into the leotard, pulled it up over my bum and gently slipped my arms into the sleeves. I eased my fingers into their mittens until they could go no further. One of the nurses turned me around to do the zip up the back. The zip went right up from the small of my back to the top of the turtle neck which covered my whole neck to just under my chin. It was tight yet snug. I looked over and saw there was a full length mirror mounted on the wall to my right. As I saw my reflection my excitement grew. Apart from my head I was completely covered in tight black nylon. My fingers were forced tightly together within the mittens. I turned around to see the back seams of my tights in the mirror and to check they were straight. I loved the feeling of the leotard. As I raised my arms above my head the leotard tugged at my crotch and was pulled up the crack of my bum. The back seam of my tights went over each bum cheek and disappeared under the leotard. I rubbed by hands over myself especially around my crotch and bum. I was hard with excitement. "I can see why you need special treatment" said the blond nurse looking down at my hard bulge. "The sooner we can start the sooner you'll get better." A smirk appeared on her face. "Right then. Let's get going." The black nurse handed me a soft pair of slippers to walk in saying "You'll only be allowed these when we need you to walk around the hospital otherwise they will not be necessary."

Both nurses placed an arm either side of me and lead me out of the changing room. We followed the corridor down and turned right at the end into another corridor. There were no other nurses or patients, only me and my escort. Following along this corridor we arrived at a reception desk beyond which were a set of security doors with a sign overhead saying 'Special Treatment Ward'.

The receptionist, an older and very stern looking matron, looked up from her desk, cast a look towards me gazing up and down at my nylon encased body. She nodded giving her approval at the nurses saying "Well well well. What have we here? Another poor soul requiring our special services." Her stern expression lightened and her mouth broke into a smile. "He's been allocated to room 11." she said after checking on the computer. Turning around she walked over to a shelf and reached up to retrieve a white folded item. She handed the item over to the black nurse saying "This should be suitable I think. It's a modified design but I'm sure you can work out how to apply it to our dear patient. When you're done I'll check in on him later in the day." The matron pressed a button under the desk and the security doors clicked. One of the nurses opened the door and I was ushered through. We walked along this corridor. All the rooms we passed were closed with special security doors that each had a peep window which could be shut from the outside. I was sure I could hear faint noises from within each room. They seemed to be sounds of groaning or creaking. I couldn't be sure but I began to feel apprehensive of what my treatment involved. What was the item the black nurse was holding? We arrived at room 11 on the left. The blond nurse took out a card and swiped it through the lock mounted to the side of the door. The door clicked and the nurse pushed the door open.

"Remove your slippers". I slipped my feet out from the slippers and stepped into the room. Immediately I noticed the softness of the floor under my black nyloned feet. The floor was padded. In fact the walls were also padded just like the floor and the whole room was white. It was a padded cell! Oh my God, what was I getting myself into here? It was too late to back out now and besides, I had signed the agreement that I'd accept whatever treatment was administered. There was no furniture in the room, only a padded floor and four padded walls. The ceiling was plain white with built in lights that brightly illuminated every part of the room.

"This will be your room for the duration of your time here." the blond nurse said. "We'll leave you alone soon for a while to let you settle in, but first you must be appropriately secured for your own benefit and for ours."

"What do you mean secured? Why?" I replied with alarm.

"Denial of your freedom of movement is our whole approach to healing at this hospital. During your entire time here you will be restrained in some form or other at all times. This is so the patient can do nothing for themselves other than to spend their time thinking and to reflect on their lives. So you may as well get used to it because you're going to be staying here with us for quite some time." I looked over at the black nurse who was now fiddling with the item that she'd been given at the reception. She held it out in front of her and allowed it to unfold. Buckles clinked as the garment unfolded and I could see two long sleeves unfurl almost to the floor. Both the sleeves were sealed at the ends. One sleeve had a buckle attached on the end and the other sleeve had a long strap attached. There were lots of buckles and straps at the back of the garment. It was a straitjacket! I looked in disbelief at the nurse who was now approaching me with the straitjacket held out with the open back of the jacket towards me. She was smiling as she stepped nearer.

"Come on now. We can do this the easy way or we can do this the hard way. Either way you are going to wear this straitjacket. It's for your own good."

Although I was initially shocked at the thought of being helplessly restrained in a straitjacket, deep down I was excited and nervous at the same time. Wow, I'd be encased in my black tights and leotard and then trussed up in a straitjacket unable to do anything about my predicament. I could feel myself getting hard at the very thought of it.

"Hold out your arms and place them into the sleeves." instructed the black nurse. She placed the open jacket up to my front as I inserted my black fingerless nyloned hands into the sleeves. My hands didn't quite reach the ends of the sleeves and it felt strange. The blond came up behind me and pulled the jacket around me and immediately began to fasten the straps at the back. She began at the bottom of the jacket tugging the strap through its buckle and ensuring it was pulled as tight as possible. She worked upwards with each strap, pulling and tugging and re-adjusting the jacket to make sure it was properly done up and secure. My arms hung down by my sides freely but I knew that soon they would be secured. The nurse tugged at the top strap of the jacket. This strap was to secure the collar of the jacket around my neck. It was a high collar but not as high as the turtle neck of my leotard. I felt the strap tighten around my neck but the nurse stopped tightening just at the point where the collar was snug and I wasn't being choked. She finished securing the strap through its buckle then did some further strap adjustments down the back to ensure there was no slack at any point.

"Now for the fun bit." the blond said as she reached between my legs from behind and took hold of a strap that had been hanging down from the front of the jacket. In fact two straps secured on the front at the base of the jacket were joined to the single strap that the nurse had hold of. She pulled the strap up between my legs and threaded it through a buckle at the back. I could feel it slowly tighten as she pulled the strap through. This was clearly something the nurses enjoyed doing. The front straps were pulled down either side of my hard bulge. Behind me I could feel the single crotch strap being pulled up between my bum cheeks. The straitjacket encased my torso tightly and was pulled taut by the crotch straps. Even if I was left like this with my arms unsecured I would not have been able to get out of the jacket but the nurses hadn't finished yet.

"Okay, now it's time to finish you up nicely." said the black nurse. She took hold of the right sleeve and passed it through a loop secured in the centre on the front of the jacket. Next she passed the left sleeve through this loop. There were also loops secured to the sides of the straitjacket through which she also passed the sleeves. The blond nurse behind me took hold of the sleeve strap and threaded it through the buckle attached on the other sleeve. She began to pull on the strap and my arms were drawn tighter and tighter across my chest. I was being forced into giving myself a tight hug from which I could not escape. Both nurses now assisted each other to tighten my arms as much as they could go. I tried pulling on the sleeves but there was no slack whatsoever.

"That's what I like to see." the black nurse said looking over the straitjacket and turning me around to double check everything was done up properly. "A patient nice and securely trussed up." The nurses both chuckled as they began to stroke my legs up and down and pat me lightly on my bum. They deliberately avoided touching me around my crotch. I tried to move my arms again but it was useless. The more I tried to move my arms the more I could feel the crotch strap pulling up between my bum cheeks.

"We're going to leave you now. You can struggle as much as you like but I think you'll find we've done an excellent job of preventing any possibility of escape. The matron will be checking on you later in the day sometime. But before we go, just one more thing..." The black nurse slipped a hand into her pocket and pulled out a thick white surgical stocking. She rolled the stocking up in her hands, reached up above my head and pulled the stocking down over my head. She tucked the stocking down securely under the straitjacket collar and finished by tying off the end of the stocking neatly to the collar strap at the back of my neck. The mesh of the stocking was fine enough to allow me to see but the stocking elastic was tight. I could feel my nose being squashed and my whole head felt like it was being gripped at all points in a vice. It was impossible to get the stocking hood off by myself.

"That's more like it." commented the blond nurse. "Okay let's leave him now and get his sleeping arrangements prepared." The nurses turned around and walked back out the door. The door was closed and locked and I was left on my own. I eased myself down onto the floor using one of the walls to support me and sat down. I straightened my legs out and looked down at myself. I looked at my black nylon encased legs and at how they contrasted with my white surroundings, wriggled my toes a little then looked down at my crotch where the two crotch straps disappeared between my legs to merge with the single crotch strap fastened tightly behind. I began to roll around on the floor relishing how the whole straitjacket felt. It was impossible to escape. I couldn't believe this was happening to me. Encased in tights, a leotard, a tight stocking hood and helplessly trussed up in a straitjacket and locked in a padded cell. This was a fantasy come true. I laid back against the padded wall. Rubbing my nyloned toes and feet slowly together for comfort I allowed my mind to ponder my sleeping arrangements the nurses were preparing for me and what other "special treatments" I had in store.