Sam's Diary

by Studbound


Chapter 1

Wednesday April 25th 2000

My aunt has encouraged me to keep a diary of my adventures, so I am starting.

She will help me with details so that I will have a complete record of the things that happen to me, and so will Derek who is my aunt's partner, but this is mostly about what my aunt did to me last night.

My name is Samuel, but everyone calls me Sam. I just turned 22, and I'm a student in my senior year at college. My mother, Cindy, died when I was about five years old. My father re-married a couple of years later, a woman named Ruth who is my step-mother. I like Ruth, but she's a bit straight-laced, and not like I remember my real mother who was happy and full of adventure.

Because the college I attend is about one hundred miles from home, during the school year I live with my Helen. She was the wife of my father's brother who died in a car accident a few years ago. Aunt Helen hasn't remarried, but she has a partner, Derek, who lives with her most of the time. Aunt Helen and Derek are what some call "free spirits." They are practicing nudists, quite uninhibited, and much wilder than my step-mother who doesn't entirely approve of their life style. I enjoy being with them as they have excellent computer equipment, a big television and a swimming pool. I've gotten used to seeing them naked around the house and in the swimming pool where they wear very little and sometimes nothing at all.

This is my senior year in college, and because I took heavy loads in my first three years, I have only a few classes and a fair amount of free time. One afternoon I was reading entries on a web page showing and talking about people being tied up. I had secretly enjoyed looking at bondage pictures - especially those showing men in bondage and dominant women. Suddenly, I was aware that my aunt was standing behind me looking over my shoulder. I was embarrassed, but I showed her the page, and we read some of the letters and looked at the pictures together. My aunt asked me if I enjoyed reading about people being tied up and I said that I did very much and that I had been fascinated by bondage for years. She asked if I had ever been tied up, and I said that I had a couple of times. I had a friend at the university who first showed me some bondage web pages and we tried a few tie-up-things, but then he moved away.

That was over two years ago. Since then I haven't been able to find anyone who was interested.

Then my aunt surprised me and asked, "Would you like it if I tied you up?" I was really embarrassed and said I didn't think it would be such a good idea, but maybe. Then I dropped the subject and didn't mention it again.

A few days ago was my twenty-second birthday. My aunt and uncle had a special dinner for me, inviting my father and step-mother and a few friends. After the party, my parents returned home, and then my aunt gave me another package. In it was a small red speedo swim suit. My aunt said she didn't like my cut-offs (if Derek wears anything he wears a thong and she wears a string bikini when they are in their very private pool), and she thought I needed a proper suit when I was in their pool. She asked me to go and try it on. I did, and returned, a little shy about how I looked - the suit was unusually snug and it was the first time I had been in a speedo. "There's no doubt that you're a boy," she said, looking at me and she laughed. Then I turned about as red as the swim suit.

Then she gave me another box, and I opened it. Inside I found rope and duct tape and a few other things.

"I don't understand," I said.

"Well," said my aunt, "as a special gift for your birthday Derek and I are going to tie you up."

I couldn't believe it Before I could stop myself I burst out,. "Really! When?"

"Right now."

"Oh, then I'll go and put my clothes back on."

"No," my aunt said, "It's better with you in your new swim suit. Clothes get in the way. But you should go to the bathroom. It may be a little while before you can go again."

I went to the bathroom, and then met them in the den in front of the television set where they went to work tying me up. Derek bound my hands behind my back while my aunt worked on my legs tying rope at my ankles, above and below my knees. They tied my upper arms to my body with tight wraps of rope around my chest. My aunt put lengths of duct tape over the rope on my wrist and ankles and she taped my fingers so that all of my hands were bound with tape and I couldn't move my fingers. They tied a piece of rope to the rope that went around my chest, took it down between my legs and tied it to my hands in back, then up in front again and back to the chest ropes.

"Wow," I said, "You are really tying me up good."

My aunt said, "If you want to do something, do it right. The whole idea of being tied up is that it is inescapable. We wouldn't want you to escape would we?."

"I guess not," I said. I wasn't so sure about all this after all. But it was too late. There was no way I could get out now even if I wanted to. And I told myself, it was my dream and I had sorted of suggested that I would like them to do it.

My aunt produced a small ball, and told me to open my mouth.

"What's that for?" I asked.

"It's a gag," she said. "Now open your mouth."

"I've never been gagged before," I said. "I don't think I want to be gagged."

"It's part of being tied up," my aunt insisted. "You know - bound and gagged.

They go together. You can't really have one without the other. If I remember correctly, all the people I saw you looking at on those web pages were gagged," my aunt added.

So I opened my mouth wide. My aunt put the ball inside. It had a cord through it, and she fastened this around my face and behind my head so that I couldn't push the ball out with my tongue. She told me to close my mouth as much as I could and get my lips close together while Derek put a rubber swim cap on my head. Then they wrapped duct tape all around my mouth - front to back and around and around covering everything from my nose down. More tape went under my chin and up over my head. The rubber cap kept the tape away from my hair.

When they had finished, I found I couldn't say much of anything.

They laid me down on the floor, and tied my ankles to the rope that circled my chest. Derek said that the hog-tie. would keep me from moving around too much.

Finished, they stood and looked me over. I was bound beyond my wildest dreams.

I could see the clock, it was about 6:30 PM.

My aunt took one more strip of duct tape and put it over my eyes.

"What a great looking birthday package," my aunt said. Derek agreed. "And the birthday boy will have to open it by himself."

I wondered what that meant.

My aunt and Derek went about their normal evening routine, watching television, having a drink, talking on the phone, and so on. You would have though it was perfectly normal to have a nearly-naked young man trussed up, gagged and hog-tied on the floor. They paid no attention to me at all.

I struggled, tried to free myself, tried to talk, and generally enjoyed myself finding that the feeling of being bound was very enjoyable. I really liked it. It was a feeling I can't describe, but it gave me a sense of calm pleasure that was something I had never experienced before. The more I struggled, the better it felt.

But after a couple of hours, I was ready to be untied, but they just ignored me and the noises I made. I squirmed and tried even more to free myself, but got nowhere. So I thought I would just have to wait until they decided to free me. At ten o'clock, the late news started, which they always watched. I had been bound for 3 1/2 hours by then and was sure they would untie me fairly soon. Not much longer, I thought - surely they would untie me before they went to bed. I was feeling the need to go to the bathroom.

When the news ended I heard them turn off the television, and move around the room. My aunt said " It seems like the birthday boy has decided not to open his package. Guess he wants to stay that way. Good night Sam. Sleep well," and I heard them walk out of the room turning off the lights. I couldn't believe it. There I lay with no escape. My dream fantasy had become considerably more than I bargained for. I squirmed and made as much noise as I could, but nothing. I started to think that I would be all night that way. And my bladder was about to burst.

But after about 30 minutes, they returned, turned on the lights, and freed me.

They were laughing and my aunt said, "Did you think you would be here all night?"

"I sure did," I answered.

"Did you enjoy being tied up?" my aunt asked.

"Yes," I said "It was great. All I ever had before was my hands tied behind my back and my feet tied at my ankles. It was really something!

I can't describe how wonderful it felt, but I loved every minute of it."

"Well, happy birthday," my aunt said. "Now go to bed."

In the morning at breakfast I again went on and on about how much I had enjoyed being tied up.

My aunt and Derek told me something interesting. They said they would be willing to tie me up any time I asked if it was something I enjoyed. But there was one thing. Once tied up, they would not free me until they wanted to, and it might be a few hours or maybe a whole weekend. I would never know when they would tie me up and they would not tell me before I was bound and gagged. If I ever refused to let them tie me up, they would never do it again.

I thought about it for a while, remembered how great I felt the night before, and then I agreed to their terms.

My aunt confessed that she really enjoyed being in charge of me while I was tied up. For years she had wanted to experiment with bondage on Derek, but he had refused. So she would now get a chance to experiment on me. She smiled and winked at him. I wondered what she would do next. So now I wait for that next time.


Chapter 2

Tuesday, April 30, 2000

To My Diary


After the first time my Aunt and Derek tied me up, my aunt and I spent some time looking at pictures on web pages for ides on how to tie me up the second time. We had a bargain that she and her partner, Derek, can tie me up any time they want, any way they want, for as along as they want but I had to wait until she and my Derek were ready..

My aunt assured me that when she and Derek tie me up, they would never leave me alone for very long. But, my aunt said, nothing else would be negotiated.

She said that there was more to being tied up than just rope and tape. She said that the person being tied up must totally give over control to the person doing the tying, like it or not and there needed to be a lot of trust.

If she and Derek tied me up, they would decide when they would do it, where they would do it, and how long I would be bound and gagged - she said I would always be gagged because the gag really stops the person being tied up from having any control. The next time I would be tied for at least a couple of hours, and it might be "much much much" longer (she said much all three times). She added that they would never keep me tied up so that I missed any college classes or suffered any physical harm.

Also they would say what I would wear, whether it was pants, shorts, a swim suit, a thong, a jockstrap or nothing! All of that was part of the game. She said I had one more chance to back out and that I needed to be sure what I was getting myself into. If I wanted to go on with the game I would have to agree to those terms or she and my Derek would not tie me up. I asked if she might really tie me up with nothing on, and she said that she might - it was my gamble. My aunt said that nobody should let anyone tie them up who they did not trust. She said I should think it over and be sure that being tied up was something I wanted - considering the conditions she was laying out. If I really wanted it, I should tell her and, with Derek's help, she would do it.

I thought about it for a day, and decided that my aunt and Derek would never do anything to really hurt me, so that night at dinner I said, "I agreed before, I've thought if over again, and I would like you to tie me up again."

"Do you agree to the conditions?" my aunt asked.

"Yes," I said.

"What are the conditions?"

"You can tie me up when you want, where you want, for as long as you want, wearing anything you want. If you say you want to tie me up and I refuse, you will never tie me up again."

"OK," she said and that ended the conversation.

Friday came, and I thought they might tie me up Friday night, but nothing happened. We watched television, and I talked on the phone with some people in one of my classes. I also have friends from the school soccer team (I am a minor player on the soccer team in the Fall) and I decided to go to a movie Saturday afternoon with two friends, and then out for a burger and a shake.

Saturday morning my aunt fixed breakfast, and since it was a warm sunny day, all three of us went out for a swim. My aunt suggested that I wear my new red speedo - so I did and Derek wore his black thong and my aunt wore her little string bikini-thong. At about ten-thirty, we got out of the pool, and walked into the house.

I went to the bathroom, and when I came out, my aunt said, "Sam, come here and sit in this chair." It was one of four large wooden chairs that sat in the kitchen - despite being heavy, they moved around easily because they have wheels on all four legs.

I sat in the chair, and my aunt appeared with pieces of rope. She began tying my wrists to the arms of the chair. Derek took more rope and tied my ankles to the front legs of the chair. They tied my arms to the chair's arms very securely. I didn't say anything but I knew what they were doing. They took long pieces of rope and wrapped them around my chest and around the chair securing me to it. Another wrap of rope surrounded my belly and around the chair. Rope at my knees tied them apart to the supports to the arms of the chair. Then they took duct tape and wrapped it around all of the rope ties including the ones around my body. I was securely tied to the chair and only able to squirm and move a little. They didn't put anything in my mouth, but they put strips of tape on my mouth to keep it closed.

When they were done, my aunt and Derek pushed the chair out of the kitchen onto the patio next to the swimming pool. They put me in a shady spot, and then went about enjoying the day, leaving me bound and gagged in the chair.

With my feet, I could move the chair around a little, but not much else. The tape seemed insufficient to hold my mouth shut - when I tried to push it away it started coming lose. My aunt always saw this and occasionally reinforced it with more tape..

While Derek read his newspaper, watched me, and stretched out on his chaise lounge, my aunt swim, and then sat on her chaise and talked on the phone. I sat and watched - couldn't do much else. They seemed to be enjoying a lazy Saturday. I was enjoying being tied up and wondering what would happen and how long I would remain their prisoner.

At Noon, Derek wheeled me into the kitchen and up to the kitchen table. My aunt fixed sandwiches and ice-tea. When they sat down, still in only their tiny swim suits, Derek looked at me and said, "I'm going to remove the tape on your mouth, Sam. But if you say so much as one word, the tape goes back on and stays and no more food or anything to drink for the rest of the time that you're tied up. Do you understand?"

I nodded and grunted that I understood.

Off came the tape, and while they ate, my aunt fed me a sandwich and tea. When they were finished, my aunt stood, and came over to me. She had the roll of tape, and he tore off long pieces and again taped up my mouth - more securely than before.

Then Derek rolled the chair into the bathroom. There he reached down into my swim suit and untied the drawstring, pulling the suit down in front. He held a cup up to me, and said that if I needed to pee, I should do so. I did - embarrassed, but relieved. It was the first time anyone except a doctor had touched my penis. When I was done, he pulled up the swim suit, and retied it.

Then he wheeled me out onto the patio where my aunt was on the phone again.

"Rick and Angela are coming over," she said to Derek. They'll swim and stay for dinner.

The Petersons are my aunt and Derek's best friends, and they come over often.

My aunt and Derek and the Petersons frequently go to nudist camps together, and they sometimes even go naked here at my Aunt's swimming pool. In addition, they are the parents of my most recent girlfriend, Julie. My parents and I have also gone to nudist camps, but never when my aunt and Derek or the Petersons and Julie were there I was sad as I figured that my aunt and Derek would have to untie me before the guests arrived. Certainly they wouldn't let anyone else see me trussed up that way. But I was wrong. After about an hour, the doorbell rang, and Derek went to answer. Shortly he and the Petersons walked out onto the patio. They must have seen me, but gave no indication that they did or that anything was unusual. I was relieved that Julie wasn't with them, and hoped they wouldn't tell her about seeing me tied up. I feared she would think me something of a freak and never see me again. Julie is a good looking girl, and fun to be with. I hoped to take her out more in the future.

Rick Peterson immediately stripped down to his swim suit - a very small speedo-type suit, and jumped into the pool saying he had waited all day for a swim. His wife, also in a tiny bikini, followed, and shortly all four of them were in the pool while I sat and watched.

After their swim, they sat in chairs or on chaise lounges and chatted, ignoring me entirely.

After a while, Derek wheeled me into the bathroom again and pulled down my suit so I could pee again. I did. Then it was back to the pool deck. And that was the way I spent the afternoon - watching them have a good time, swim off and on, and chatter about different things - politics, sports, whatever while I remained tied to the chair and gagged.

At one point the phone rang and Derek answered. It turned out it was my soccer friends wondering when I would come so we could go to the movie.

"Tell the whole team to come over," my aunt said. "They might like to see how Sam works out on Saturdays."

I grunted and shook my head - terrified that she was serious and that he would do it.

Derek said, "Sorry, but it turns out that Sam's tied up this afternoon and can't go. He'll call you later when he can talk and explain." I couldn't believe Derek said that but he has a strange sense of humor and he and my aunt love making puns and plays on words..

At dinner time my aunt and Derek fired up the broiler on the patio, and they fixed chicken. The Petersons had brought salad and there was bread. When it was ready, they sat at a table on the patio - five of us when my chair was added.

Again, Derek told me that he would remove the tape-gag but it would stay off only so long as I said nothing. One word and it would go back and stay. They fed me dinner, and I remained silent, but after a drink of juice, I forgot and said, "Thanks."

Derek stood, walked into the kitchen, returned with the roll of tape and the ball they had used the first time they tied me up. He also had the rubber swim cap.

"I'm sorry," I said. "I forgot."

They said nothing - none of them.

"Please don't gag me," I said. "I'm still hungry. It won't happen again."

On went the cap and Derek said "Open your mouth."

As my aunt smiled, I opened my mouth and in went the ball. Then came the wraps of duct tape, around and around my head below my nose. Under my chin and up over the top of my head. Then around front to back again. This time I was really gagged for good. Then he took tape and wrapped it over my forehead and around the chair, securing my head tight to the chair. Another wrap at the level of my mouth and around the chair really held me firmly.

They finished their meal as if nothing had happened. As it was getting cooler, everyone put on more clothes over their swim suits, and we all went into the house with Derek pushing my chair. Again he took me to the bathroom.

He asked if I needed to do more than pee, and I shook my head, no.

The Petersons stayed well into the evening while they watched television and chatted. Then the Petersons went home.

I had been bound and gagged since around ten thirty in the morning - and it was then nine-thirty at night, so I had been tied up for eleven hours. At that point, my aunt and Derek untied me from the chair and let me stand. They tied my hands behind my back and wrapped my wrists with duct tape. They left the gag, but otherwise didn't do anything more.

At bed time, Derek took me to the bathroom, and then he told me to go to bed, and so I did. I lay on my bed with my hands tied and my gag in place. I thought one of them would come in and untie me after a little while, but it was well after midnight before my aunt came in. She asked if I wanted to be untied, and I grunted and nodded my head and tried to say, "Yes."

"Well, okay," she said, "If you really want to stay that way I'll untie you in the morning, and she left.

So I stayed tied and gagged all night. In the morning my aunt came in and said, "Good morning Bee-Bee. How's the Tag Kid today?" She laughed and then she untied my hands. She left, and I removed the gag, got up and got dressed.

It was Sunday. When I got to the table Derek said, "How's Bee-Bee today?"

"I don't get the "Bee-Bee" stuff," I said.

"Bondage Boy," Derek said.

"It's his new nickname for you," said my aunt laughing. "We think it's clever."

"When you were in high school you were a TAG student," Derek added. "Talent and gifted, if I remember. Now you're a TAG student here - Tied-up And Gagged." Then he really laughed. "Bee-Bee, the TAG Kid."

My aunt and Derek asked me if I had enjoyed being tied up all day and all night. I said that I was stiff and a little sore, but that it had been fun. I couldn't explain why the feeling of being tied was enjoyable and for sure it "excited" me - something they must have noticed since I was wearing only the tight speedo. It was a feeling I can't describe, but I found it a thrill and a pleasure at the same time. And I agreed with Derek that not knowing what would happen added to the fun.

What had the Petersons thought? Nothing much, said my aunt. They said that if I liked being tied up, I was getting what I enjoyed, and it didn't bother them at all. They said it certainly kept me out of trouble.

I told my aunt and Derek that I didn't need to think it over at all - I wanted to be tied up again -- something different if possible. Further, I said they could tie me up any time they wanted, without my asking. "Surprise me," I said.

"Well," said my aunt. "We already have an agreement, and that's exactly what we intend to do. There's nothing you can do to stop it now unless you refuse, and then it's all over."

"Great," I said. "And I understand the conditions. Any time you want, anywhere you want, for as long as you want, wearing whatever you want - and now, without warning and without my asking."

"Well," said my aunt, "There's one more thing, Bee-Bee. If we start to tie you up now and then, it's too late to change your mind, no matter what. If you start this, you can't call it off."

"Okay with me," I said.

And that's the way we left it.

And that ended my second experience with bondage. I wonder what they will do next time.


Chapter 3

Tuesday, May 6, 2000

To My Diary


I've written before abut my tie-up adventures with my aunt and Derek. They have agreed to tie me up once in a while, and I've enjoyed the two times they've done it so far. My aunt and her partner, Derek, now call me "Bee-Bee, the TAG Kid," meaning "Bondage Boy, The Tied and Gagged Kid." My aunt says my liking to be tied up is great because she's always wanted to dominate a man and Derek isn't interested.

The last time they tied me up, I was tied for a day and a night, and I really liked it. After that I reaffirmed the agreement that they could tie me up any time they want, for as long as they want, wearing anything they want, without warning. I also added that I cannot take back that agreement which was something new.

Sadly, the end of the college year was coming, and I would be with my aunt and Derek only a few more days. Friday evening, nothing happened, and I was really disappointed, although I didn't say anything to them. I knew my aunt was having a catered lunch party around the swimming pool on Saturday so they wouldn't have me tied up then. Sunday they would be away with friends and they said they would never leave me alone when I was tied up. I went to bed Friday a bit disappointed.

Sometime in the night - I have no idea when, I woke up feeling something happening to my arms. I'm a sound sleeper, so didn't realize what was going on at first - but quickly understood that my arms were up over my head stretched out, and being tied to the corners of my bed. It was dark in the room, so I couldn't see who was doing it, but there were two people and I assumed it was my aunt and Derek. I started to say something, but a hand was quickly put across my mouth. I struggled with the rope that held my wrists, and then felt someone grab one leg and stretch it out and tie rope around it, then the other leg the same so that I was fully stretched out to all four of the corners of the bed and not able to move much. The hand came off my mouth, and when I opened it to say something, someone shoved in a large ball, raised my head, and did something behind my head. Then someone put tape on my eyes. The ball kept me from saying anything understandable, and the rope held my arms and legs firmly. Next I felt something at my side - I wear only boxer shorts when I sleep - and something was happening to them. Then I felt something cold moving against my side, and then the other side and the shorts were pulled away - they had cut the shorts on each side and removed them. I was naked.

Finally, I heard a deep voice say, "Now we have the adults and the kid all tied up, we can search the house and split."

Then something went into my right ear, and I heard music, then my left ear, and tape or something went over my ears. holding the ear-plugs in place All I heard was the music. I was tied stretched-out on the bed, nude, gagged, blindfolded, and ears blocked with some kind of earphones that were held in place. It was wild!

It may have been my imagination, but I thought I saw three or four light flashes. Hard to tell. It might have been my aunt as she has a digital camera and right from the start she took few pictures of me each time they had tied me up. She says she's putting them in an album that she will show me some day.

For her it's a souvenir of her domination of a man.

I don't know how long I was there, but it seemed like hours and hours. I squirmed around, but couldn't move very much. Finally, after I thought I would be there forever, I felt something gently pulling the tape over my eyes. As I adjusted to the light (it was day time by then) I saw my aunt looking down on me and smiling with Derek behind her. She pulled the tape from my ears and removed the ear-plug-phones.

"Good morning, Bee-Bee. How are you?"

"Mmmmmm mmmmmm mmmm" was about all I could say around the ball in my mouth.

My aunt left and Derek untied my right arm, and held it while he untied my left arm, then he sat me up, pulled my arms behind my back, and tied them together - this time with one of those white plastic ties that the police use.

It zipped into place quickly and firmly. He then untied my legs.

"You go to the bathroom," he said, "and then come on to the kitchen if you want any breakfast." And he left.

I went to the bathroom, and while there looked in the mirror and saw a large red ball in my mouth, held by what looked like a thin leather strap that was buckled behind my head. My arms were tied at the wrists with the plastic police tie, and I still had no clothes on. I was reluctant to strut into the kitchen naked, although I was all but naked in that Speedo, and my aunt had already seen me on the bed, and I really didn't have much choice. Sheepishly I snuck in, and sat down quickly. Derek laughed and said to my aunt, who had her back turned, "Bee-bee, the naked TAG kid is here for breakfast."

My aunt brought out her camera, and made me stand and took my picture. I was really embarrassed.

"Well," she said, walking over still looking at me. "Did you sleep well?"

"Mmmm" I said, nodding my head.


"Mmmmmm" I said, nodding again.

"Did you think you were being tied up by robbers last night?" my aunt asked.

"Mmm Mmmmm" I said, indicating no by shaking my head.

"I didn't think you would," she laughed. "It was crazy Derek's idea to try to scare you. I'm afraid he's getting into this bondage thing a bit. Now you have both of us to contend with tying you up and thinking of new ways to do it."

"We'll take off the gag," said Derek, but remember the rules. "One word and it goes back and that's the end of breakfast."

I had learned my lesson the last time. I sat, hands tied, while they fed me breakfast. When they were done, Derek told me to open my mouth again, and in went the gag which he told me was called a "ball-gag" and he said that my aunt had bought it at a local store, along with a few other bondage things that I would see eventually. He cinched the gag up tight.

My aunt and Derek chatted about the luncheon that was due to start later that morning and that the women guests would begin arriving between eleven and Noon. They discussed some details, made some decisions and agreed on tasks to be completed The caterer would come at ten or ten-thirty, my aunt said. It was seven-thirty then. I was up earlier than usual for a Saturday.

Derek looked at me and told me to enjoy myself for a couple of hours, but stay out of the way and that my aunt and he would "deal with me" before the caterer arrived."

I looked down at myself, and up at him, trying to indicate that I was uncomfortable being naked. But Derek paid no attention, so when my aunt was busy with dishes, I got up and walked into the den and sat there "out of the way." With my hands tied, I could still work the remote for the television, so I watched TV for a while. Then I walked around, looking at the preparations for the luncheon. It was really strange, wandering around the house with my hands tied, gagged, and naked.

I waited patiently the two hours. At 9:30 I expected either my aunt or Derek to come and release me. She came, but she didn't let me go. Instead she took me into the kitchen. There she cautioned me not to speak, and she removed the ball gag. She replaced it with the small ball she had used before, she put on my rubber swim cap, and she began sealing my mouth with wraps of duct tape, around and around, under my chin and over my head.

"We need to be sure you don't make any noise during the party," she explained.

So, I was to remain tied during the party? A surprise!!!! But where would they put me. Surely not on public display!!

Derek took cutters and removed the plastic tie that held my wrists. He then brought out padded leather cuffs linked together by short chain of about one inch. He put one cuff on each wrist, adjusted them to the right size, and locked each in place with a small padlock. They were comfortable, but I thought he had made a mistake putting them on in front as I could reach up and remove the gag if I wanted.

My aunt looked over at me, and said, "Derek, have him wear something - just in case."

"In case what?"

"In case someone finds him."

"Nobody will find him."

"I don't care, just in case he shouldn't be nude."

Derek went into another room, and returned with one of his thong swim suits - a black one. He had me step into it, and he pulled it up into place. I had never worn a thong before, and it felt really strange.

Then Derek led me outside past the swimming pool. At the far end of the patio, there is a small building which has two dressing rooms and a third room that is for storage although there has never been anything stored in it. The third room is enclosed by two-inch-wide wooden slats about a half inch apart. This ventilation, Derek said once, is so that it would be safe for chemical storage. Derek opened the door and I went inside with him following me - there almost wasn't enough room for two of us. Against the back wall, I noticed a number of new eye-bolts in the wood and in various places. Derek had been busy.

Derek reached into a bag he was carrying, and pulled out a bungie cord about a foot long. He attached one end to an eye-bolt in the ceiling, then he stood me up against the back and had me raise my arms. He ran the bungie cord down under the wrist cuffs, and back up to the ceiling where he hooked the other end into the eye-bolt. There was some give, but my arms were securely fastened over my head. No way to reach the gag then. He secured the ends of the bungie cord to the eye-bolt so they wouldn't come loose if I jiggled or tried to move them.

He tied ropes to each ankle, had me spread my legs, and secured each leg to eye-bolts in the corners of the shed so that I could no longer bring my legs together. There were eye-bolts along the wall at both of my sides. He used more bungie cords to go from one side to the other, over my belly, chest, and one at head level over my mouth. He then took tape and taped the mouth cord in place so it wouldn't slip. I was then held fast against the wall of the shed, arms secure over my head, gagged, and going nowhere.

"There," he said. "You can look out a bit between the slats and see some of the party if you want."

My aunt showed up with her camera and took a few pictures of me.

Then Derek closed the door, and I heard him fasten the hasp and put a lock on it so that nobody would accidentally open it and find me. It was dark inside so nobody would see me standing there.

I stood there, and between the slats I could sort of see the caterer who had started setting up. After a bit, somebody came to the door, unlocked it, and opened it. It was my aunt who looked inside, and after seeing me, said, "I wanted to double check that he did a good job so that you wouldn't get away during the party. Say something."

"Ummmm uhmmmm uhhhmmm," I managed through the gag.

"Good," she said. "I doubt that anyone out here could hear you. Can you see much around the pool?"

I nodded my head, yes. I could see some of what was happening.

She shut the door, and locked it.

Eventually women started to arrive. Most quickly changed into their swim suits, and since it was a women-only party (nobody knew I was kind-of watching), some of the suits were very skimpy, although none as skimpy as the string bikini my aunt wore in private. I really got a thrill watching them parade around in their suits. I was really glad they couldn't see me as seeing them clearly had me aroused.

Later, they started eating. Three women and my aunt sat at one of the tables that was next to the shed where I was bound and gagged. They chatted for a while, and spent a lot of time discussing one of their friends who had been caught by her husband having an affair. They really raked her over the coals, although I wasn't sure whether they were upset because she had the affair or that she got caught because she hadn't been careful.

They discussed a few more things, and then one of the ladies, who I knew as one of my aunt's best friends, asked, "Where's Sam? I thought we would see him here today."

"Oh," said my aunt, "Sam's hanging around, I suppose. He probably didn't want to be involved with a bunch of women."

"He sure is fortunate to have you and Derek house him while he's at university here," she continued.

"Yes," said my aunt, "and he's a pleasure to have around. We really enjoy him." (Then my aunt started off on one of her 'double-meaning' joke trips - she enjoys puns and phrases with two meanings). "You know," she added, "Sam and I, and Derek, have been doing a lot of bonding lately."

"That's nice," the women agreed.

"Yes, I've really been showing the boy the ropes, and you know kids. Sam still gets himself into things now and then that he can't get himself out of. Derek and I let him sweat it out for a while, then we come to his rescue."

"He gets into trouble?"

"Oh no, he's not into trouble. Just problems at school or with homework and especially with his hobbies. He has really gotten ied up in his new hobbies.

He's really a great student - getting good marks. Derek says that Sam is a real TAG student in more ways than one. His dad will be pleased," my aunt continued, "but soon the year will be over and he'll go home for the summer.

The conversation then drifted to other things, and I listened, not being able to do much else. The women swam more, so I didn't hear much after that. Later in the afternoon they started leaving, and I saw the caterer clean up and go.

Then Derek came, and I knew everyone was gone as he was in one of his thong suits. He unlocked the door, came into the shed, and released me from the bungie cords and tape. He unlocked the cuffs, put my arms behind my back, and fastened them with another police-plastic-tie. He untied my legs which were a bit stiff. He did not remove the gag. He led me to the bathroom, where he let me use the toilet. He didn't replace the thong swim suit, and he led me to the pool.

"Join me for a swim and then we'll eat," he said. "Your aunt's been eating and nibbling all afternoon so she's not hungry."

I moved around in the water, but with your hands bound, swimming is rather difficult. After the swim he dried himself and me off, then we went into the kitchen. Derek carefully removed my tape and ball gag, cautioned me not to speak, and fed me dinner which my aunt had prepared mostly from left-overs from the luncheon.

Derek then took me to the bathroom again, then led me into the den, and cut the plastic tie on my wrist. He then brought out rope, and tied me up exactly the way he had the first time, securing my wrists behind my back, my legs at the ankles, above and below my knees, and then a strict hog-tie. He used the duct tape to tape all of the bindings and my hands like he had before. The only thing different was that he took tape and taped my eyes shut. It was turning out to be a long long day of bondage. But I was enjoying it.

I lay there for a long time, and my aunt and Derek watched television. I heard them moving around, doing something - I couldn't tell what. I guessed it was about eight o'clock by the program on television, when my aunt came over and slowly removed the tape from my eyes. As my eyes adjusted to the light, she said "I have a surprise for you - company." She stepped away, and I saw that laying next to me on the floor, bound the same way that I was and gagged, was Derek - still in his thong swim suit.

"You see, Sam," my aunt said, "Derek has been really enjoying tying you up and finding new ways to do it. For years I've been after him to let me tie him up, and he's always refused. But he decided to try it just once so he let me tie him the same way that you're tied. He said he wanted to see what it felt like for an hour or two."

She stood and held up her camera and took pictures of both of us, and went back to the couch and went on watching television. Derek and I squirmed around on the floor, watching each other and making unintelligible noises. We tried to get together to see if we could untie each other, but the tape prevented that.

After two hours, my aunt announced that she was tired. It had been a long day and the luncheon wore her out. She walked over to me, and said, "Sam, Derek thought we should keep you bound and gagged all night again tonight - and well into tomorrow. It was to be a long session for you to test your limits. But now I'm changing the rules."

There was an "umpfff" from Derek who's eyes looked startled.

"He will indicate to me when to untie you. And then you will tell me when to untie him. You cannot tell me to untie him until you are untied. So the longer he lets you remain tied, the longer he remains tied. That's my new rule."

"Mmmmmm Mmmmmmm MMMmmmmm Uphhhhhhhh," came from Derek who looked really upset and squirmed around looking up at my aunt.

"Sorry, Derek," she smiled, "but you know the rules - once you are tied up, you stay as long as I want, where I want, dressed like I want. Those are our rules and they now apply to you too."

Derek made a lot of noise in protest, but it didn't get him anywhere. "I'm going to change for bed," my aunt said, "and I'll come back and give you one chance to tell me whether or not to untie Sam. If you don't give me a sign, you both stay here all night."

She was gone about thirty minutes. Then she came back.

"Well," she said. "Do I untie him?"

Derek shook his head, no.

She turned and started to leave the room, but then he made more noise, and she looked back. He was nodding his head, yes.

My aunt untied me. It took a while, and I was happy that it was over as it had been a long long time since they came into my room and bound me during the night. I was really stiff, and my mouth ached.

"Well, Sam," when do we untie Derek?"

"Did he really want to keep me tied up all night?"

"Oh, yes," she said. He was shaking his head, no and making noise in his gag.

"Then, let's not untie him until morning," I said.

"He may get even with you later," she cautioned.

"I don't care - don't let him go until morning."

Derek really made lots of noise, but I went off to bed and I slept well. No way would he come into my room during the night - I was sure of that.

In the morning I was up really early and down to the den to free Derek, but he wasn't there. I went back to bed. Much later, at breakfast, he walked in and joined me and my aunt who was fixing the meal.

"I untied him this morning as you instructed," she said.

I could see deep rope marks on his wrists, on his legs, and around his body, so I knew he had been tied until fairly recently.

"Did you enjoy it?" I asked.

"Just you wait," he said, "You'll pay for this and pay dearly. But yes, in a way it was fun. Your aunt made it a great pleasure, and that's all I'll say. I can tell she really enjoys this business of being in charge."

I also had really enjoyed my third time being tied up by my aunt and Derek, and was sorry that school would be over in a few weeks.

Being bound and gagged gives me an endorphin rush, kind of like the thrill of riding a roller coaster. I find I really love it. But I love not knowing what they will do. I enjoy having my aunt in control. My aunt has assured me that she'll keep an eye on us and guarantee that nothing harms me. That's the way I like it. I don't know when I'll get tied up again but when it happens, I'll write about it here in my diary.


Chapter 4

May 16, 2000

To My Diary

On Saturday my aunt and Derek invited some of my friends to come after lunch and swim in their pool with me. Earlier in the day I put on my regular swim suit and then walked to the pool but Derek put me on a pad and tied my hands behind my back and more rope around my chest. He had me lay on the pad and he tied my legs and made a hog-tie and he put the ball gag in my mouth. So I was tied up again. Derek sat in his chair next to me and read the newspaper. My aunt took pictures of me and then sat and read her book. Derek said he was thinking of keeping me tied up until my friends came so that they could see me tied but he was joking. They sat until lunch. Then Derek untied me and said that would be all.

After lunch I swam in the pool and then my aunt and I looked at some web pages where people are tied up. We found one where people tie themselves up and my aunt made me promise that I wouldn't try to do that as she thinks it's dangerous to. My friends came in the afternoon so I was back in the pool with them - four friends from the soccer team and two of them came with their girl friends and Julie, my girl friend, came too. And then my parents, who drove into town, came and joined us. Then my friends and I went out to get something to eat and my parents had dinner with my aunt and Derek. After dinner we just walked around and then I took my girlfriend home and then I came back to my aunt's.

With everyone gone, my aunt showed me the scrap book that she had been making for some time. She takes my write-up of each tie-up adventure and adds it to the pictures made with her digital camera and puts them together in her book.

It's like a diary for her to have. It was interesting seeing myself in bondage. I wondered how many different ways a person can be tied up.

I expect that I'll get tied up one or more more times before the college year ends, but I don't know when.


Chapter 5

May 28, 2000

To My Diary

So far my aunt and Derek have tied me up four times and it's been fun - even this last time which I'll now write about. This last time was different.

As the college year ended and final exams came, I looked forward to the inevitable parties that would celebrate the occasion. Especially since I was due to graduate, I was ready to party My father never let me attend such parties when I was in high school because he said there was always trouble and drinking, and he wanted me to stay home and my step-mother was even more insistent that I not go to "wild parties.". I figured my aunt and Derek would not know the difference, and this year I would go and take my girl friend too.

Nothing was said about tying me up for a while but I didn't care because there were finals and reports to finish and so I was very busy with school work.

The last week in May, right after the Memorial Day vacation, was the last week of finals. Thursday was graduation, and my family had a party to note my graduation. Friday, June first was the first vacation day. When I got up, tired from the events of the night before, Derek was there alone. He congratulated me being officially a college graduate. We chatted about a few other things - family news and so on. Then she said, "By the way, I don't want to spoil his surprise, but your aunt has bought a few more toys to use when she ties you up - a kind of graduation gift. She's excited about them and she may even want to have you try some things on just to see if they fit and work. Go along with her if she does - she is really getting a kick out of this 'hobby' the two of you have gotten into. I think I like to see you all tied up too," he added. with a smile. "You do you still want us to tie you up now and then don't you?" he asked.

"Oh yes," I said. "I really enjoy it. The more the better. Besides, we have a non-revocable agreement don't we? Will she tie me up again soon?"

He said he didn't know for sure. I said that I would go along with my aunt, curious about what she might be up to. She clearly liked surprises.

After lunch, Derek and I swam for a while. Then late in the afternoon we dried ourselves off, and while I was still in my speedo swim suit, he sent me into the den where my aunt waited for me. There she had a box that I had never seen before.

"Bee-bee," she said (Bee-bee is her and Derek's nickname for me - short for Bondage Boy - she calls me Bee-bee the TAG Kid - that's for Tied And Gagged), "I have some things here that I would like to show you. Are you interested and do you have a few minutes?"

"Sure," I said. I was free for the afternoon as the graduation party I was going to wasn't until after dinner.

My aunt pulled out a large tan canvas bag-like thing out of the box - only it wasn't a bag and it had lots of straps.

"Do you know what it is?" she asked.

"Not sure," I said.

"Put out your arms in front of you," she said.

I did, and she moved the canvas so that I could see that there were arm holes into which I put my arms. My aunt went behind me and began fixing the straps which attached with Velcro, pulling the thing around me. I then quickly realized that it was a straitjacket. Wow, I was excited. She worked to pull all the straps into place so that my arms were tightly hugging my body. She had fun kidding me about how tight she would pull the two crotch straps, but got them into place comfortably, holding the jacket down. More straps went over my hands in front and one went around my upper arms really locking them in place. She explained that the Velcro would allow anyone to get the jacket off in a hurry in case of an emergency.

"Well," she said, "what do you think?"

"It's neat," I said. "I've never been in a straitjacket before."

"Try to move around and get out," she said.

She laughed as I wasted time and energy trying to get out of the jacket.

"Let's try on the other things," she said.

My aunt pulled out a strange leather thing out of the box, and said that it was a leg binder. She put it on my legs and it held them tightly together from the ankles to above my knees. The binders closed with Velcro also. It had a few silver rings on it here and there. My aunt said the rings could be used to tie me to things. Then she got something else out of the box.

"This is a gag," she said. "It's supposed to be a good one - better than the ball gag that I used on you a while back. The bulb here (she pointed to it) goes into your mouth and fills it up. Do you want to try it on?"

"You bet," I said.

"So, open your mouth."

My aunt put the large leather bulb into my mouth and it really did fill my mouth. The bulb was attached to a wide leather strap that wrapped around my face which it covered from my nose to my chin. My aunt fastened the Velcro strap that held the gag in place. She again told me that using Velcro made quick removal of the gag possible in case of problems. More straps went up on either side of my nose and over my head - from them straps went around my forehead to the back of my head. The one over my head fastened down in the back. A final strap went under my chin and held my mouth firmly closed, clamped against the bulb.

"Well," said my aunt stepping back, "how about that? Looks good."

"Mmmmmmmph" was about all I could say.

Derek was in the room now, watching. He had my aunt's camera with him and handed it to her.

"He looks fine," she said. "All wrapped up and no place to go." She laughed.

"I like the gag." She took a few pictures from different angles.

"Do you think you would like to spend a while in this gear sometime?" Derek asked.

"Mmmmm Mmmmm" I said, nodding my head.

"Good," said Derek. Because you are going to remain in it until Monday!"

"Uummmmmm Mmm Mmm Mmm," I tried to say, going no, no, no.

"Yes, Yes, Yes," said Derek.

"You see," said my aunt, "your father made us promise that you would stay here and not go to any of those graduation drinking parties that some of the boys have at the end of the school year. So much binge drinking among college students - not good. They don't want you to get into any trouble and we agree.

And so Derek and I now have you bound and gagged and you will stay in the straitjacket that way until Monday morning, right here, safe and sound. And you will wear the gag most of the time too."

"If you want," Derek added, "You can consider yourself a prisoner or a kidnap victim. I guess that's about what you are."

I was really angry, and I struggled with the straitjacket and made all the noise I could into the gag. Derek left the room, returning pushing one of the large kitchen chairs that has wheels. They made me sit on the chair, and they used the rope to tie me to the chair.

I did everything I could to beg them to release me, but nothing worked. I even tried tears, but Derek said only, "Nice try Bee-bee, but we know you love being tied up, and there's no way you can get us to let you go. We won't release you until we're ready. and nothing you can do will change that!".

At dinner time, Derek pushed the chair into the kitchen and put me at the table.

"Now, I'm going to remove the gag so that we can feed you," he said. "But one word and on goes the gag and there it stays."

He took off the gag, and no sooner was it out of my mouth when I started, "Please let me go - please, I really want to go with my ..... ummppppfffff,"

interrupted as the gag went back into place with Derek tightly fastening the straps and cinching them in place. I never had a chance to explain about my date with my girl friend, Julie, and that she would be waiting.

"No dinner for Bee-bee tonight," said Derek.

"Pity," said my aunt. "But I guess he prefers to chew on the gag to a meal."

I fought and struggled, but of course it did no good. Derek saw to it that I could go to the bathroom, but I stayed bound to the chair until bed time. Then they wheeled the chair into their bedroom, and left me there. So I stayed there trussed up and gagged. And I spent the rest of the night tightly tied up and gagged.

In the morning, Derek took me to the bathroom, releasing me from the chair and undoing the crotch straps of the straitjacket. Then he refastened things and took me to the kitchen.

"I'll remove the gag," he said. "But one word and no breakfast either."

I didn't say anything because I was really hungry, and so I got breakfast. As soon as it was over, Derek regagged me with the leather gag fastening the Velcro straps tightly, and then he untied me from the chair. They untied my legs, and my aunt said that I had the freedom of the house but would remain in the straitjacket and gag. It was clear that I wasn't going anywhere.

They ungagged me again for lunch and there was a bathroom break. Then my aunt gave Derek a list of errands to run. He asked me if I would like to go along for the ride.

"Mmmmmm Mmmmmm Mmmm," I said, trying to say "Untie me."

"Don't understand you if you won't speak clearly," Derek laughed.

"Take him along," my aunt said. "He needs to get out of the house for a while and it will be easier for you to watch him than it would be for me here because I've got a lot of things to do."

Derek led me out to the garage. He opened the back door to their SUV, and had me sit in the middle seat. There he tied my legs, put on a seat belt, and used more rope to really truss-me up in the seat. When he was done, I could hardly move, sitting there fastened to the seat so securely. The SUV has tinted windows on the sides, so I guess he and my aunt figured nobody would see me.

Once I was secure inside, my aunt showed up with her camera and photographed the scene.

We drove all around, to the store (Derek went inside leaving me in the SUV only briefly), to the gas station, to the post office, and to some other shops where Derek picked up things. While we were parked along the street, I saw one of my friends, and he walked right next to the SUV so close that if I hadn't been tied up and gagged, I could have reached out and touched him or yelled to him. I wanted to laugh at what he might think if he could see me sitting there watching him so securely bound up and gagged. I wondered how much fun he and the others were having at the parties that I was missing. Altogether Derek and I were gone for over two hours.

Back home, Derek released me from the SUV, and I went into the house, free again to wander around in my straitjacket and gag.

We had dinner around 6:30 (I kept quiet and ate this time) followed by another bathroom break. I have to admit, Derek and aunt were good about seeing that I was comfortable while tied up. While they watched television that evening, I was hog-tied on the floor. Then, after the news, the bathroom, and then I was retied to the chair in their bedroom with a blindfold added. And there I spent the second night bound and with the leather gag in place. Derek said he didn't want to be wakened in the night again unless it was an emergency. I slept a lot the second night and it was really interesting to wake up suddenly and realize that I was still tied up.

In the morning, Derek took me to the kitchen, after the bathroom. They took off the gag for breakfast and they didn't put it back on. Derek said that they would completely untie me after a while. I stayed only in the straitjacket for a while. Just before Noon, they took that off too.

The first thing I needed was a shower - I had sweat a lot in the straitjacket and both it and I really smelled bad. My aunt said she would have to wash the straitjacket as it was awful.

I was angry about missing the parties, and curious to know what I missed. My friends asked me where I had been - that I missed some great times. A couple of parties were raided by police, and two guys I know ended up in jail at least briefly. I was said that I had missed all the fun but at least I got to spend the weekend tied up thinking that I was a prisoner. I liked that. I've decided that I am still very happy with my arrangement with my aunt and Derek.

Derek said that he thought it a little unusual for someone to like to be tied up and for as long at a time as I do - most of the people we read about only are tied up for an hour or two. We talked about it for a long time, and I tried to express to them how I felt when I was tied up, and how I liked to struggle and try to talk with the gag in place and that I found it a pleasurable experience. I like not knowing how long I'll be tied up, and to be surprised. My aunt surprised me when she said that sooner or later we would need to let my parents know about this and risk their disapproval. I said I hoped they would keep this a secret as I was sure that my parents would be upset by it.

It's hard to express the fun of being tied up. It still strikes me as strange that I like being tied up and gagged, and I don't understand why, but I sure do and I guess I'm lucky to have found a safe way to do it. This time was the longest that I have been tied up, and I loved it although I hated missing the parties. .

I can hardly wait until I find myself bound and gagged somewhere again. And I know that with my aunt and Derek, I'm now more safe than before.


Chapter 6

June 3, 2000

To My Diary

I wrote a few days ago about how my aunt and Derek tied me up in a straitjacket and kept me bound and gagged at the start of summer vacation so that I couldn't attend any drinking end-of-the-school-year-graduation parties.

I stayed with my aunt and Derek for a while, looking a bit for a job near the college, and waiting for my grades. On Thursday, Derek got up early in the morning, and had to go to a meeting which kept him away all day. I had some friends over, and we swam in the pool and had a good time. They left before dinner.

At dinner Derek said that he wasn't feeling well, and that after eating, he would go directly to bed. My aunt said she was really tired, but that she would watch television for a while in the den. I finished up the dishes, my chore, and joined my aunt in the den. Before I could sit, she said, "Bee-bee, go to your room and strip down to your jockey briefs - no, better yet, your jockstrap - and come back and I'll tie you up for a while.. The tie-up will be something simple, because I'm bushed."

I hurried to undress and got back quickly My aunt had me put out my hands in front of me, and she tied them with one piece of rope - firmly with the rope going around side to side, and then cinching it between my wrists to secure the rope tightly.

"That's not much of a tie," I said. I can undo it with my teeth.

"Well," said my aunt, "if you get free from this, you can tie me up any time any way you want for as long as you want. How about that?"

"It's a deal," I said.

My aunt smiled, and put the red ball-gag into my mouth, bucking the strap firmly behind my head. I showed her how I could reach up with my hands and get to the buckle without much trouble even though it was behind my head. She laughed.

My aunt took me to the corner of the room where she had Derek's exercise equipment - a treadmill and some weights. She had me sit on the floor and put my bound arms on either side of my knees and pushed them down toward my ankles. Then she took the metal bar that usually held weights and slipped it over my bent elbows and under my knees. I now realized that with the bar there, I could not reach my face with my hands. She put a small weight on each side of the bar and slipped them until they touched my arms, one on each side.

Then she used the little lock-weight to fasten the small weights in place - keeping me from slipping the bar out and freeing myself. It was simple, but I knew I was well bound and would probably not be able to escape.

My aunt then lay back on her recliner chair, and returned to her program. It was about seven o'clock and she was watching Jeopardy.

I was in one far corner of the room, unable to move around much, but I could see my aunt and the television set. After a while, I realized that she had gone to sleep, laying there with her mouth open, snoring softly. So I would have to wait until she woke up to be freed or moved or anything. The tie-up wasn't the most comfortable, but it was OK. The gag kept me from making much noise, and I didn't know if she would even hear me over the sound from the television set.

I sat there for over three hours, waiting - not able to do much else. I have found that I like being tied up for long periods at a time, so it wasn't any problem. She slept though all of the programs, and into the news. Then the news ended and a movie started, and still my aunt was asleep, stirring a little from time to time giving me hope that she would wake up, but she didn't.

Finally, at just before Midnight (I had been bound for five hours by then), she groggily got up, rubbed her eyes, looked at the clock, slowly moved toward the television set rather unsteadily, turned it off, and looked over at me.

She came over and released one side of the bar the held me, pulled out the bar and helped me stand, arms still tied in front. She took me to the bathroom.

Then we returned to the den where she had me sit again, put the bar back and fastened it..

I thought, she won't leave me this way all night. But she did, returning to the chair with a blanket where she went back to sleep. It was Derek who found me early the next day - really stiff, sore, and badly needing the bathroom. He removed the weights and the bar, and untied my hands. I removed the gag - my mouth was really sore. I headed for the bathroom pronto while he woke up my sleeping aunt.

At breakfast my aunt apologized for leaving me so long. We laughed about it, and I said that I had enjoyed it very much, which was true. They decided I was either crazy, a good sport, or that I really did love being tied up and gagged. My aunt said that there would be no more time for bondage before I had to return home - which I had to do as I hadn't found a job near the college - and she hoped I would have a nice summer. I thanked her and Derek again for being understanding, for helping me with my new hobby. I wondered when or if he and my aunt would tie me up again. Should it happen, I'll write about it but it may be a while.


Chapter 7

June 8, 2000

To My Diary

My college career hadn't exactly ended. I signed up for some graduate classes the next year, so I would be back. Meanwhile, I packed, more or less, and set to return home for the summer.

Then on Friday, just after lunch, my aunt said, "We have an agreement, I can tie you up any time I want, wherever I want, any way I want, dressed any way I want. Right?"

"Right," I said. I was excited then because I guessed that I was going to get tied up again one more time before heading for home.

"Put on your jock," my aunt said, "and meet me by the swimming pool."

When I got there, my aunt fastened a piece of rope to each if my wrists and ankles. Then she took me to the shed where she tied me up before. Inside, she raised one arm, and took the rope and tied it to the an eye-bolt up on the wall so that my hand was outstretched and reaching up at an angle away from my body. She did the same to the other arm. Then she had me spread my legs as wide as I could, and fastened rope to my leg and then straight out to an eye bolt in the wall. She did the same with the other leg. I was now fully stretched out spread-eagle standing in the shed. Finally, my aunt produced the red ball gag and ordered me to open my mouth, and in went the large ball, and she fastened the straps securely around my head.

My aunt stood back and looked at me and smiled. Derek arrived with my aunt's camera, and as she always does, she took pictures of me.

Then Derek closed the shed and they went away. But I knew that he was close to the shed. He sat on a chair just next to the shed where he could hear any sound I might make. He even looked in on me once.

I stood there for a very long time. I tried a couple of times to make noise to get Derek or aunt's attention, and Derek looked in to see if I was okay, and he smiled and shut the door again. I was getting tired stretched out that way, but there was little I could do about it.

After what seemed like forever, I heard voices. It was my father and step-mother!! I was really shocked because they weren't supposed to be there.

I was supposed to be driving home to see them. They were talking to my aunt, and then to Derek as they approached the shed. I was afraid wondering what was going to happen. Why had they driven the 90 plus minutes to join us?

Joking, my aunt said, "I know you're wondering where Sam is. Well, he often hangs out in here. Let's look."

Suddenly the shed door opened, and there stood my aunt, Derek and my parents!!!!! They just stood there looking at me. And I stood there, spread out naked except for my jock, looking back at them and not able to say anything - and I don't know what I would have said if I could have said anything.

After a very long pause, my father started to laugh. He didn't seem too upset at all. And my father said, "Well, I knew you don't seem to have any problems with Sam when he was here, and now I know how you do it."

My step-mother looked concerned, but she didn't say much of anything. I knew, however, that she didn't really approve and was shocked!

As I hung there and watched, Derek and aunt talked about the times that they had tied me up, and that I really seemed to enjoy the experiences. My aunt then produced the picture album with all of the shots she has taken of me in bondage. With each picture there was a copy of the diary entry that I wrote about it. My step-mother and father sat at the table next to the now open shed and slowly leafed through the book, looking at each picture. My step-mother sat with her hand to her mouth, a sign she was at least surprised if not horrified.

"He's so modest he won't even let me see him wearing that supporter thing," my step-mother said pointing to me in my jock, "but he lets me wash it when it's dirty. Now I can see what it looks like on him. Not much to it is there? Why even bother?" She managed a feeble laugh.

Then they got to the picture of me and Derek bound and gagged together.

"I see you got into the act too Derek," said my father.

"Just that once," said Derek. "And I still owe your son for what he did to me that time."

"Well," said my father, "I wish I had known that he liked this sort of thing a long time ago. There have been a number of occasions when he was growing up when I would like to have had him tied up. How long has he been there today?"

"Since a little after three," said Derek.

"Should we take him down?" asked my step-mother. "I'm sure he's ready to be untied."

I shook my head, yes, and made noises into the gag.

"We just ignore him when he fusses," said Derek. "We have an agreement. We can tie him up any time we wish, anywhere we wish, dressed any way we wish, for as long as we wish. He can fuss, but he stays bound and gagged as long as we want him that way. We never do anything that might hurt him. When he can talk I'm sure he'll tell you that he's having the time of his life."

"That sounds like a good agreement to me," said my father.

"Are you sure he really likes it?" asked my step-mother. "It seems very strange."

"We think so" said Derek, "but we think you should talk to him about it later.

We think it something you should discuss a lot. But if he really does like it, we think it's something we should help him with rather than have him get into trouble with strangers or someone else."

I stayed in the shed for a while longer. My aunt gave my father tips on how to tie me up, and I understood from things she said that my father was a little unhappy that he hadn't know anything at all about this. He wasn't bothered so much about my liking to be tied up, but that he hadn't known about it. My step-mother was a little more upset, wondering why somebody would like being trussed up that way, and she looked a few times at the pictures just shaking her head. "Well," said my father, "I think we can probably do this for him once in a while without any trouble at all."

My folks were ready to leave because they wanted to get home before dark. They had come over to help me move back home. My father would drive back in their car with me, my mother would drive my car with my stuff, which my aunt and Derek helped my parents load.

Derek came in and released me, then took me to the bathroom. Then he tied my hands behind my back. He did not remove the gag at all. He then walked me out into the living room where my parents stood with their light summer jackets on. Derek and my aunt and my parents walked with me outside (I was embarrassed - what if someone saw us?), and to my parents' car.

They put me in the back seat. My step-mother got into my car, my father was driving and I was laying in the back seat, now hog-tied securely. Derek handed my father some rope and a bag.

"Do let him go sometime in the next few days," said Derek. My father laughed and said, "We'll think about it. Maybe in a few days." My aunt said good-bye to my parents. Then we drove away with me laying on the back seat and this time with no tinted windows to hide me from anyone outside. I don't know if anyone saw me or not, but we made it home in just over an hour and a half without trouble.

On the way home, my father talked to me. "I'm not too surprised that you like being tied up," he said softly. "I loved it when your mother was alive. She was quite the dominatrix - kept me tied up quite a bit. But Ruth doesn't go in for it I'm afraid. You come by your love of bondage honestly, and I hope that some day you find a bride who knows how to give you what you need. Meanwhile, be careful that you don't get yourself into something dangerous. Bondage can be fun, but it can also be deadly."

I was shocked. My parents had played bondage games before my mother died. My father parked next to the house, my step-mother got out of my car and went inside. My father opened the back door, untied the hog-tie and helped me out of the car, and toward the back door, into the house, and to the living room where my father put me on the floor, retied my legs with the rope Derek had given him, and then refastened a strict hog tie, and sat down.

"We're sorry that you wouldn't tell us that you enjoyed being tied up," my father said. "Kids shouldn't keep secrets from their parents - even ones as strange as this. Derek and aunt were kind to help you with this new hobby of yours, and I'll happily do it for you too. We'll talk more about it later.

I lay there on the floor while my parents brought my things into the house and put them in my room. After a while my father said that he and my step-mother were going to bed, and he started untying me. I tried to indicate that I wanted to stay tied, but my father ignored that and removed the ropes and the gag.

"I wish you had left me tied up all night," I said.

"Sorry," said my father. "But we need to talk a lot about this in the morning.

Tonight I need a good night's sleep, and I don't want to be worrying about you perhaps choking or something."

So we all went to bed.

In the morning my step mother asked me if I had liked being tied up, and I emphasized that I sure did.

"Well," said my step-mother, "Your hobby does seem very very strange to say the least, but if it's what you like, we would rather have you tied up here at home or with your aunt and Derek than with strangers or somewhere where you might get into trouble or worse. I do worry that there is danger and that we need to be careful with this."

My father agreed, but he promised to tie me occasionally. Now I'm waiting to see what will happen next.


Chapter 8

June 15, 2000

To My Diary

I've been writing up my tie-up adventures with my Aunt Helen and her partner, Derek. The last time I wrote, I explained how my aunt and Derek showed me to my parents while I was tied and gagged in the shed by their pool. My aunt explained to my folks how I liked being tied up and how she and Derek had been tying me up while I was staying with them during my senior year at college. I thought my parents would be upset if they knew I liked such a strange activity, and my step-mother was a little upset, but my father was more upset because I had shared this with my aunt and Derek and not with him. He revealed that when my real mother was alive, she was a dominant and that he spent many happy hours in bondage so he understood my enjoyment when tied up. He and I have had long conversations about bondage and what we like about it. My step-mother worried a bit that it was a very odd hobby.

That night my parents took me home still tied and gagged. Starting the next day Dad and I talked a lot about my liking to be tied up. My step-mother said that it was an odd and unusual desire, but probably didn't hurt anything if we were careful but she was a little apprehensive about it all. My father said that he was still angry that I had told Derek and Aunt Helen and not him, and he said he would make up for lost time.

Over the next week, my father tied me up three times. Twice he tied me in our living room while watching television. I freed myself quickly. He was disappointed that I managed to escape so fast.. Once he had to work at home, so he tied my wrists together, put tape on my mouth, and pulled my arms up over my head to a hook in the ceiling of his work room. I hung there for about an hour and then he said that was enough and he let me go. My father didn't know much about how to tie me up very well.

After the third try, I talked to my dad and said, "You've told me to be honest and so I will. You don't tie me up very well."

"What's wrong?"

"Well, I like to be tied up so I can't free myself. I like to be tied up really tight and secure. I like a gag that really works. I like to be tied for longer than you leave me - and not know when I'm going to be freed I like to be tied really strictly with little opportunity to move."

"But I don't want to hurt you."

"But you know as well as I do that it's fun and it's pleasurable. We don't know why, but you and I both find being really tightly tied up enjoyable and thrilling. But I have to know that I can't get loose, and can't say anything.

I have to know that someone else is in charge - not paying attention to what I might want. I have to be able to struggle and pretend that I want to be untied. I like to squirm and grunt and groan and beg to be untied but get nowhere. That's part of the excitement of the game."

"I don't know if I can do that. It was your mother who always tied me up, and I haven't had much experience doing it to someone else. I'll have to work on it."

I said that Aunt Helen and Derek had no difficulty keeping me bound, and I told Dad that didn't need to tie me up so often - that once in a while was better but that each time should be longer - much longer than just an hour or so. I said that my aunt had kept me bound for hours and that I loved it - often over night and longer. I could protest and complain and whine and struggle and they just ignored me. That made it really fun.

"Do you have any ideas?" he asked.

I suggested that my father look again at the pictures my aunt took of me tied up, and gave him some web sites to look at. I gave him one called Boyzbond ( which shows men really tightly tied up and gagged.

We talked for a very long time, and my father said that he would see what he could do. My father is a problem solver - it's part of what he does in his work. He loves a challenge, and he is proud when he manages to find a way to do something that is difficult or seemingly impossible. Meanwhile, he got me a summer job with his company so that I would have an income. I would be doing assigned jobs with no specific hours required - just do the task and then be assigned the next one. The job was temporary as I would be going back to college in the fall for graduate work.

Wednesday the following week at breakfast dad said he would be working at home all day. He asked how I was doing on my current task, and I said that I had it almost completed, well ahead of schedule. He smiled and said that I should finish up eating, then meet him in his office. I went in wondering what he would do. He has a large heavy wood chair in there with a high back and rigid arms..

"Take off all of your clothes," he said.

He brought out something that I didn't recognize, and held it up against my lower stomach, and pushed it through between my legs.

"What's that?" I asked.

"It's a diaper," he said flatly. "An adult diaper called Depends. This is the overnight adult super-absorbent kind."

"A diaper!"

"Yep. It's a diaper. Been a while since you've worn one."

He fastened the diaper in place with tape strips - it fit firmly around my mid section and looked like a really bulky swim suit.

"Now, if you need to pee," he said, "you can pee all you want."

"You're going to tie me up in this diaper?" I asked.

"That's the idea," he smiled. "I hope I'll get it right this time."

He had me stand with my back to him and my hands up behind my back with my right palm at my left elbow and vice versa. He tied my wrists to the opposite arm, then reinforced the ties with duct tape, taping my hands firmly to my arms covering my fingers with two or three wraps. Then he took the tape and wrapped it around my body midway between my elbows and shoulders - three times around firmly.

"Let's hope that holds you," he smiled.

"I hope so," I said wondering how far he would go. I began to hope I hadn't pushed him into doing too much.

Next he picked up a leather gag that he said he had bought especially for me.

He put the plug of the gag into my mouth, and then buckled the straps tightly until my head was surrounded by the leather straps and my mouth sealed by the wide leather band across the front. Next he took a long ace bandage and wrapped it around my head covering the gag tightly, under my chin, leaving open only my nose and my eyes. He used long strips of duct tape to hold the ace bandage in place. So I was then gagged with the leather gag, the ace wrap and wraps of duct tape.

Next he had me sit in the chair. He wrapped rope around my body at my waist, and at chest level securing me to the chair. He reinforced these with wraps of duct tape.

Dad took my legs, one at a time, and bent my knees so that my heels almost touched my hip at the sides of the chair, and he tied them there to the side of the chair. My legs were now hair-pin shaped with my upper legs and legs below my knees almost parallel to each other. He tied my legs firmly. Next he took duct tape and wrapped it over my upper legs, around under the chair and under my lower legs and around back up over my upper legs and he went around three times.

The chair had a tall back which I was now firmly tied to with the tape and rope. It had side bars that went up and a center design with open space between. Dad took the duct tape and started over my mouth area, then around the design part of the chair and back around over my mouth three times. Then he aid the same at the level of my forehead. My head was now firmly fixed to the chair and I could hardly move my head at all. My arms were bound behind my back squeezed between my body and the chair. My legs were bound to the chair with rope and tape. It was by far the strictest tie-up I had ever had It was wonderful! And it was frightening - really frightening. Had we gone too far?

If it was too much, it was all my fault. I had asked for it! And we had not arranged for any way for me to indicate that it was too much.

Dad stood back and looked at me, and I began to wonder how long he would keep me this way. It was really strict.

After a while my step-mother came in to look. She said, "He seems to be tied up nicely this time. I hope he likes it. It still really bothers me to see him this way. I don't know what you two see in this strange activity."

"Oh, he's just fine," my dad laughed. "He's having the time of his life."

She left shaking her head and without another comment.

"Now," said my dad looking at me, "get out of that. This is what you said you wanted, and it's what you've got. You're going to be there for a while - a long time, so enjoy."

"Wow," I thought. "This is really something". It's what I said I wanted, only suddenly I wasn't so sure. It was so strict and tight that I couldn't move much at all, and could hardly make any sound through all the wraps of the gag.

Yet it was great - a real sensation to struggle against the bonds.

I sat there and watched my father work. Minutes are hours and vice versa when you are tied up. All I knew was that I was really really tied up this time. I began to realize that it was one thing to talk in theory about how I wanted to be tied up and it was another thing to have it actually happen. I remembered the old slogan, "be careful what you wish for, you might get it." Well, I had gotten it and gotten it but good. I could hardly squirm and the whole thing was fantastic but really restrictive.

All I could do was wait for something to happen. I tried making a little noise through the gag, but nothing much came out but grunting. I know Dad heard me but he ignored me.

Finally, after what seemed like forever my step-mother came in with her digital camera. She took three or four pictures. She said she was doing it for my Aunt Helen who had asked her to keep a record of me whenever I was in bondage.

"You are having a good time aren't you," she said smiling. "I guess I'm happy we can do what you like for a change - something you and your father can do together. It is odd that a boy would enjoy being tied up like that and I think it's odd that his father would want to tie him up."

Then she went away leaving me there bound, gagged in the room with my father.

Again, a long time passed. I wasn't too uncomfortable, but I was getting a little cramped.

After a while Aunt Helen walked into the room. She and Derek had driven over to visit us for the day.

"You see," said dad, "I've talked to him and this is his fantasy. He's bound about as tight as I can think to tie him, gagged, and he's going to be there for quite a while. I haven't decided how long yet, but a very long time for sure!"

"Whew," whistled Aunt Helen. "That's really a job. I doubt anyone could get out of that, even Houdini."

"That was the idea," said dad. "He specifically asked for strict inescapable bondage, tight gag, full restriction. And that's what he's got."

"Mmmmmm Mmmmmmm Mmmmmmm," I groaned into the gag.

"He's saying, 'I like this,'" said my aunt. "I've learned to understand what he says when he's gagged."

"I'll bet he does," said dad. "It's his dream come true. Since he likes this, I intend to do it for him a lot."

"What's he wearing?"

"Depends," said my father.

"A diaper?" said my aunt.

"Yes," said dad. "So he can stay there for a long time."

"Nice touch, Ralph."

"I didn't think of it myself," said my dad, "I read about somebody doing it on one of those bondage web pages that Sam likes."

"How long did you say you will keep him there?"

"Well," said dad, "That's what we'll determine now."

What do you think?

"Well," said my aunt, "when did you tie him up?"

"Around nine this morning."

"Then keep him there until at least nine tomorrow morning."

"Mmmmm" I grunted trying to say "No." I thought that would be way too long.

"Yes," translated my aunt. "He's happy about that."

I wasn't happy - I worried that I couldn't take such a long time in that chair.

"Mmmmmmm Mmmmmm Mmmmm," I grunted into the gag trying to say "un-tie me."

"This is great," translated my aunt.

MmmmMMMMmmmmMMMMm Mmmmmm Mmmmmmm Mmmmmmm," I groaned into the gag trying to sound out " PLEASE un-tie me."

"I really like this," translated my aunt. She looked up at me and smiled. "The next time I tie you up, it will be a lot stricter," she added, "and for a lot longer."

I was going crazy with frustration. What was wrong with them? Couldn't they tell I wanted out? Twenty-four hours so strictly tied was way too long. Then I hit on an idea. "Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmmmmmmmmmmm Mmmmmmmmmmm Mmmmmmmmm Mmm Mmm Mmm." It was "SOS" in Morse code.

"What's that?" my aunt asked.

"Morse code," said my father. "He's signaling distress."

"He's trying to trick us into uniting him," my aunt laughed. "He's clever But we have an agreement that we can keep him bound and gagged as long as we want - isn't that right Sam?"

"Mmmmmmmm" I tried to say "No," and shake my head but the duct tape held me firmly to the chair.

"See, he agrees," said my aunt.

Now I was wild - grunting and groaning into the gag with everything I could give it. Ignoring me, my aunt and my father went on talking and laughing about how well I was bound and how I must be enjoying it. Then my aunt left and my father turned and went back to work at his desk. Eighteen more hours trussed up on that chair. It wasn't my fantasy, it was becoming a nightmare.

My aunt came back what seemed like a long time later.

"How you doing, Beebee?" my aunt asked.

I moaned into the gag, sure I couldn't last as long as they had planned. I looked at the two of them with the saddest eyes I could summon up.

"You've only been there seven hours," my dad said. You've got seventeen hours to go. Is it as much fun as you thought?

"Mmmmmm!!!" I tried to shout "No!"

I was wild, grunting and moaning as much as that gag would allow.

"Do you think he's in over his head?" said my aunt.

"Maybe," laughed my dad. "Sam," he said, "Do you want us to untie you? Grunt once for yes, twice for no."


"I thought so. Sam, did you give us permission to tie you up whenever we want, however we want, for as long as we want? Right?"


"Do you keep your bargains?"


"Then I guess you just have to stay there."

That was the last straw. I tried to shout, beg, anything. I was okay then, but not another seventeen hours!!!. I really worried that my father meant it as he usually did what he said he was going to do. I needed to get them to untie me any way I could. At least take the gag off.

"There's a lesson here, BeeBee," said my aunt. "Be careful who you let tie you up. Don't talk yourself into something you can't talk your way out of."

"Yes," said dad. "I know from what I've seen that you really enjoy bondage and that you'll want it a lot - maybe through the rest of your life. It would be easy when you're in college or away to run into someone who might tie you up and then hurt you - possibly very badly. Never let anyone tie you up who you don't know very well and trust."

"That's for sure," said my aunt. "And don't tell someone you want to be bound for hours or days when you really don't. You might find yourself really in big trouble for a long time and badly hurt."

"Now," said dad, "you think that over and after a while we'll negotiate on the remaining time."

With that, despite my gagged pleas, they turned to each other and went on with a conversation about family things. I had truly done it to myself - gotten myself tied up more than I could have imagined - something that I could not get myself out of no matter what until they decided to free me. At least it sounded like they might not keep me bound so tightly for the entire time.

Finally they untied my legs, and it was heavenly straightening them out. They freed me from the chair, and removed the tape over the gag and the ace bandage but not the leather gag itself. I stood and on wobbly legs, walked around dad's office.

"Did you use the diaper?" dad asked.


So he unfastened it and put on a new one. I wondered why I needed another diaper if they were going to free me.

As my aunt untied my arms and let me stretch them and exercise them as they were sore and stiff. Then my father brought up my straitjacket - the one my aunt had gotten for me.

"Put out your arms," he instructed. I did, and he pulled on the jacket, fastened the buckles and straps, and soon I stood, still gagged, with my arms fastened to my sides in the jacket, the crotch straps pulled down around the diaper. They took me out to the kitchen where they sat me on a chair.

"You must finish the 24 hours," dad said, "but in a more comfortable way - not quite so strictly bound. In a while Ruth will come with something to eat and drink. I'll come too, and remove the gag. Remember, say nothing or the gag goes back and stays. Clear?"


Ruth showed up shortly, first took a picture of me in my new bondage, and then dad removed the gag and she gave me something to drink and fed me a sandwich.

Then dad replaced the gag, and they took me to the living room and laid me on the floor with my ankles tied It was heaven to have my legs able to bend and to move and my head not so tightly bound. I could stand that, I thought, for a long time.

My aunt and Derek left to drive home. Dad removed the gag and Ruth gave me more to eat and drink. And they changed the diaper again, fixing me up for the night, dad said.

They put me into my bedroom, had me lay on my back on the bed, and tied my legs to the corners of the bed so that I was spread-eagled from the waist down. Another piece of rope fastened on the head-harness-gag and tied my head to the top of the bed. And I stayed that way all night.

In the morning dad took me to the kitchen and tied me to a chair, removed the gag and Ruth fed me breakfast. Then the gag went back. My mouth was getting really sore from the gag, but I didn't dare say anything. Dad said there wasn't much longer until the time was up, so he didn't change the diaper again. They left me tied to the kitchen chair as my step-mom worked cooking and cleaning. You would have thought she had a young man tied and gagged in her kitchen all the time and that it was a normal thing.

That afternoon, long after the twenty-four hours were up, dad came in and untied me entirely.

We've had a couple of long talks about it, and looking back it was a wild crazy experience. With it behind me, I said to dad that I almost wished he had left me in the chair longer - the entire time maybe. Despite my distress, it was great. Looking back, I was sorry he had relented and freed me despite my protests. He said he would think it over. He would oblige me with bondage, but not punishment except maybe for a few minutes to teach me a lesson. He hoped I had learned an important lesson sitting in that chair. I said that I had.

Now I wait for the next time, and dad has promised me that there will be a next time and in the not too distant future.


Chapter 9

June 19, 2000

To My Diary

My father tells me over and over that I am my own worst enemy. He is sure that some day I will get myself into trouble because I really like being tied up.

He hopes that some day I'll find a girlfriend who understands my need for bondage and that we'll be as happy as he and my late mother were. He says that bondage and sex go together, and he can tell that I find being tied up a significant turn-on. For now, he has agreed to tie me up now and then and so has my aunt when I'm staying with her and Derek at college. My step-mom thinks my love of being tied up is strange but she would rather have me tied up where she knows where I am and am safe than go off and have a stranger do it where there might be danger. Recently I told how my father really tied me up very tight, and how I had to let him know that I was uncomfortable with being so tightly tied for so long and finally he let me go. Then I had second thoughts and wished he had held to his original plan.

A few days later I had talked a lot to my father about the experience, and I had thought about it a lot too. I felt bad that I was kind of a wimp, not staying the full time that dad had planned to keep me tied up in a chair. I decided that I wanted to try it again. It was really a strict tie-up, but I had liked it, for a while anyway.

"When are you going to tie me up again?" I asked dad at dinner a few nights ago.

"Haven't you had enough of that yet?" asked my step-mother.

"He'll never have enough," said dad. "And some day he'll get into something he can't get out of."

"Well, that hasn't happened yet," I boasted. "I got you and Aunt Helen to let me go when you had me tied in the chair. All I had to do was whine a little and make a few noises, and you gave right in and untied me."

"Oh, sure," said dad. "You wanted out of there in the worst way."

"No I didn't," I said. "I was really disappointed when you untied me. But I won a bet with myself that I could get you to do it."

Dad just looked at me and smiled. "You've thought it over and decided that you want to try it again," he said. "And now you're trying to goad me into putting you back on that chair again aren't you?"

"Maybe. Maybe not. Since you're not likely to do it, it doesn't matter does it."

"How do you know I won't do it?"

"I just know that you won't."

"You might be surprised."

"Surprise me."

"Okay, smart mouth. Here's the deal. Your Aunt Helen and Derek and I have talked it over and we agree that if you want to be tied up, we should do it to keep you out of trouble and danger. If there's something you want us to try, just ask and we'll consider it. However, before any of us will tie you up again, you must earn it! In addition to your summer job, you must do things around our house - repairs, chores, and so on."

"What kind of chores?"

"Well for example, explained my father, " washing the car twice will get you a tie up, doing dishes for a week gets a tie up, washing the windows of the house gets you two tie ups, going three times to the store for Ruth gets your a tie up, and so on. When you're staying with your Aunt Helen and Derek starting in the fall, they will set chores for you. Each time you earn a tie up, we'll do it for you, or they will, or we'll do it together. "

"But it can't be dangerous," added my step-mother.

"We, or they, won't tie you so that you miss any school and you must do the tasks assigned on your job. You won't get hurt in any way physically or, hopefully, mentally. But the tie-ups won't be easy, and if you give in and ever indicate that you want or need to be untied, you get assigned more chores around the house - dishes, yard work, and so on. If you get assigned chores because you wanted to be untied, they don't count toward a next tie-up. Deal?"


My step-mother and Derek said that they would act as referees and they would see to it that I wasn't hurt - that the whole thing didn't get carried away.

So we shook hands and I went to work. That day I mowed the lawn and did the dishes and went to the store for my step-mother. I also finished up the last bits on the task and was ready to turn it in after a day or two.

Right after breakfast the next day, I was back in a diaper, trussed up on the chair, bound with rope and tape, my arms cinched up behind my back, my fingers taped with duct tape, my mouth gagged with the leather gag wrapped with the ace bandage and duct tape - I've described this in my last letter of July 15.

- my body tightly bound to the chair with duct tape, my head also bound with duct tape at my mouth and forehead. My legs were bound up to the side of the chair -I could hardly move anything, using the same chair we had used before in my father's work room. It was an exciting experience and I loved it. I struggled, made what noise I could into the gag, and generally enjoyed the thrill and feeling of being so tightly and securely bound and gagged again.

Why I love it, I don't know, but I do. And I love the thrill of not knowing how long I'll be tied.

This time I was ready. I could take it. Time passed really slowly, but I was determined to stick it out this time no matter how long my father kept me tied.

Finally, my father began to unwrap the duct tape around my head that held my head to the chair, then the duct tape around my head itself. Then off came the ace bandage, and finally he unbuckled the gag and removed it. Then my step-mother fed me a tuna fish sandwich and gave me some juice to drink. As soon as I had been fed, back on went the gag and dad fastened the straps. Next came the ace bandage, and finally the tight wraps of new duct tape. And he finished it off with new wraps of duct tape that held my head fast to the chair, around my mouth and my forehead.

My step-mother came in and watched me for a while, then my father said that I seemed to be doing just fine, and they left. It was great. My father kept asking me to give up and he would assign me some tasks, but I refused.

When they gave up and untied me, dad said I had been in the chair for eighteen hours. It was fantastic!

I took off the diaper, which I had needed. We had a long talk about the experience and I assured my parents that I still enjoyed being tied up as much as ever. I told them how much I appreciated them and my aunt and Derek being willing to bind and gag me now and then.

Right away went back to Dad's office, turned in my finished project, and was assigned a new task, and I also looked around for things to do to earn the next tie up.

As soon as dad or Derek tie me up again, I'll write about it here.


Chapter 10

June 22, 2000

To My Diary

I've been doing yard work, dishes, and running to the store for my parents, and I've completed yet another project related to my summer job. So I've earned a couple of tie-up sessions - I'm ahead.

The session I just finished was different. It started two days after my eighteen hour long tie-up in the chair that I wrote about. After breakfast that day, my father took me to the living room where he had some rope and duct tape and the red ball gag that Aunt Helen bought a while back and that they both have used on me a couple of times.

Dad had me take off all of my clothes and put them away in my room. When I was back, he tied my hands behind my back. Then he tied my ankles and my legs above and below my knees. Then he took the duct tape and wrapped my hands from above the rope to the end of my fingers. He put four or five wraps of tape around. He did the same at my legs and ankles. Then he put in the ball gag.

Finally, he took a plastic bag and slipped it over my hands. It went up to an area between my wrists and elbows. This he secured with lots more duct tape.

"That's it," he said at last. "You'll stay like that until I decide to free you or until you give up so we can assign you some chores. I've got some painting that needs to be done If you can get to the table when we're eating, we'll remove the gag and feed you.

To move around you'll have to hop - we won't untie your legs. If we see any of the tape coming lose, we'll add more. Otherwise, you're on your own indefinitely. If we have company or if someone comes to the house, you can show yourself or you can hide. It's your decision. If you need to go to the bathroom, there's no problem because you're naked. Have a nice time. It's going to be quite a while. Grunt the code any time you want to give up."

I sat on the davenport in the living room and wondered what to do. For a while I tried to see if I could free myself, but dad had put the tape on securely and even if I started getting it unwound, it would take forever to get it all off and the plastic bag complicated things. I was bound until they decided to free me and that seemed to be that.

I surveyed my situation. I couldn't walk because my ankles were bound but as dad had said, I could hop from place to place. I could turn on and off the television using my feet, and with difficulty I could change channels using the remote control. It was simple and clever. They could keep me this way for a very long time indeed.

I lay on the davenport watching television, and I dozed off. When I woke up, I jumped. There looking at me was my mother's cleaning lady! I was horrified.

What did she think finding a naked young man bound and gagged laying in the living room?

My step-mother walked in then, and calmly said, "Don't worry about Sam. He's doing an experiment for some college class he took."

"But he's all tied up," she said. "And no clothes!!!"

"Yes, he's doing a report on Houdini. It's for a psychology class. He's investigating the emotions one feels when one is tied up. He wants to do this for a psychological study of Houdini and other escape artists and also of people tied by burglars. So his father and I agreed to help and we've tied him up for a while. Isn't that right, Sam?

"Mmmmmm" I said around the gag, nodding my head in agreement.

"But he has no clothes on!" repeated the lady.

"Well," said my aunt, "we've read a lot about Houdini and very often he was bound nude. Sam wanted to be as authentic as possible.

"OK," she said, "if it's OK with him, it's OK with me. But it seems very strange"

I looked at my step-mother in amazement. She had pulled that off calmly and without any hesitation. She was wonderful. Meanwhile, I decided to get up and hop off to my bedroom where I would be out of the way. There I lay on my bed dozing off again.

But after a while, into my room comes the cleaning lady, and she told me to get off the bed because she had to change the linen. So I maneuvered myself around and stood (not easy when your arms and legs are tied) while she changed the sheets.

"Are you learning much from being tied up," she said looking at me.

"Mmmmmm" I said, nodding my head.

"Are you uncomfortable?"

"Mmmmmm" I said nodding my head to indicate no.

I wanted to die, her seeing me standing there helpless and naked.

"Well," she said, "many times I would like to tie up my kid. And I may do it yet. He gets into so much trouble. I'll bet when you're tied up that way you at least stay out of trouble."

"Mmmmmm" I said nodding yes. I just wanted her to finish and go away.

My step-mother came in and helped the lady finish up. "We have to hurry and leave him alone," she said. "He needs to be alone in order to concentrate on his feelings while he's tied up."

"I understand," said the lady. "I hope it helps his studies."

"I'm sure it will," said my step-mother as they left the room, closing the door.

They closed the door. I hadn't thought about that. With my hands bound and taped, I couldn't open the door. So I was stuck in my room until somebody came back. I stayed there until late afternoon when my father came home and came to my room looking for me.

"You didn't come to lunch," he said. "Aren't you hungry?"

"Mmmmm mmmmm mmmmm" I said around the gag - nodding my head toward the door. I hopped to the door, and used my bound hands to indicate that I can't open the door while tied up.

"Oh, oh," he said. "A mistake. You were essentially locked in. Sorry."

I went to the bathroom and then I hopped out into the living room happy that the cleaning lady had left. I was beginning to realize how effective this simple bondage arrangement was. Very clever. I wondered how long it would last.

Dinner went well, I watched television with my parents, and when I was tired, I went to bed. Sleeping bound that way was uncomfortable, but I managed. I figured I would get used to it. I made it to breakfast the next morning, sat with my father in his work room after breakfast, watching him work with his computer. He never spoke to me or offered to remove the gag which was only off while they fed me. Then came lunch. It was nice to have the gag out of my mouth if only for a short while. I had learned not to speak or they would replace the gag and I wouldn't get anything else to eat until the next meal.

We had company for dinner - Aunt Helen and Derek. They had seen me naked quite a bit before so that didn't bother me. I joined them while they chatted with my folks in the living room. My aunt said that I looked well and that she was happy to see me tied up. She was anxious for her next chance at me. I nodded my head and grunted in agreement.

"What makes you think we're ever going to let him out of this one?" my father kidded. "We might just keep him this way for the rest of the summer."

"Go ahead," laughed my aunt. "He's not complaining."

When they went to dinner, I hopped in behind them and sat in my chair. My father removed my gag.

The food wasn't on the table yet, so we sat and waited. My father and Derek chatted, then Derek turned to me and said, "Is the college soccer team going to be any good this year?"

"You bet," I said. "It will be ....... " I stopped.

My father was already on his feet, and he picked up the gag and went behind me, putting it into my mouth and fastening it.

Derek laughed. "Sorry Sam," he said. "Gotcha!!

My father laughed. "Nice going Derek," he said.

"That was mean," said my aunt. Then she grinned and said, "I like it."

My step-mother had returned with dinner, and she asked, "Why is Sam gagged?"

They explained. "Well," that was a dirty trick," she said. "I've gone along with this although I question keeping him tied up and you two can tie him up and keep him tied up but we're not going to starve the boy. Take out the gag and he gets dinner."

With a bit of a sulk, my father removed the gag and I got dinner. But as soon as I was through the gag went back in.

When I went to bed that night, after going to the bathroom, my father hog-tied me. In the morning he released the hog-tie. I spent the next day watching television, hopping around the house, happy that we had no visitors. I spent the next night hog-tied in bed again.

In the morning my father untied the ropes that secured me to the bed and released the hog-tie. I went to the bathroom and returned. My father retied the hog-tie. and sat there looking at me on my bed.

My step-mother came into the room. "You know this plan isn't working," she said. "You can keep him this way all month and he won't give up."

"Yes, I know," said my father. "Helen and I will have to try something else."

So they untied me completely and that ended the second session of the challenge. I had won again.

I don't know what my father and aunt are dreaming up, but when and if it happens, I'll write about it here.


Chapter 11

June 25, 2000

To My Diary

My father and my Aunt Helen tie me up now and then, and I've been telling you about the a deal I have with them. To get tied up, I need to help around the house. If I am tied up and give up and ask to be untied, my father can assign me more chores around the house which don't count for a tie up. My step-mother and my aunt's partner, Derek, are referees and there to guarantee that my father and aunt don't do anything too rough in order to win.

Their last effort to tie me lasted a few days and got nowhere - I handled it easily and enjoyed it despite being discovered by my mother's cleaning lady while I was naked and bound. Two days later we were invited to drive back to the college town to have dinner with my aunt and Derek, and my parents and I decided to leave early in the early morning so my father and I could enjoy the warm weather and swim and sit around with my Derek while my aunt and step-mother went shopping. I was overdue for a tie up as I'd been busy doing things around the house and was way ahead on chores. Things at my job had been going well - I had been complemented on the tasks I had completed, and was given more difficult things to handle. Dad said that after my graduate classes, I could probably expect an offer of a permanent job, which made me happy.

We arrived, and my mother and aunt headed off to the shopping mall. When they were gone I asked Dad and Derek if they would be willing to do me a favor.


"Tie me up in a way that I want to experience but the women might not approve.

It would have a time limit but be fairly strict and a little unusual. I'm sure Ruth would approve. Aunt Helen might even object."

"I don't know," said my father. "We'll talk it over."

Derek sat with us on the deck next to the swimming pool in his thong swim suit.

"Sam wants us to tie him up in an unusual way so he can see what it feels like," said my father. "It would be for a set time and I think he should even have a signal if he's had enough He says it's something his step-mother might not approve."

"Well," said Derek, we don't want to do anything that would hurt you, Sam, or that is really out of bounds. We're not into pervisions or anything."

"What I have in mind is a bit unusual but it's frequently done in pictures I've seen and there will be a set time and our regular signal if I need to be untied."

"Oh, I suppose," said Derek, "as long as it isn't too weird or harmful." "What do we need," he said turning to me.

"Get rope and I'll get a few more things."

I went into their garden and pulled up a four-foot-long pole used to hold up flowers. Then I found a second one about a foot and a half long. In the house I got rags that my aunt uses when cleaning. Then I returned to the pool where my father and Derek waited. I got a pad off one of the chaise lounges and put it on the ground. Then I took off all of my clothes. I took the shorter pole and wrapped rags around it at the middle until there was a wad of cloth around the pole.

"This is for the gag," I explained. "You put the cloth in my mouth and then take rope and tie the gag in place." I showed them how to wrap the rope around my head, then lace it around the front and under my jaw and over my head. "Now we're ready," I said.

I had my father put the pole behind my back and I put my arms over it so that I held it there with my hands coming around in front of me. They didn't quite meet in front.

"Tie my hands together as best you can," I instructed. "Really tight."

They did. "Good," I said. "Now tie one piece of rope to my right wrist and bring it up over my shoulder, behind my neck and down and tie it to my left wrist. They did.

"Now, I can't move my hands down but I can still move them up. Tie another long piece of rope onto my right wrist and pull it down between my legs."

Derek was behind me, waiting for my father to pass the rope through my legs to him, but I kept my legs firmly together.

"I can't get it through until you spread your legs," said my father.

"Well," I said, "Maybe there's something you want to tie up while you have the rope there."

My father looked up at me with an odd expression.

"Is that what you really want?" he asked. "You really want me to tie up your penis and testicles?"

"Yes," I said. "And make it fairly tight."

"Now I know why your step-mother wouldn't approve of this."

Derek said, "I don't know about this. If your step-mother catches us she won't approve at all. We'll be in big trouble. On the other hand, I think Helen will love it!"

"They won't be back until mid afternoon," I said wanting the new inovation in bondage. "I'll be long untied by then. Just this once, please," I begged, "Did you see pictures like this on the internet?" my father asked.

"Yes, many."

So my father cinched the rope around me next to my body circling my cock and balls and tied it fairly tight, I spread my legs and he then my uncle pulled the rope up between my cheeks, over the pole in back, back down between my cheeks, where my father tied it again, this time around my now very erect cock only, and then up to my right wrist. I liked the feel of that. When I tried to pull my hands up, I could feel the tug in a strange new way. To my embarrasment I really was excited and remained very erect, but my father and uncle said nothing about it.

"Are we done," my father asked.

"No, tie my legs above my knees and at my ankles." They did. "Now, help me kneel down." When I was down, I said, "Now, tie a piece of rope to my left ankle." They did. "Now bring it up tight and around the pole on the left side of my arm, wrap it around the pole two or three times, then behind my back and around the pole on my right side and back down to my right ankle and be sure to get it tight."

"But you won't be able to stand," said my father.

"That's the idea," I said.

"You look pretty tied up to me," said Derek. "This is stricter and weirder than anything we would do to you. I think it's a bad idea."

"Ok," I said, "it feels good. I like it. Now gag me like I showed you. When I'm gagged, tie rope around the end of the gag pole and pull it down to the pole that holds my arms. Do it to each side. It will hold my head back and in place. Then blindfold me and leave me for two hours or unless I grunt three times."

They put the pole with the cloth into my mouth, and began using rope to tie it in place. Rope went from the pole around my head firmly, then they laced it around the front criss-crossing over the pole and cloth until it piled up and covered my mouth area. They tied it from the pole under my chin and then over my head effectifely tieing my mouth shut on the pole.

"That's quite a gag," said Derek. "Say something"

"Ahhhhggggh" was all I could manage."

Then they used pieces of duct tape to cover my eyes. And they used duct tape to seal up my mouth around the gag. I was in heaven, bound tightly, gagged, and loving the feel of the ropes as I struggled. My father and Derek played around in the pool and then lay around talking about this and that.

I was there for quite a while, and my legs began to ache a little and I was sure the two hours were just about up, so I would wait until then rather than give the signal. Suddenly I heard, "What have you two done?!!!"

It was my step-mother, and she sounded really mad. "What have you done to him?"

My father was defensive. "We just tied him up the way he wanted," he said.

"I think this thing has finally gone way too far," she said. "I told you I didn't think you two should tie him up so strictly, and you're not only done that, you've gone way way too far. This thing of his is getting crazy and you two are nuts"

"It's something extra that he wanted to experience. We hadn't planned to tie him up like this at all," said my father "This was all his idea."

"What do you mean," she shouted, "do you think I would believe that he wanted this?"

"Ask him yourself. He gave us specific directions on how to tie him up. We did exactly what he asked."

I couldn't see, but I could tell from her voice that my step-mother moved around in front of me. "Did you tell them to do this to you?" she asked.

"Mmmmmmm" I said nodding yes as much as the ropes holding my gag would allow.

"You asked them to tie you up this way specifically?"

"Mmmmmmmm" meaning yes again.

"Are you happy tied up this way?"

"Mmmmmmmmm" meaning yes once more.

"When are you supposed to untie him?" asked my mother.

"Well, just about now," said my father. "We were supposed to be done before you got back. It was for a short time only."

"Are you ready to be untied?" asked my mother.

My legs ached a bit and I was embarrased. "Mmmmmm" I said nodding yes.

"Are you sure?"

"Mmmmmmm" I nodded again.

"Okay," said my step-mother to my father, you untie him (there was a pause and I heard my father start to get up) - but you do it when I tell you to do it.

He likes being tied up. He got you two to tie him up this way. He says he doesn't want to be in control and he's said he really likes it when he's bound and wants to be untied and can't figure out how to get untied. So that's the way he is now. He's tied and gagged and he's going to stay that way for a while. Until I say so. Maybe it will teach him not to get into such wierd situations and that they are dangerous and foolish and strange and stupid and bizarre. I thought he had learned that lesson, but I guess not."

I didn't do anything, and neither did anyone else. (My father told me later that my aunt just stood and stared at me, smiing). When my step-mother was mad, nobody crossed her. Especially my father.

So I remained there kneeling, naked, tied and gagged. After a while my parents and my aunt and Derek started talking again quietly. It seems like my mother and aunt got tired shopping and since they weren't finding anything to their liking, they decided to come home early and have a simple lunch by the pool.

As things had seemed to calm down, I decided to find out if I could get free as I was becoming increasingly uncomfortable. I grunted three times.

"What's that for?" asked Ruth.

"It's the signal we established. It means he wants to be untied," said my father. "I'll do it."

"No!!," said my step-mother. "He's got quite a while to go. He's not getting untied until I cool down and that may take a long long time."

"But he might be in trouble or hurting," said my father.

"Too bad," said my step-mother. "He should have thought of that before he had you two truss him up that way. Now he can just stay there and enjoy it."

I think my aunt took pictures as she usually does. Otherwise the conversation was quiet with long pauses when nobody said anything. Nobody went into the pool. They ate something that my aunt fixed. I stayed put, a victim of my own crazy fantasy.

It was a great tie-up. I struggled and loved the feel of the ropes and I grunted the code a few more times into the gag, but nobody paid any attention.

I think my step-mother and father both checked closely to be sure I wasn't in any trouble.

They ate dinner and nobody came near me. I was starting to be in agony again.

After dinner my step-mother said, "I think we should go home - it's a long drive. Can we take him out to the car that way?"

"Do you really want to take him home naked and all tied up that way?" dad asked.

"He's got quite a while to go," said my step-mother. "For sure all night and probably much longer and I'm still really angry at both of you."

"I think we should untie his legs so he can stand straight," said my father.

Then Derek and I can help him.

"Do it" said my step-mother. And they did. It was wonderful being able to stretch my legs again and to get off my knees. They managed to get me into the car despite the pole. I only hoped none of the neighbors were watching. And that nobody saw me in the car on the way home. At home dad and Ruth got me out and into the house through the back door. In the kitchen Ruth said, "Make him kneel down again and retie him the way he was." Dad did it.

"How long are you going to keep him this way?" asked my father. "He only wanted a couple of hours and it's been almost nine hours already."

Then my step-mother started in on me, and went into a long harangue about how stupid I was getting myself tied up this way, and what would happen if my father and Derek or someone else got carried away and hurt me or if I had some sadest or child molester or some pervert, tie me up and really got into trouble.

She went on for a long time. Then she said, "No more tie-ups for a while. You certainly aren't showing any common sense about all this - none of you, you Sam, your father or your aunt (there was a pause) Untie him in the morning,"

she said. "It will give him time to think over what I've said."

Time went slowly. I was kneeling on the hard kitchen floor, not on the pad as I had been at the swimming pool. They went to bed and left me in my agony.

Early in the morning my father came into the kitchen and released me. It was all I could do to stand, and my mouth ached.

"I'm in a lot of trouble with Ruth," he said. "You and I had better lay low for a while. I think that ends tieing you up for a while - until she cools down, if she ever does. She and I have guests for the Fourth and then a couple of out-of-town trips coming up. You might get tied up again. I just don't know when. It will be a while."

And that's the way we left it. I went to work on my latest task and I don't know what went on between my father and step-mother, but they have been quiet around each other since then.

If I ever get tied up again, I'll write about it.


Chapter 12

July 6, 2000

To My Diary

As things turned out, my parents had to go out of town on business and they decided to extend it into a summer vacation. They suggested that I might want to return to my aunt and Derek's rather than staying home alone in an empty house. Needless to say, I jumped at the chance as I thought it might bring another opportunity for a tie-up with my aunt - since my mother was still angry about our last episode and had forbidden my father from tieing me up at all lately. ..Besides, I missed my friends, and my girlfriend, Julie Peterson, most of all. I had dated a few girls around home, but Julie is still my favorite.

I drove the hour and a half to my Aunt's house, and settled in. As the Fourth of July was approaching, they said that I could invite some of my friends over for a "Fourth Pool party." It sounded good to me. And my aunt winked and said to me that later she might help me with some of my TAG projects."

Of course, "TAG" to her meant "Tied and Gagged," and was something of an in-joke with us. My aunt, in private, calls me Bee-bee, the TAG kid.

Privately, I told my aunt that I hoped she would tie me up really well some time while I was there - something strict and different and I reminded her that I like to stay tied up for a while - a few hours at least - even over night. My aunt said she would try to think of something. There were limits, however, she stressed. Nothing painful or too stressful.

Nothing that would set my step-mother off again if she found out.

The Fourth was on a Wednesday this year. I arrived on Tuesday, and helped get ready for our Fourth celebration. About ten of my friends, including my girlfriend, Julie, arrived on Wednesday, and we had a good time playing in the pool (we played Marco Polo and water volleyball). My aunt and Derek provided food, and when it got dark, we shot off fireworks. It was fun. I love being with Julie, and we managed to spend some time off to the side alone.

Thursday during the day we cleaned up, and relaxed. After dinner, my aunt told me to meet her and Derek in the den. There they told me to strip completely.

My aunt tied my hands in front of me, sat me on the floor, gagged me with the red ball gag, and inserted the bar from Derek's weight set between my bent elbows and arms - just as she had a while back - the night she fell asleep in her chair. Then my aunt brought out her digital camera. She had photographed me each time she and Derek tied me up, but had missed that time because she had fallen asleep. She took the pictures, and then they immediately untied me which was a disappointment as I like to be tied for a while.

But it wasn't over. Next my aunt brought out a roll of plastic wrap and some tape. She tore off a piece of plastic wrap about two feet long and placed one end against my stomach just below my navel. She had me hold it with my right hand while she pulled it down in front of me, between my legs, and up behind, bunching it up so it was like a thong - a clear thong - or a wedgie. She had me hold it in back with my left hand. Then she took the clear plastic tape, the kind used to do packages, and wrapped it around my waist holding the plastic in place. It was the most unusual jock I'd ever worn. Of course it didn't hide anything - I was still really naked.

Next my aunt had me stand straight up with my hands at my side palms next to my upper thigh, my legs wide apart. She taped my right hand tightly to my right thigh, my left hand to my left thigh with the transparent tape going all the way around my leg fastening my hand to my upper leg. Then she had me put my legs tightly together and she put a wrap of tape around my ankles and another wrap around my legs and hands so that it firmly held my hands to my sides..

My aunt brought out one of those clear plastic films that come over dry cleaned clothes when you get them from the cleaner. With Derek helping her, she pulled it over me, down over my body with my head sticking through a hole at the top. It fit very tight and even stretched here and there. It reached down to about my ankles. They were careful not to rip or tear it.

"I don't get it," I said. "What are you doing?"

My aunt laughed. "You wanted something different and something strict. We're turning you into a mummy. A transparent mummy." My aunt pulled out her camera and off and on photographed the process as they bound me.

While she talked and took pictures, Derek took more of the transparent tape and wrapped it around my legs at the ankles, below and above my knees, and again tightly around where my hands were taped to my legs, then below my navel, all around my body, then at mid chest. The wraps of tape held me in tightly.

Derek then lifted me up while my aunt pulled a plastic bag up over my feet.

Derek put me down, and they secured the bag wrapping my feet in clear tape making it look like the plastic was solid from my feet to my neck.

"Time to open up," my aunt said as she pushed the ball gag toward my mouth.

I opened and in went the ball. Derek put two strips of clear plastic tape over my mouth covering and sealing in the ball - the tape went all the way around my head. He pressed it into place, then my aunt brought small clear plastic bag and pulled it down over my head. It was really tight. When it was in place, she carefully tore a small hole for my nose. She checked carefully to see that I could easily breath. Then Derek wrapped tape around the plastic bag - two wraps at the level of my mouth and one around my forehead. A final wrap went under my chin and up over my head. Then they carefully wrapped tape to connect the head bag to the plastic that covered my body. Derek took more wraps of tape around my body until most of my body was taped. My aunt held me so that I wouldn't fall over. Now all of my body was covered with clear plastic except the hole for my nose. If felt great!

As my aunt held me, Derek went outside and returned with a board about a foot wide and just a bit longer than I am tall. He put the board up against the wall near his exercise equipment, and then they carried me over and proped me up against the board which leaned up against the wall. As my aunt held me, Derek taped me to the board - a wrap at my ankles, at my waist, at my upper chest, and then he put a piece of tape over my mouth, wrapped it around my head, then around the board, and back around my head. A final wrap went around my forehead and around the board and back.

I was then a transparent mummy bound to a board. They had really thought of something strict, confining, and different.

"How are you doing, Sam?" my aunt asked.

"Mmmmmmmm mmmmm" I managed, trying to say OK.

"Let me see you breath in and out," she said checking to be sure my chest wasn't bound too tightly.

My aunt took a few pictures and then my aunt and Derek settled down to watching television and ignoring me.

Each time they tie me up, my aunt and Derek try to surprise me in some way, so I wondered what they would do this time although the way I was tied all by itself was quite a surprise!. For a couple of hours, they did nothing. I didn't do anything either - I just laid back on the board and struggled and enjoyed the strange feeling of being totally wrapped and helpless and gagged, the warmth of me sweating inside the plastic casing. It was great!.

After the late news, when my aunt and Derek usually go to bed, Derek came over to me and asked if I was ready to be unbound. I couldn't nod or do anything but grunt into the gag.

"I don't understand," he said. "One grunt for yes, two for no."

I grunted once.

"Pity," he said. "Mummies are prepared to last for long periods of time. Not just a few hours."

"Years and years," added my aunt.

Derek and my aunt then picked up board and with one on each end, they carried me into the guest bedroom where I stay. They propped me up against the wall next to the bed. And then they went to bed. I couldn't believe it - were they going to keep me that way all night? Wrapped that way it was impossible for them to let me go to the bathroom.

I didn't know what to think, and I was a little worried. They left me there until just after midnight, then they came back and took me down, and with a knife carefully cut me free. Derek said that they had kept the knife handy in case of an emergency so they could quickly free me if needed.

It had been a great experience, and I really enjoyed it. I went to the bathroom, and I took a shower, then went to my bedroom In the morning we had a great breakfast and talked about my latest bondage experience. I assured them that it was the best one yet.

Now I look forward to college starting in late August. If my aunt and Derek tie me up again before that, I'll write about it then.



Chapter 13

September 6, 2000

To My Diary

I haven't written for a long time because I haven't been tied up for a long time. Once my parents returned from their trip, I went back home, and worked at my job for the rest of July and August. I dated a bit, relaxed, and waited for school to start.

At the end of August I had to leave, and return to my aunt and Derek's getting ready for my graduate classes at college. School's been going since the start of September and I've been busy with getting oriented to graduate school, long paper assignments and with my girl friend, so I haven't had much time to do other things anyway.

And I've been tied up only once since returning, and that was very brief.

After dinner on Sunday, over a week since I had arrived back at school, I walked into the living room where my aunt and Derek were watching television.

My aunt stood and took me to one corner and there she took a piece of rope and tied my hands in front of me. Then she had me sit, and put my hands down in front with one arm on either side of my bent knees. Then she put a pole under my knees and above my bent elbows. Finally she added the red ball gag that Derek had bought. That was it. I sat there watching television with them.

Before they went to bed, my aunt untied me, and that was my latest tie-up. It was simple and I had hoped for much more. - especailly after the spectacular transparent mummy they turned me into just after July 4th. .It was a disappointment, but I tried not to show it.

If I get tied up again, I'll write about it here.


Chapter 14

September 15, 2000

To My Diary

Since classes started, I've been back staying with my aunt and Derek. I've got an unusual load this year, and that's been keeping me busy. Only three classes, but they all require detailed and long papers and considerably more reading than I've ever had before. Two are seminars where the group is small, and each of us had better know the material for discussion. My parents planed to come over and visit with us during the weekend, and My aunt and Derek said I should clean the swimming pool and scrub and hose off the pool deck to get ready for their visit. I did it early Sunday and and spent almost three hours doing it.

Then Derek and I swam in the pool. My aunt said she didn't feel like swimming.

She was busy fixing dinner for the afternoon meal. Then she came out and joined us.

"Well," said my aunt, "It's time to tie you up, Sam."

I had been waiting and hoping for this. "I've a wager to make," I said.

"No wagers," said my aunt. "We don't want any more trouble.' "No," I said, "This won't cause trouble. Here's the deal. You tie me up really well. When my parents get here, I'll do whatever I can to indicate that I want to be untied - that I'm unhappy and uncomfortable. If they untie me, I win. If they don't, I lose. OK?"

"What do you lose?" asked Derek.

"I don't know," I said.

"OK, let's make it worthwhile. If they untie you, I owe you ten dollars. If you stay tied up and are still tied up when they leave, you owe me ten dollars and another pool cleaning without any tie-up reward. Okay?"

I thought about it and said, "OK, but the tie-up must be good enough and strict enough that my father and step-mother might believe that I really wanted to be untied."

We decided that my aunt and Derek would tie me to a chair exactly the same way my father had tied me twice a few months ago.

Derek got rope and tape and a few other things. With my swim suit still on, he tied my arms behind my back, wrists to opposite elbows. He bound my hands to my arms with duct tape. He wraped rope tightly around my arms and upper body.

Then they sat me in the chair. Derek tied each of my legs up to the side of the chair so that my knees were bent back and my heels almost touched my hips.

They put rope around my stomach and around the chair, and another wrap around my chest and around the chair. They took duct tape and taped over my legs, around the under-side of the chair, back up over my legs and around about three times.

Derek then put a small spongy ball in my mouth and my swim cap on my head to cover my hair. He then took strapping tape and started on top of my head, down under my chin and up and over about three times, then he came down from the top of my head and across over my mouth and under my chin and back up the other side over my mouth and he continued this about three times. I found I couldn't hardly move my jaw or open my mouth. Then he took duct tape and went around my head over my mouth front to back three times. He had my put my head against the back of the chair and he wrapped duct tape around my forehead and around the chair. Then he wrapped duct tape over my mouth and around the chair. He stood back and asked me to try to move. I was again really tied up tight, gagged so that all I could do was moan and groan. It was great!

About an hour later my parents arrived.

"I see Sam earned a tie-up," my father said when he saw me flashing a big smile.

"Yes," said Derek. "And I want to warn you," he said looking at my step-mother (who had a rather unhappy look on her face) and father, "that Sam and I have a bet. He bet me ten dollars that he can con you into untieing him and I win ten dollars if he's still tied up when you leave for home."

I grunted into the gag - that wasn't fair telling my parents about the bet.

Derek laughed - he knew what I was upset about. "Sorry, Sam," but we didn't say I couldn't tell them about the bet."

He was right. I protested but the gag kept me reduced to moans.

All through the afternoon and while they ate dinner, I did what I could to get my step-mother to feel sorry for me and untie me. I made the "S-O-S" sound. My father did come over and check my hands and feet to see if I was warm and if I was okay, but he never untied me and Ruth seemed not to pay any attention at all. So I sat in the chair bound, gagged, trussed up, while they chatted happily and ate dinner. My aunt said she would save some dinner for me to eat whenever they untied me - maybe for breakfast. They all laughed - even Ruth.

Finally my parents decided to go home and I was still tied up. After they were gone, Derek removed the gag, and my aunt fed me dinner. They did not untie my arms. I sat bound to the chair with them watching television for a while. When they got tired, Derek took me to the bathroom, and then surprised me when he took me to my bedroom, released me from the chair, put the red ball gag into my mouth, tied my legs, hog-tied me and left me on my bed.

In the morning we talked about my latest experience, and I said that they had surprised me in a number of ways - leaving me tied on my bed, and winning the bet, although I argued that Derek had cheated. My aunt laughed. "I guess I'm just really enjoying having you back and tied up fairly often," she said. "But we're looking for that perfect girlfriend for you - one who will really know what you need and how to give it to you!"

I like Julie a lot, but I hope they find what they're looking for.

When and if they tie me up again, I'll write about it.

Sam _Sam's Diary continues in part fifteen_ 09.06.02 If you've enjoyed this story, please write to the _author_ and let them know - they may write more!


Chapter 15

September 28, 2000

To My Diary

I've been busy with my graduate classes, and spending some time with Julie, my girlfriend, so again I haven't been tied up for a while. On Saturday afternoon, about 4:30, Derek told me to put on my red speedo, and meet him in the den. This surprised me as I knew my parents were coming to visit and my aunt and Derek were going out to a movie and late dinner, so if Derek was going to tie me up, it could only be for a little while.

In the den, he waited holding rope and tape.

"But you'll have to untie me before you go out, and that's in just a little while," I complained.

"Maybe, and maybe not," Derek smiled. "We have things worked out."

As he said this, he was busy tying my hands behind my back, wrists to opposite elbows. He used tape to secure the rope. Next he tied my legs above, below my knees and at my ankles. Then he wrapped five wraps of rope around my upper body binding my upper arms in tightly.

"That looks good," he said. "Now sit on the couch."

Our couch has six legs, two on each end, and two in the middle. Derek had me sit on the center section of the couch. He tied my ankles to the center support leg of the couch. Walking around behind the couch, he took more rope and tied it to the ropes that circled my upper body, then took it down behind the couch and tied it off to the center back leg.

"He looks very good," said Aunt Helen who had walked into the room, "Have you told him what's going to happen?"

"Not yet," said Derek. "He'll find out soon enough. Now, open wide, Sam."

I opened my mouth, and in went the large plug of the leather gag. Derek fastened the straps using the Velcro to hold them in place. Now I was sitting there, unable to leave the couch, bound and gagged. I squirmed enjoying the tight feeling of the ropes that I love so much and wondering what they were up to.

Time went by, and it was almost the moment when my folks should arrive and the four of them leave when the doorbell rang. I figured it was my father and step-mother. I wondered how she would react to finding me tied up again.

"Get that will you Hun," I heard Derek shout. It must be the baby-sitter."

Baby sitter???!!! I was startled. After all, I'm twenty-two years old and in graduate school for God's sake!. What were they talking about?!!!

Aunt Helen answered it, and I could hear talking, but couldn't identify who was there. Then, Aunt Helen returned and I got one of the biggest shocks of my life. It wasn't my parents, it was my girlfriend, Julie!!!

Julie stood and looked at me for a while, and then said, "He looks even better in person than he does in the pictures."

Derek laughed. "Do you think you can handle him for the evening?

Julie sat down next to me, and looked over the ropes that bound me, and investigated the gag. I was really embarrassed, and shocked, but could, of course, do nothing about it.

"Sure," she said. "He won't give me any trouble at all. You go on and have a good time. Stay out as late as you want."

"We have to wait for Sam's parents to arrive," Derek explained. "Meanwhile, understand that you can untie him any time you want. You can remove the gag.

Or you can leave him that way until we get home. We have an agreement with Sam. We can tie him up any time we want, any way we want, for as long as we want. In this case, we are going to let you decide when to free him. So Julie, it's up to you."

"Mmmmmmmpffff," I tried to say meaning that I didn't approve, but of course, they all just laughed and ignored me. A bound and gagged man doesn't have much influence I had already discovered over and over again.

Shortly after that my father and step-mother arrived. Ruth just looked at me and shook her head. My father chatted with Julie and assurred her that he thought it was great that she had agreed to stay with me while they were out.

He hoped she would be with me a lot as he had heard only good things about her. Then they were gone.

Julie sat down next to me on the couch. She explained how her parents had taken her to my Aunt's and how they had told her some time ago about how much I liked being tied up. Julie thought it was wonderful. On their next visit, my aunt and Derek showed Julie the pictures my aunt had taken of me in bondage.

Julie was, apparently, thoroughly delighted and quickly said that some day she would like to actually see me tied up - spend some time with me when I was trussed up and gagged.. That's when my aunt and Derek told my parents, and they cooked up the babbysitting idea. So Julie wasn't really shocked when she walked into the room and saw me bound and gagged. In fact, as it turned out, she would have been disappointed if I hadn't been tied up.

Julie went on talking to me about things at school - this is her senior year - about mutual friends, gossip about her girlfriends, and so on. It was as if she was used to being with someone who was bound - like she did it every day.

We watched television, and at one point she said, "Boy, Sam, for once you are listening to me when I talk to you. Usually you don't listen very well. I guess when I want to talk to you, I'll just have to tie you up and put that gag in your mouth. Would you let me do that."

Needless to say, I nodded agreement quickly.

As we watched the next program on television, Julie put her hand on my leg where the rope held my upper legs together. Slowly she moved her hand up until it rested on the "bulge" in my swim suit. As her fingers touched me there, my penis jumped to attention and strained against the lycra.

"It's trapped in there isn't it?" she smiled. "I don't think we should let it out."

I was embarrassed, but hot at the same time. "Mmmmmpffff" I tried to say into the gag. I hoped she would remove the gag, and she got the idea.

"Take off the gag? I don't think so," she laughed. "We don't want you talking me into doing anything that I shouldn't. I think you're just fine the way you are."

Her hand continued to play with the bulge in my swimsuit, driving me crazy.

Finally, she leaned against me, and her hand just cupped my crotch. She dozed off, and I did too eventually.

At a little after midnight, Aunt Helen and Derek returned (my parents had gone for the drive back to their home) and found us together on the couch. Julie was asleep, but I woke with the sounds of them entering the house. Julie's hand was still on my swimsuit.

Julie woke, and quickly pulled her hand away. Aunt Helen smiled. "Well Julie,"

she said. "I see Sam is still tied up. When do you want us to untie him?

"Well" Julie started, still a little sleepy, "Could I come back tomorrow morning and untie him?"

"Sure," said Derek. "No problem at all."

"Mmmmmpppppfpppp mmmjmm mmmmmmpppp," I groaned into the gag wanting to be untied then. More than anything I wanted to be untied so I could talk to Julie - sit with her, maybe take her home.

"Does he really want to be untied now?" asked Julie.

"Probably," smiled my aunt. "But we ignore all of that. I'll truss him up good for the night and put him to bed. He'll be ready for you whenever you come around tomorrow." I tried protesting into the gag again, but they ignored me.

"I'd like to see him ready for bed," Julie said.

"Sure," Derek smiled. He untied me from the couch, took me to the bathroom, and then into my bedroom where he hog-tied me tightly on my bed. Julie came in and inspected me, checking the rope and the gag. Then she kissed me on the forehead ignornig my protests. Finally she left and Derek drove her home.

I spent the rest of the night exactly that way.

In the morning, Derek took me to the bathroom again, then hog-tied me on the den floor. Julie showed up around 10:30.

"I suppose I have to untie you sooner or later," she said. "But it is really nice looking at you this way. You're so quiet, and you listen and watch me. I like that. You have no idea how much I like you even more than before, knowing that you like being tied up."

Slowly, she untied me, leaving the gag for last. When I was free, we chatted for a long time. Julie assured me that she had no problem at all with me liking to be tied up, and that she would like to tie me up sometime too. Then we decided to have lunch and go to a movie that afternoon. All in all it had been a great two day weekend.


Chapter 16

October 10, 2000

To My Diary

My girlfriend, Julie, has apparently known about my love of bondage for quite some time, although she never said anything to me any of the times we were together. Now she has seen me tied up, and actually made me spend that night bound and gagged. She and I set a date for her to tie me up - last Saturday.

My aunt agreed, and we decided that she would do it in the den. A few days before that my parents showed up. My father sat me down and said he wanted to have a serious talk.

"Sam, we know that you enjoy bondage and so far things have gone fairly well with me or your aunt and Derek tying you up now and then. We don't know if you will out-grow this or not, but it seems generally harmless enough although a bit unusual. But bondage is usually linked to sex with most people. And it appears that now Julie is in the picture and that Saturday she'll tie you up and maybe again after that. We can't watch you all the time. We are concerned that you and Julie might get carried away, and we have decided to do something to guarantee that your relationship is Platonic right now. I know you're not a virgin, but we don't want anything to go wrong with Julie and you when you're alone and when you're tied up."

I didn't understand "Platonic," I explained.

"No sex," said my father bluntly.

"You don't need to worry," I explained.

"I know we don't," my step-mother explained. "We want you to pull down your pants and shorts as your father has something for you."

I stood and pulled down my pants and jockey shorts. My father opened a box and pulled out some plastic rings and things. He took the largest ring, and held it by my testicles, slipping first one ball through, then the other, and then with some effort, he pushed my penis through the ring and slid the ring right up next to my body. It felt fairly tight. Next came a plastic cage-like thing that slid over my penis, and attached to the ring next to my body.

"It's a male chastity device," explained my step-mother. "We found it on the internet. ( ) We think it's the best on the market and you can wear it all the time. Even if you have to go through metal detectors at an airport. And it's safe in the shower."

My father secured the plastic pieces together, and then brought out a small padlock. He put on the lock.

"See if you can get that off," he said.

I worked with the device, but it was on to stay. "I don't think I like this,"

I said.

"That's too bad," said my father. "It's an insurance policy. Now you two can play all you want, and you can't get into trouble. I know she's going to tie you up Saturday. I hope you enjoy it."

"But what if I get a hard on?" I complained.

"The device will stop that and if you try, you'll be very uncomfortable. Your poor little penis is in prison, Sam, and it's going to be there for probably a long time. Get used to it. Oh' and you'll probably want to wear a jockstrap all the time to hold it comfortably in place so that it doesn't pull down on you," advised my father.

I decided that protest was not going to work, so I went to my room and switched from the jockey shorts to the jockstrap. The device made it bulge in odd ways, but under my pants it didn't show. I went to the bathroom and found I could easily pee through the end of the device. So, even when I wasn't tied up, my cock and balls were in bondage.

On Saturday Julie showed up, and we all talked for a while. My father, who had stayed over for a couple of days, wished Julie luck getting me tied up and keeping me that way. "Don't let him get free until you want him free," he laughed.

"You don't need to worry," she said with a cheerful smile. "I know what I'm doing."

We went into the den where my aunt had laid out my bondage toys.

"How do you want me dressed?" I asked.

"As little as possible," she smiled.

"I'm wearing a jockstrap," I said. "Would that be okay?"

"Sure," she said with a smile. "I would like to see you in a jockstrap."

So I undressed, carefully putting my clothes to the side on a chair. Then I stood there in my jock with Julie looking at me.

"You look really handsome," she said. "You really turn me on. But the pouch of the jock looks funny. Is that only you in there?"

I blushed. "My step-mother and father have locked a chastity device on me so that I can't have sex," I explained. "They don't trust me around you, especially when I'm tied up. They say that bondage and sex go hand in hand, and that we might get carried away.

"If I tie you up the way I want," said Julie, "there's no chance that you'll have sex with anyone. But the device is probably a good idea, however. Let me see it."

I was almost naked anyway, so I figured why not. I pulled down the jock, and Julie took a good look at the chastity device. She laughed. "Looks good to me.

I don't think you can get out of that until they remove the lock. Okay, let's tie you up good."

She tied my wrists to my ankles, so that I sat leaning forward. Then she tied my big toes together. It was quite simple, really. She took tape and taped my hands to my feet, so that I couldn't move my fingers. Finally, she put the red ball gag into my mouth.

"There," she said. "Now, I have school work to do, so I won't bother you."

Julie sat on the couch with her book. I squirmed around on the floor and found that I could not escape. She looked up at me and watched me now and then, but mostly concentrated on her work. My step-mother came in to see how Julie had tied me, but didn't comment, and left. Dad came in later and looked too, so did Aunt Helen and Derek. And so I spent most of the day that way.

As always, I enjoyed being tied up, and I squirmed around while Julie read and did her school work. Part of the time she sat with me, and felt me here and there and talked to me like she had when she was my "baby-sitter." Then she untied me, and we talked some more. Then she said she wanted to tie me up again soon. Then we went out to a movie and dinner. It sure felt different walking around with that thing locked into my cock and balls.

I hope Julie will tie me up again sometime. It's a lot more fun and exciting than when my father or my aunt does it. I think I like Julie more all the time.

Sam _Sam's Diary continues in part seventeen_ 09.06.02 If you've enjoyed this story, please write to the _author_ and let them know - they may write more!


Chapter 17

October 15, 2000

To My Diary

Every fall my dad comes over to my Aunt's and he and Derek go deer hunting and they spend a weekend out in the woods. I have never gone along as hunting didn't really interest me, and besides, they have never invited me. Dad has said that I could go sometime when I was old enough.

A few days ago, Dad asked how I was doing with my classes. For once I was a bit ahead, and was doing well. Happy about that, he said that I would be going on this year's hunting trip and that I should get ready. Early Saturday morning, we left in my uncle's SUV. We got to our destination before Noon, set up camp, and went out looking for deer. Dad said the best hunting would be in the evening, or early the next morning. But we didn't find anything much.

That evening, around our campfire, after we had eaten dinner, Dad and Uncle Derek told me to strip. I asked what they were up to, and they said they were putting me to bed. I took off all of my clothes and put them in the tent.

Uncle Derek admired the chastity device ( that I still wore. Dad then brought out one of the adult diapers he had used on me before, and he put it on me fastening it with the little tape strips Then he and Derek started tying me up. They bound my legs at my ankles, above and below my knees. They wrapped rope around my arms at mid chest and at the level of my navel. They took strips of tape and taped my hands to my side. Then they put on my leather plug gag. I stood there wondering what they would do next.

Derek laid out a blanket on the ground, then he and Dad lifted me and laid me on the blanket. They wrapped the blanket around me very tightly. Then they took rope and tied the blanket around me at five or six places along my body.

Next, they put a heavy jacket with a hood over my shoulders, and tied that in place with lots of rope. Finally, they picked me up and put me in a sleeping bag which they zipped up around me. This they also tied up with lots of right rope. I could hardly move, bound, gagged, fully trapped in the rope, blanket, jacket, and sleeping bag. Derek took pictures with my aunt's digital camera saying that he had promised her he would record the event.

They put me into the tent, and there I spent the night. I was really warm, but I liked the sensation squirming around in the tight wraps.

In the morning, they released me but tied my hands with one of those plastic zip-ties that police use. There is no way to get them off without using a heavy cutter. I was still wearing the gag and I was nude except for the chastity device. Dad took off the gag to feed me breakfast, then put it back on.

"We're going hunting," he said. "You can do whatever you want. Come with us, stay here, whatever Maybe somebody will wander by and untie you," he laughed.

Again they took some pictures of me standing by the trees, naked and lightly bound.

I decided to hang around the camp, explore and see how it felt to be naked, tied, and gagged alone in the woods. They were gone a long time, and I worried that something had happened to them or that somebody would actually come by and find me, but eventually they returned. Still no deer.

"Well," said Dad, "We have to take something home tied to the front fender of the car. I suppose we can use Sam!"

They both laughed. They packed up the camp, then finished tying me up and actually draped me over the fender of the car (I worried for a second that I would really ride home that way but they only took pictures), but then they hog-tied me and put me in the back of the SUV.

When we got home, they untied me, and we unpacked. I liked the camping trip and the new bondage. I thanked them for a great time, and then dad went on home.


Chapter 18

November 2, 2000

To My Diary


My girlfriend, Julie, knows about my love of bondage, and she has actually tied me up once. A few days ago she reminded me about the Halloween Dance held at a popular club nearby. It's something they do every year here at the college- a costume dance where couples are supposed to come dressed as famous couples from history or literature.

"I know we agreed to go," I said to Julie, "But I don't have any ideas for costumes."

"I do, - Beebee," she said with a smile. '' "What?" I said. I was startled that she called me BeeBee.

"We're going to go as a nurse and a patient from One Flew Over the Coocoo's Nest.

I didn't know anything about the book, but Julie explained to me that it was a story about people in an insane asylum. She would be a Nurse Cratchett, and I would be her patient. She said she could get ahold of a really cute nurse's outfit with a tight top and really short skirt. Really sexy.

"What would my costume be?" I asked.

"You," she said, "Will be the best part. You will wear your straitjacket."

"I don't think so," I said. "Not out in public."

"Sure you will," she said. You'll wear loose white pants, and we'll put you in the jacket, and I'll lead you around with a kind of leash. It will be cool, and everyone will love it. And we'll put a big piece of duct tape on your mouth."

Well, I finally agreed, and so we attended the dance together with me bound in my straitjacket with my mouth taped shut. Julie was right, everyone thought it was really neat, and some of the girls asked to dance with me and watched me squirm around in the tight jacket.

Once in the car on the way home, Julie removed the tape and produced my leather gag, and put it on, then tied my legs too. She took me home, helped me hop into the house, and then hog tied me on the living room floor. I thought she would stay a while and talk, then untie me, but she left and I found that I was bound and gagged for the night. In the morning my aunt found me, and, after taking a few pictures, released me. She laughed and said that it was clear that Julie liked to tie me up, and she hoped I hadn't gotten in over my head. But she was happy that I had found a girl who understood bondage, my need for it, and had the ability and willingness to tie me up. I'm delighted too.



Chapter 19

November 15, 2000

To My Diary

My girlfriend, Julie, took me to the dance bound in my straitjacket, and apparently my costume drew a lot of attention. A few days later I played soccer with some friends, and after we showered and dressed, six of them came over to my aunt's for a while. During the conversation, Tim asked me if I still had the straitjacket that I wore to the dance. I said that it was around somewhere. He asked if he could see it, so I went to my room and got it.

Tim asked if he could try it on, so I strapped him into the jacket.

"This really feels odd," he said. "I feel really secure like I was hugging myself, and can't stop."

"You sound like you like it," said Ron.

"It's different," agreed Tim. "Didn't she put tape on your mouth too?"

I said that she had taped my mouth shut and Tim asked me to tape his mouth, so I went to the garage and got a roll of duct tape. I tore off a large strip, and put it over Tim's mouth. He struggled in the jacket for a few minutes, then we let him out of it. One after the other, all six of my friends took turns being strapped into the jacket, and they said it felt really strange to be so tightly restrained. Two of the others wanted the tape gag also.

Then they said I should try it. I said they had already seen me in it, but they insisted that each of them had tried it on, so I let them strap me into the jacket. Tim said they should tape my mouth too, so I let them. They didn't just tear off a little strip, they wrapped the tape around my face about four times. I tried to protest, but they had me gagged before I could say very much. Then they wrapped the tape around my legs too. That was unexpected because none of them had had their legs bound.

With me bound and gagged, all of us watched television for a while. Then my friends said they had to go. I indicated that they should release me, but they just laughed, and walked out of the house despite my gagged protests.

Around six o'clock, my aunt and Derek came home. Derek unwrapped the tape from my mouth, and I told him what had happened. He laughed, and then released me from the jacket. I couldn't believe that my college friends had done that to me, but I am sure they saw it as a great practical joke. Derek warned me to be careful that I didn't get into something that I couldn't get out of. I said that he and my aunt had already done that to me, and that the chastity device my step-mother and father had put on me also had me into something I couldn't get out of. He laughed and agreed.

I don't think I'll let any of my "friends" tie me up again. I'll leave that to my parents and my aunt and Julie who I trust.


Chapter 20

November 28, 2000

To My Diary

Since my aunt and Derek started tying me up, I've really discovered how much I enjoy bondage. I've also discovered that the biggest thrill is when I'm tied and don't want to be, and can't get free. That happened back at the end of the school year when I graduated and my aunt and Derek kept me away from drinking parties. It happened to me again a couple of days ago.

Friday after Thanksgiving I was alone at my aunt's house with Julie who had come over to spend the day with me - supposedly to study. My parents trust us together alone since they have locked a chastity device ( on me.

After lunch, Julie was talking about my love of bondage, and she asked me what my favorite tie-up had been.

"I think it was when dad tied me to a heavy wooden chair," I said.

"What did that look like?" she asked.

"It's hard to describe," I said, "But it was really strict and he kept me that way for a long time.

"Show me," she said.

"What do you mean?" I was puzzled.

"Well, " she thought, "Tell me what to do and I'll tie you up that way and I can see what it looked like."

"I don't know," I said. "Didn't you see the pictures my aunt showed you? It's a really difficult and strict tie-up."

"You let your soccer friends tie you up in your straitjacket and you've let me tie you up already," she said. "With you telling me what to do," she added, "I'm sure I can do it."

After a while, I agreed.

First I took her into the basement and showed her a chair much like the one my father had used, then I got the ropes and tape.

"Were you dressed like that when he tied you?" she asked. (I was then in my Levi's and a tee shirt.) "No," I said, "I was naked except for a diaper.

Julie laughed. "A diaper!! You're kidding."

"No," I said. "He made me wear a diaper. One of those disposable kind for adults."

"Do you have one?" she asked.

"Oh yes," I said. "He and my aunt use them on me whenever either of them intends to keep me bound for a long time or over night."

"They keep you tied up over night?"

"Sometimes. Even longer. I really like it," I confessed.

"Wow," she said. "Well, go strip and put on a diaper. I want to see what this special tie-up looks like completely."

We argued about the diaper for a while, but again, finally I gave up and went up to my room, took off everything and put on one of the Depends. Then I returned to the basement.

I showed Julie how my dad had tied my arms up behind my back with each wrist at the opposite elbow, and how he taped my fingers and hands so I couldn't untie any knots of I should be able to reach them. She did a nice job duplicating the rope work and in a few minutes I was starting to feel the familiar feeling of dad's bondage.

Next I sat in the chair and showed her how to wrap rope around my upper body lashing me to the chair.

"That's really loose," I complained. "I knew you couldn't do it. It needs to be tighter."

She redid the rope and this time it was really tight. Next I had her tie my legs up to the sides of the chair That she did very well. Then there were wraps of rope over my thighs around the chair and under my bent legs. When she was done, I was tightly bound to the chair. She had done a good job, and I had to admit it.

"Is that it?" she asked.

"Well," I said cautiously, "There was a gag, but we don't need to do that."

"Oh yes we do," she insisted. "We want to do it all."

I told her where to go in my room to find my red ball gag, and she returned with it in a few minutes.

"That's it," she asked.

"No," I admitted. I told her how to install the ball gag, and then wrap my lower face with duct tape. Then with my head firm against the chair, wrap the tape around my lower face and the chair, pinning my head to the chair. And finally, a wrap around the chair at the level of my forehead, around and around a couple of times really pinning my head to the chair.

In went the ball gag, and on went the tape. Then she bound my head to the chair as I had described. When she was done, she reinforced my legs and upper body with the tape over the rope. I was bound and gagged as firmly and strictly as I had ever been - as good as dad did and maybe better.

Julie stood back and admired her job.

"You look really great," she said. "I can see why this is your favorite. I don't think you can move much at all and I'm sure you can't get free."

She was right, and at that point, I couldn't say much either. Julie pulled up a chair and sat down looking at me, and spent an hour or so talking to me, telling me more gossip about mutual friends, filling me in on things she had been doing, adding now and then how nice it was that I was "willing" to sit and listen. "I am really enjoying having you tied up and gagged," she said.

"Now I know you will listen to whatever I have to say and won't interrupt. You have no idea how much I'm enjoying this."

Then Julie got out her books and studied for quite a while. Finally, she stood and said that she had to go. I made what sound I could behind the gag, but Julie ignored me. As she walked out of the room and up the stairs, she said, "I'll leave a note upstairs telling your aunt and Derek where you are. Have a great day."

Despite my pleas and grunts, Julie left leaving me strictly bound, gagged, and almost unable to move. It turned out to be a long boring afternoon, and after a while I really did desperately want to be untied. That wasn't about to happen.

At around six o'clock I heard my aunt come home followed a little bit later by Derek. Apparently they found Julie's note, and my aunt came down the stairs and stood looking at me.

"So, you let her tie you up," she said. "And it looks like she did a superb job. Would you like to hear her note to us?"

I grunted into the gag.

"This is what she wrote, 'Sam is tied up in the basement. Please leave him alone and I will be back sometime tomorrow and release him. Love, Julie.'"

"No! No!!! No!!!" I screamed into the gag. Of course, it sounded more like "Mmmmm Mmmmm Mmmmm" I tried to shake my head, but it could hardly move. I really wanted to be untied - badly! I did everything I could to communicate my discomfort and unhappyness to my aunt.

"Sorry Sam," smiled my aunt. "But you let her tie you up and you know the agreement - any time we want, however we want, for as long as we want. Looks like you're stuck until she comes back. If you want, I'll try to call her and ask if we can release you."

I grunted what I hoped he would understand as agreement.

Aunt Helen went upstairs. Quite a while later she returned along with Derek.

"Sorry," she said, "but we finally got hold of Julie and she insists that she will release you sometime tomorrow. She said that it was your favorite bondage, and so she wanted you to enjoy it for a long time. And she says you told her that you like being tied up over night. Looks like you're stuck. By the way," my aunt chuckled, "looks like Julie will make quite a nice little dominatrix. I envy you Sam. She's certainly the girl for you."

Derek didn't say anything about the dominatrix comment, but he argued with my aunt for quite a while, insisting that they should release me, but she insisted that I had gotten myself into this, or at least had willingly let Julie tie me, and that I needed to stick it out. I protested. I didn't want to spend the night bound that tightly. But despite all the pleading I could muster, they finally turned off the lights, and there I sat - for one of the longest nights of my life. I managed to sleep a little but my muscles really ached and my jaw didn't feel so good either. It was misery. I fantasized about being kidnapped, being held by beautiful girls who wanted to use me as a sex toy (It turned out that was a bad fantasy as it caused me to grow erect inside the chastity device and that hurt). In the end, even fantasy didn't help. I had to just sit there and take it. I wasn't happy at all.

I lost all track of time. Finally the lights came on, and there stood Julie. I just sat there and looked at her - as if I could do anything else.

"I think I'll let you enjoy this for another day," she said.

With that, I came unglued and moaned pitifully into the gag.

"Quiet down," she said. "If you ask really nice, I'll untie you."

"Mmmmmmm Mmm Mmmm Mmm," I grunted trying for Please Untie me.

"Sure I'll untie you," she said. "But pictures first." She produced a camera and took about six pictures. Then she took the camera somewhere saying later that she didn't want me to try to take it away from her after I was untied.

Finally she released me.

It was all I could do to move and walk and it took a while to get everything working again. I took off the soiled diaper and got rid of it. While I was naked, Julie inspected the chastity device and said that it was very nice and that she approved. I got dressed, and we went out for lunch to the local MacDonalds.

I have to admit, it was a great tie-up. And I had to tell Julie that I loved it, even though I didn't entirely. I didn't want her to think she had gotten the better of me, and that I was a wimp. I wonder if Julie will tie me up again sometime, but I hope it isn't for so long or so strict. I wonder if I'm losing my love of being tied up?.


Chapter 21

January 10, 2001

To My Diary

Over Christmas Vacation I had the surprise of my life and it started the adventure of my life. Not much different happened between November and Christmas Vacation. My aunt tied me up probably half a dozen times, usually leaving me in a diaper if she kept me bound over night. I enjoyed it, but it was getting to be routine. She would leave me tied to my bed, bound, gagged, hog-tied, and she would come in in the morning and untie me.

Julie, my girl friend, came over a couple of times and tied me up too, but again nothing special. We sat and watched television with me tied up sitting next to her. When nobody else was around, she fondled me, but the chastity device kept her from doing too much, and it was painful when I started getting an erection. I didn't like that very much, and wished I could get out of that thing.

On Christmas Day, I was back home with my parents, and my mother said that she had a special surprise for me. The Petersons, who are good friends of my aunt and Derek, and Julie's parents, were going some kind of a retreat in Mexico, and they had asked me to go along. My step-mother and father said it was okay with them. Dad laughed, reminding me of the chastity device ( they had locked on me, that no harm could come from my being with Julie wherever they took me. Ruth said she knew what I needed to pack, and she would fix my suitcase, so I didn't pay much attention.

On the day after Christmas the Petersons drove to our home, picked me up early in the morning and we went to the airport, boarded the plane, and flew to Mexico. There Mr. Peterson had rented a car, and we drove for about five hours, to a location near the coast. When we got to the compound, we had to go through a guarded gate. Mr. Peterson handed one man some papers while three guards, two of them women, watched us.

Finally, one of the women looked into the car and asked, "Do you two men agree to follow all of the rules and regulations during the retreat?"

"We will both comply fully," said Mr. Peterson.

She looked at me. "You too?"

"Sure," I said. "Why not?"

Julie and her mother smiled at me and we drove through the gate. One of the men had said that our assigned cabin was to the left about two hundred yards, and that the lodge was on about another half mile. We drove to the cabin not seeing any other people anywhere around. We took our suitcases inside.

"This will be your room Julie and Sam," said Mrs. Peterson. "Julie, you might want to take him in, unpack and get him ready."

I followed Julie into our room, and she shut the door wondering what 'get him ready' might mean. I was startled that there was only one large bed. That meant that I would be sleeping with Julie!!! I put my suitcase on the bed, and slowly opened it. I was really shocked when I discovered that in addition to one pair of pants, a pair of sandals, a shirt, my red speedo, two jockstraps, some underwear, my toothbrush and razor and comb, it contained my straitjacket, rope, tape, and my two gags. And there were two things I didn't recognize as mine - two little thong swimsuits.

"My mother made a mistake," I said to Julie. "Look what she packed."

"No mistake," Julie smiled. "And please take off everything you're wearing now and put on your red speedo. We need to get you ready."

"Ready for what?" I asked.

"Please just do what I ask and you'll find out. It's sort of a surprise."

Our room had its own bathroom, so I took the speedo and went inside, closed the door, and stripped, putting on the little swim suit. The chastity device really showed through the tight red lycra.

Back in the room I put my clothes in a closet and said, "Why do you want me in this? Is there a swimming pool nearby."

"Here," said Julie, "Slip on the straitjacket."

"Here, now?" I asked. "I don't think so."

"Sam," Julie sounded firm, "We don't have all day, now please cooperate and you'll find out why shortly. It's important that you do what I say or you'll ruin everything."

I didn't see how my putting on or not putting on the straitjacket would ruin anything, but I let her slip the jacket on and start buckling the straps in the back, then cinched in my arms, and straps between my legs.

"Now, are you happy?" I asked.

"Almost," she said. "Open wide."

"Not the gag too!" I almost shouted.

"I'm afraid so," she said.

"I don't think so."

"Open Sam," and she pushed the plug of the leather gag toward my mouth.

So I opened up, wondering what this was all about. She pushed in the gag, buckled it tightly behind my head, and then stepped back and looked at me. We hadn't been at the retreat half an hour and I was bound and gagged. That was sure a surprise. I hadn't expected to be tied up at all on this trip.

"Now," just sit and be quiet while I get ready," Julie said.

I sat on the bed while she changed clothes, putting on very short shorts (the weather outside was warm and humid), a small swim suit top, and sandals. Then she went to my suitcase, got my sandals, and while I sat on the bed, she put them on my feet. She went into the bathroom for a while, combed her hair, used the toilet (I guessed from the sounds I heard), and finally came out.

"We can join Mom and Dad now," Julie said. She opened the door and followed her even though I was reluctant to let the Petersons know Julie had tied me up. But then again they had seen me tied before, so we walked out into the main living room of the cabin.

There I got what was probably the biggest shock so far. Mrs. Peterson sat quietly on a davenport reading a magazine. Mr. Peterson stood on one side of the room. His hands were tied at the wrists and the rope held his hands high up over his head as it was attached to a hook in the ceiling. He was naked. He wore a gag a bit larger than mine with a padlock on it which would keep it from being opened or removed.

I must have made a sound in my gag, and both Julie and her mother laughed.

"I had better explain, Sam," Mrs. Peterson began looking up at me. "You see, Rick (that's Mr. Peterson) is my slave. We have a contract, signed over a year before we were married. I can do anything to him I want, any time. He serves me, cooks, cleans up, does errands, he does whatever I tell him. Anytime he makes a mistake, I punish him. Oh, he's not being punished now. He's just resting from the trip."

I looked over toward Mr. Peterson who looked back at me and nodded his head in agreement.

"My father's been a slave ever since I can remember," said Julie. "When I was little I used to like to snuggle up between Mom and Dad in their bed. Mom would read me stories or talk to me. Dad would lie there tied up and gagged.

Mother always told me that if I was lucky, I would have a slave of my own when I grow up."

"That's where you come in, Sam," said Mrs. Peterson. "I was delighted that day at your uncle and aunt's when Rick and I found you all tied up in that chair by their swimming pool. I knew then that you were the right boy for Julie."

"I've really liked tying you up, Sam," smiled Julie. "You're my dream come true."

"Anyway, I belong to a club of women who have slaves. Our name is Women With Bondage Slaves, or WWBS for short. Our men aren't only slaves, they are slaves who we often tie up in some way - most of the men, like yourself, actually like it. We meet here once a year at this retreat. It's a great place where we have privacy. The place is used by many nudist groups, bondage clubs, transvestites, gay groups, and any other groups that needs security and privacy. We've been coming here for about six years. Julie has never been here as you can't come unless you have a slave with you. That's one of the rules."

Julie interrupted, "Now I can come and learn how to be a dominatrix like Mom!"

"She'll be a good dominatrix too," Mrs. Peterson added. "I'm going to train her and we'll start during this week. Anyway, having a slave is only one of the rules. Do you remember agreeing to obey the rules when we came into the retreat grounds, Sam?"

I nodded that I did.

"Good. Now I should tell you the rules you've agreed to. While here, you can never appear in public without being tied or restrained in some way and gagged. Any time we have visitors here in our cabin - and visitors can drop in at any time - all slaves must be strictly tied and gagged. Slaves do all the work. You will be assigned tasks in the morning and at meals. You and Rick will probably work together and at those times you will wear slave chains so that you can use your hands. You will do whatever Julie or I - or any other woman for that matter - tell you to do. You can wear nothing more than that swim suit you have on now. If you use the swimming pool, you can wear only one of the thongs, and at meals and work sessions, you can wear only your jockstrap and slave chains and of course, your gag. At night you can sleep with Julie if she wishes but you will be strictly bound and gagged - every night!. In other words, Sam, you will realize one of your fantasies that you told Julie about. You will spend the entire nine days here tied up in some way almost all of the time."

Julie sat next to me, and gave me a big hug.

"Julie," her mother instructed, "the committee members might arrive any time, so you better hang Sam next to your father. We don't want them to find us unprepared."

As Julie had me stand, she moved me over to the wall next to where her father still hung, his arms up over his head. She fixed a rope to one of the straps on the back of my straitjacket, stood on a stool, and fixed it to the second hook in the ceiling. I now had no choice but to stand next to Mr. Peterson for as long as they wanted to leave me there.

Mrs. Peterson sat quietly reading over some papers, and then looked up at me.

"Sam, you will be assigned tasks while you are here, and remember, if any woman tells you to do something, you must obey immediately. There is one little problem, and that is that you aren't now really a committed slave with a permanent contract. Since you'll always be gagged, you won't be able to tell that to anyone, but technically all of the men here should be signed and sealed slaves. Julie wanted to come so badly, we hoped you would cooperate."

I nodded that I would. I didn't know what was coming, but it was certainly my fantasy come true.

Julie watched television while her mother worked on the papers. Then someone knocked on the door. Mrs. Peterson got up and let in four people, two women and two men. The women looked like nice ladies, smartly dressed, about the same age as Mrs. Peterson. They hugged and greeted each other, and Mrs.

Peterson introduced the women to Julie. The men just stood there, not able to do much else. One was in a straitjacket like I was, with a red ball gag in his mouth, wearing a black speedo. The other was strapped into a series of leather harnesses that restricted all movement. His head was also strapped into a harness which held a gag in place. He was wearing a jockstrap. The women led the men into the room, moved them over next to the wall where Mr. Peterson and I stood, and they attached the men to hooks in the ceiling. While the four of us stood there, the women went into the kitchen and sat around a table talking quietly.

After about an hour, the women returned to the living room where I heard one say, "Well, Angela (Julie's mother), I think the planning has gone rather well. It should be a successful week. Now we have to change the men into their slave chains and get them to their jobs. See you at dinner."

The women unhooked the two men, and after saying good-bye they left.

Mrs. Peterson unhooked Mr. Peterson and Julie unhooked me, and Mrs. Peterson said they needed to hurry to get Mr. Peterson (Rick) and me to our work duty for dinner. Julie took me into our room, and removed the straitjacket. She left the gag, then put a chain around my waist securing it with a small lock.

The waist chain had two loose chains leading off from the center. Julie brought out two leather padded wrist cuffs, and secured them around my wrists, then with small locks, locked one loose chain to each cuff securing the chain to the cuff and the cuff in place.

"These are your slave chains," she explained. "Now you can use your hands to work or to feed yourself or go to the bathroom, but can't reach the gag to release it."

Julie then handed me a jockstrap, and told me to remove the speedo, put on the jock, and get ready to go to work detail. I followed orders quickly. Then we went back to the living room where Mr. Peterson was also in slave chains and a jockstrap. Mrs. Peterson and Julie led us out to the car, and she drove us down the road to the lodge. Inside, Julie and Mrs. Peterson led us to the kitchen where there were many men working, all gagged (in anything from simple ball gags to ornate harness gags), in slave chains, and jockstraps. Two women in cooks' uniforms were giving orders. Rick Peterson and I were immediately ordered to set the tables in the dining room. It was a beautiful room, all in natural wood with tables set around. We put out table cloths, utensils, water glasses, cloth napkins, and other things like salt and pepper shakers, wine glasses and so forth.

I was then assigned to peel potatoes while Mr. Peterson began setting up the buffet line. We worked hard doing whatever the two women told us to do. We worked for a couple of hours.

At about six-thirty, women, dressed very nicely in almost formal clothes, began to arrive. The slave-men were directed to get them drinks from the bar - whatever they requested. Some carried around trays of hors d'oeuvres, others glasses of wine or water.

When the meal started, the club president announced that the women should be seated. Each slave went to his mistress and stood behind her, then we went to the buffet table and fixed salad plates and took them to our mistresses. I stood behind Julie as she ate - she looked beautiful in her bright blue dress.

When she needed water, I got her more. After the salad, the women (who had looked over the buffet line earlier) told their slaves what they wished, and each slave fixed a dinner plate for his mistress. If they wanted more, we got it. Then came dessert, and whatever else each woman wanted. Finally, coffee.

As the women drank their coffee or tea, they removed the gags from their slaves. We then moved to the buffet line, fixed a plate, and went to the side of the room and sat on the floor, eating with our hands/fingers. As soon as we were done, we returned to our mistresses who replaced our gags. It was then our task to bus the dishes to the kitchen, wash the dishes. Some men collected the linen and took the napkins and table cloths down a hallway to a laundry where they were washed. As the women socialized, we worked cleaning up the pots, pans, dishes, the dining room, and sweep the floor, always directed by the two women in the cooks uniforms.

When we were done, we were directed to stand along the side wall of the lodge hall while the women talked, socialized. It was almost midnight before women began taking their slave/husbands and heading for their cabins. Julie, Mrs.

Peterson, Mr. Peterson and I got to our cabin about 12:30. Julie told me to go to the bathroom. She took off my gag and let me have a drink of water. Then she re-gagged me, removed my slave chains, put me in my straitjacket but leaving me in my jockstrap, and we walked out in to the living room. Mrs.

Peterson was sitting on the davenport reading something. Mr. Peterson was bound, gagged, and hog-tied on the floor in front of her - she was using him as a foot-stool.

"We're going to bed now," said Julie. "I'm tired."

"Sleep well, both of you," her mother smiled. "Be sure and get him bound up tight for the night," she said to Julie.

"Don't worry, mother, " he won't be able to move much when I'm done."

Julie and I went back into our bedroom where she brought out rope and bound my legs. She put wraps of duct-tape over my gag saying that she wanted to be sure that I was quiet all night. She had me lay on the bed, and then tied my legs in a very strict hog-tie. Then she blind-folded me with more tape. I was beginning to wonder if I was going to like nine days of this, but it was far too late to do much about it at this point.

I lay on the bed listening to Julie move around the room. Finally she got into bed with me, I heard her turn off the lights, and she snuggled up next to me, her hand caressing my bound body, touching my face, and finally resting on my jockstrap pouch where she fingered the chastity device through the stretched fabric. She drifted off to sleep. I slept off and on, wondering what the next day would bring.


Chapter 22

January 10 , 2001

On my second day with the Petersons, Julie woke me up early in the morning - it was only six-thirty and I was still bound and gagged. She released me, leaving me in my jockstrap, and told me to go to the bathroom, take a shower and get ready and do it quickly. I brushed my teeth, showered, and back in my jock, returned to the bedroom. Julie took me into the kitchen where Mr.

Peterson, also in a jockstrap, was fixing breakfast while Mrs. Peterson sat at the table.

"Help Dad fix breakfast," Julie ordered.

Mr. Peterson told me what to do, and soon we had ham, eggs, and pancakes on the table for the two women. We stood and ate while they sat and ate at the table.

"Sam," said Mrs. Peterson seriously, "Sit down. We need talk."

I sat between her and Julie while Mr. Peterson stood and tended to the dishes, washing, cleaning up the kitchen.

"Sam, first of all, in the morning like this, if we wish, we can let our slaves be unbound, and have a sort-of family hour where we can talk, if we need to. Now, are you okay with being Julie's slave? We more or less got you into this without you really knowing what was going on. If you don't like what's happening, now you can say so, and we'll send you home without any problem."

"I'm really happy," I said somewhat unsure just how happy I really was.

"Are you uncomfortable or unhappy when Julie ties you up and keeps you tied?"

"No," I insisted. "She's tied me up tighter and for longer - like that time she left me tied to the chair in our basement."

"Yes," Mrs. Peterson laughed. "I told her to do that. It was your test."

"I don't understand."

"It was a test to see if you really liked being tied up - if you can take it, so to speak. You passed the test, so we decided to invite you to the resort with us," Julie said. "I was so excited. At last I might have a slave and then I can come here with Mom and Dad. Sam, you were wonderful," and she leaned over and gave me a big kiss right on my mouth. I liked that a lot. And was I ever glad that I lied and told Julie how much I liked it when she tied me up so tight and over-night down my parents' basement. If I had told the truth, I wouldn't have been invited on the retreat!

"Sam, this is your last chance to get out of this," said Mrs. Peterson. "You might not be able to say much more for the remainder of our time here, and even if you do, we will probably ignore it."

"I want to stay," I said. I was really hesitant, but I tried to sound eager and said, "I really do."

"Okay," said Mrs. Peterson. "Now, about today. You and are Rick are assigned to swimming pool duty. Julie will pick out a thong for you to wear, and then the two of you will head for the pool. From eight until nine slaves can swim in the pool, unbound and ungagged. I will drive you there, but usually you'll walk. As soon as the hour is over, you two will put each other in your slave chains and gags, and you will report into the lodge for training of some sort - something you need to know to do pool duty I assume. The rest of the day you two work around the pool doing whatever any woman asks you to do. You get half an hour for lunch, and you will walk home here and change into your jocks for dinner, and walk back to help in the kitchen and serve dinner. Do you understand?

I agreed, and then Julie took me into the bedroom.

"Put this thong on," Julie ordered.

I looked at it - it was almost a string-thong - and the little pouch was a gauze-like black stretchy material.

"I don't think so," I said. "What about one of the two thongs my mother packed?"

"Sam," said Julie in a tone of voice I hadn't heard before - "Don't be disobedient. Put the thong on right now."

"But people can see right through it," I said. "It's almost nothing."

"Sam," said Julie, "This is your last warning. Put on this thong."

As she said it, she picked up my red ball gag, and moved toward me, ordered me to open up, and shoved in the ball and fastened it behind my neck. I stripped off the jock and pulled on the thong which was even worse than I thought -the pouch barely covered me and the chastity device clearly showed through the very thin material which was stretched to the limit.

"You look great," Julie gushed.

Mrs. Peterson looked into the room. "Was Sam being disobedient?" she asked.

"Yes, a little," Julie admitted, "But I gagged him before he went too far and how he's obeying."

"Be careful, Sam," Mrs. Peterson cautioned. "There is punishment for being disobedient!"

I made a noise in the gag, and kind of tried to say "What punishment?"

Apparently understanding what I wanted to know she said, "The punishment for disobedience is severe and you don't want to experience it, believe me."

Mrs. Peterson drove Mr. Peterson and me to the swimming pool at the lodge, and there Julie took off my gag, and put the gag and my slave chains along with Mrs. Peterson's gag and slave chains in a cloth bag for us to use later. I got involved in a volleyball game and Mr. Peterson swam laps. Then we dried off, put on each other's chains, locked them in place, and put on each other's gags. Then we joined six other men in the lodge where two women who work at the lodge gave us lessons on how to administer a massage to any woman who might want one. They showed us how to apply sun tan lotions and sun screens.

They showed us the bar where we would get drinks if asked, where the pool equipment like inner tubes and such were kept, and then they took us back out to the pool.

Women had started gathering around the pool already. I was surprised when I noted right away that they wore only string-bikini bottoms - actually, only little triangles of cloth held on with strings. No tops. I wondered when Julie would show up. I spent the day getting iced-tea, ice water, and soft drinks for women when asked. The time went fast actually, and during our allotted half hour, Mr. Peterson and I had lunch. I could use the rest room any time I needed.

At around four thirty Mr. Peterson and I walked back to our cabin - I felt really strange walking outside dressed only in the tiny thong but nobody paid much attention. We changed into our jockstraps, and still wearing our slave chains and gags we walked back to the lodge where they put us to work in the kitchen. Then we served dinner to our mistresses, then sat on the floor, removed each other's gags and ate, and then, regagged, we cleaned up as we had the night before.

After dinner, they showed a film in the lodge room - a movie titled "Exit to Eden," which featured a tropical island where there were men and women slaves.

It was not a bad flick.

After the film, and social time, we drove back to our cabin. Right away Mrs.

Peterson had Mr. Peterson sit in a chair where she tied him very tightly and reinforced his gag with what she said was a muzzle. Julie tied me too, but sitting next to her on the davenport. Mr. Peterson was still sitting there when Julie and I went to bed with me again in my straitjacket, jock, hog-tied and this time blindfolded.

The next day was an exact duplicate of the second day except for one big thing. We were given lessons on how to help women in and out of the pool, and how to move them about on flotation devices. Just after the lesson, all of the slaves were brought together in the main lodge room. Many of the mistresses were there too. While the slaves stood and watched, the President of the club announced that one of the slaves had been reported as disobedient. She walked over to a man and led him to the center of the room.

"How do you answer the charge, slave," she shouted, "Guilty or innocent?"

The slave gave a grunt in his gag, and the President said, "Guilty as I suspected."

The slave shook his head no, but the President went on, "So, you are still defiant. You will do twelve hours in the cage."

A little ripple of comments came from the mistresses who were watching. The President ordered four slaves to bind the man. They laid him down on the floor, and tied his legs in four places. They trussed up his arms, using lots of rope. Then they hog-tied him. They brought his knees up around to his chest stretching the hog-tie rope, and then they bound his legs so he couldn't stretch out again. They reinforced his gag with many wraps of duct-tape, and they also reinforced the ropes with duct-tape. Two other men brought in a cage like one they use to transport dogs. Together and with some difficulty, the six slaves moved the bound man into the cage - he just barely fit, and they had trouble closing the door, which they locked with a large padlock. The slave in the cage looked really cramped and unhappy. He could hardly squirm. I was amazed that they would keep him there for twelve hours!

"All right, slaves," said the President. "Let this be a lesson to all of you.

Disobedience is not tolerated and is punished. Now, get to your work stations."

Some of the men went into the kitchen, others out to do yard work or deal with garbage and wash windows. Rick Peterson and I went to the pool where we again served the women who came to swim and sun bathe and play. The rest of the day passed without problems.

After dinner and the social hour, just before we headed back to our cabin, they released the slave from the cage, but his mistress ordered that he not be untied, and they carried him to her car, and she drove off with him still bound, gagged and hog-tied.

After we watched television for a while (with Mr. Peterson again with his wrists tied, naked, and hanging from a hook in the ceiling), and Julie left me with just my hands tied, my gag, and my jock.

In our bedroom, she hog-tied me with rope, and tied me so that I had to stay on my side of the bed. Then she went to sleep laying on her side facing me with one hand on my shoulder, and the other on the pouch of the jock. I wondered what the next day would bring.


Chapter 23

January 10 , 2001

To My Diary

My fourth day at the resort with the Petersons started with Julie releasing me from my ropes that held me to the bed, taking off my straitjacket, putting on my slave-chains, and telling me to fix her bath, help her dress, and fix her breakfast. Rick was apparently doing the same for his wife. At the breakfast table, we all sat together, unbound, no gag, chatting about events. Mrs.

Peterson said that Rick would be at the pool again, but that I had been reassigned to the kitchen to help prepare meals.

Mr. Peterson in his swim thong and me in my jock, slave chains, and both of us in our gags, walked to the lodge in the warm sunshine. He headed for the pool, I moved into the kitchen. There the woman who supervised called all of the slaves together and announced that she had too many helpers. She needed only three, and she had seven. She selected the three she needed, and ordered them to take the four of us who were extra into the storage room and use the rope and tape there to tie us up in chairs. It took the three helpers about twenty minutes and the four of us were all bound and gagged sitting looking at each other in the darkened storage room. And there we sat until the three of the other helpers released us so we could serve our mistresses at lunch.

When lunch was over, it was back to the storage room and tied up again until dinner. I rather enjoyed the day off from the swimming pool which was a problem with all of the nearly nude women and all the orders they gave for us to do this and that for them. I found being tied up in the storage room rather relaxing for a change.

At dinner I served Julie. After dinner there was to be a dance. Mrs Peterson drove us back to our cabin where Julie told me to take off the jock and put on my red speedo. Once in the speedo, Julie took rope and tied my hands behind my back and then wrapped the rope with duct tape. She put my red ball gag in my mouth. Then we headed for the car. Mr. Peterson was in his black tong swim suit, his hands tied, a black leather plug gag strapped on his mouth.

At the lodge, all of the slaves were lined up against one wall. Each was fitted with a slave collar which we were told would remain on us for the rest of the retreat. From a ring on the slave collar, one end of a short cord was attached with a snap-device. The other end was fixed to a eye-bolt on the wall. The women gathered in their nearly-formal dresses, drank champagne, socialized, and then when the music started (records) those who wanted to dance walked over to the waiting slaves. If a woman chose you, she unhooked your cord from the wall, and you went with her onto the dance floor and as well as you could with your hands bound, you danced. When the dance was over, the woman retuned you to the wall. I was asked many times to dance, and I enjoyed the activity.

The ride back to our cabin was very quiet. Of course, being still gagged, Mr.

Peterson and I couldn't say anything, but usually Julie and her mother talked.

Not this time. Once inside the cabin, Julie started almost shouting at me.

"How dare you dance with all of those women and have such a good time?" she said. "I can't trust you to be faithful. Even with your cock and balls locked up, you still went out with anyone and had a great time. You're in big trouble now!"

I couldn't understand what was going on. I had no choice but to dance with whomever unhooked me from the wall. We had to obey any woman who told us to do something - those were the rules. What was Julie talking about?

But she went on and on about how awful I behaved. Well, I wouldn't sleep in any bed with her that night, she was sure. Suddenly she stood and led me through a door into a back room I hadn't been in before. It was a small room used for storage, and it had a support pole which held up some part of the room. Julie stood me next to the pole, and picked up some rope that was sitting on the shelves. She tied my upper body to the pole (my arms were still tied from the dance). She tied my legs to the pole. She brought out a roll of duct tape and wrapped it around my face below my nose, and around the pole.

Then around my forehead and around the pole. Then around my chest, my waist, my upper legs, my ankles. I was now standing tightly bound to the pole, gagged, unable to move much, wondering what the hell was going on.

"Have a nice night," shouted Julie as she stormed out of the storage room slamming the door.

And so I stood there, all night, trussed up, gagged, in the dark. I couldn't believe it. I was again, unhappy at the way Julie had tied me, and how long she had left me. I was beginning to wonder if I was going to like being a slave. For sure, bondage had lost some of its alure.

In the morning, Julie came in and asked me quietly if I was sorry for what I had done. You bet I was. I did my best to say so through the gag.

She released me, slowly, and sent me to the bathroom to clean up, then to the kitchen to help with breakfast. We sat around the table silently eating.

Again, so that I didn't look like a weakling, I told Julie and her mother how much I had enjoyed the night and the punishment. I was learning to lie rather well - I did it because I didn't want them to send me home.

Then Mrs. Peterson said that in the morning I was to work at the swimming pool again, at about 11:00 I was to go to the kitchen with some of the other men and be fitted with a back-pack with lunch as she and Julie had decided to go on a hike and picnic to a nearby lake. Rick and I would go with them, and carry the lunch.

That morning I worked at the pool, and had a problem. At about 10:15 one women called me over. First she ordered me to cover her with sun screen - all of her. She wore only the tiniest little string thong bottom. She wanted all of her covered including her breasts and just everything. I was reluctant, which showed, and I had trouble doing it as my penis jumped in its chastity cage and was painful for me but finally I finished.

Next she instructed me to go to the bar and get her a bloody-Mary. I saw Julie then, and she waved to me, so I needed to go to her. The woman saw Julie too, but the woman was insistant that I should get her the drink. I shook my head and refused. The woman was furious, and said she would do something about teaching me obedience. Then she had another slave get her drink while I went over by Julie for a few minutes.

A bit later I was in the kitchen, picking up the pack, which was put on my back, and then I met the women and the other slaves outside of the lodge. We headed off to the lake. It was a great day, and the walk was about a mile which took us about half an hour. At the lake we put down the packs, opened them, and laid out the lunch for the women - about ten of them. We slaves saw that the women had everything they wanted, and then we were allowed to eat.

"We're going to skinny-dip in the lake," one of the women announced. "We can't let slaves watch, so they must be bound and blindfolded."

I don't know why they bothered as the little thongs the women wore were hardly anything at all, but nevertheless Julie tied me up, binding my legs and arms despite my slave chains. She hog-tied me too, checked to be sure my gag was tight, and then added a blindfold. So all ten of us men were now laying on the grass near the lake, bound, gagged, blindfolded, hog-tied. We could hear the women splashing and laughing in the lake. They probably played there for forty-five minutes or so, then came out and lay naked in the sun for another hour or so. They they dressed, untied us, and we headed back to the lodge. All in all, it was a pleasant afternoon.

Mr. Peterson and I walked back to the cabin, changed, and back to the lodge to serve dinner. After dinner the women had organized game time - some played canasta, some this or that board game, some pinochle. The slaves stood behind their mistresses and got them whatever they wanted during the evening - snacks, drinks, and so on.

At just after midnight, it was back to our cabin where Julie tied my arms at the wrists, put in my gag, and put me to bed in my jock with no other restraints. It was the loosest I had slept so far.

In the morning Julie released me, and in my jock I joined her and Mr. Peterson at breakfast. Mrs. Peterson became very serious.

"Sam, "did a women ask you to get her a drink yesterday?"

"Yes," I said, "But Julie was waving at me at the same time. I needed to go to her.."

"So you did refuse to serve the woman?"

"Yes, I guess."

"You should have obeyed. She has reported you as a disobedient slave."

"What does that mean?" I asked - afraid that I already knew.

"It means that you may be called today for punishment. I'm not sure what they will do. Slaves must obey. You have no other choice. You agreed to follow the rules."

Gagged and in my slave chains and thong I went with Rick to the lodge. We started our tasks at the swimming pool, but shortly all slaves were called into the lodge. When we were all there, along with many of the women including Julie and Mrs. Peterson, the President announced, "A slave has been reported for disobedience. Young man (she pointed to me), step forward."

Very much concerned about what was to happen, I stepped forward.

"Were you disobedient?" the woman asked.

I grunted into the gag, and tried to shake my head - no.

"Still not cooperating," she said and I realized I had made another mistake. I should have agreed.

"You are guilty. You will spend at least six hours in the cage. You three slaves there, bind him tightly and prepare him for the cage."

Three slaves came forward with rope in their hands. I was trussed up as tightly as I had ever been, then wraps of duct tape reinforced all of the rope and reinforced my gag. I was hog tied, as I had seen them do to the other disobedient slave a couple of days before. Then my knees were then brought up to my chest and more rope held them in place - so I was currled up like a ball - a turkey ready to be roasted. Four other slaves carried the cage into the room, and set it in the middle of the floor. Four slaves then picked up my fully trussed-up form, and stuffed me into the cage (I just barely fit -it seemed to be a size smaller cage than the one I had seen before). They shut the door squeezing me in, and locked it. Then everyone went about his or her business, leaving me there for "at least" six hours.

I couldn't believe how I felt. I could hardly move in any direction - hardly even squirm. I tried to grunt and moan, but the gag and the wraps of duct tape reduced me to the most pathetic wimpers and sighs. Nobody paid any attention anyway. I sat and wondered if I could take it for six hours, realizing that I had little choice as I had no way to communicate any problem, and nobody seemed to be paying any attention to me. I suppose they assumed that all slaves were used to such heavy bondage. Again, it was awful, and I thought seriously about telling Julie and her mother that I had had enough.

Time passed slowly, and I sat and watched people come and go. I had been put in the cage about eight in the morning, so would be out around two in the afternoon. After what seemed like forever, people came in and ate lunch, the women with their slaves waiting on them. Julie came in, and walked over to me.

"Are you Okay?" she whispered.

"Mmmmm mmmmmmmmm," was about all I could offer.

"Not too much longer," she said. "You'll be fine. Try to relax."

She left, and I sat in the cage. Time seemed to stop - certainly it slowed down a crawl.

At about two o'clock (I could see a clock on the lodge room wall), the President of the club came in with a number of the women and their slaves including the woman who had complained about me.

"Well, slave," the President addressed me, "Have you learned your lesson?

"Mmmmmmm," I moaned trying to say "Yes."

"I don't care," the woman who had reported me interjected. "I think he should stay there the rest of the day. We simply cannot have slaves refuse any order."

"But, Sadie," the President said, "He's young and he's learning. Let's compromise. He stays in there one more hour. How about that?"

"Well, I'll agree if he then serves me the rest of the day and evening. We'll test to see if he's learned obedience."

"Fair enough," said the President.

So I stayed in the cage one more long long long hour. Finally they released me, untied me, took off the tape, and helped me stand, which was very difficult. Reduced to my gag and slave chains, I exercised, stretched, and after a few minutes, was able to move around on my own. One of the women said I had better get out to the pool and serve the woman who had accused me, or there would be more trouble.

It was then three in the afternoon, and I found the women who immediately started telling me things to do - massage her, sun screen her, get her a drink - she really tested me. But I did alright this time. When she went to her cabin, she took me with her, had me wash some dishes, clean the toilet, help her dress, and so on. At dinner I served her while her slave served Julie.

When dinner was over, she returned me to Julie and said only, "I guess he learned his lesson. I hope he's a better slave now."

We stayed and watched another movie - this time a thing with Zach Gilligan called "All Tied Up." The women loved the first two thirds when Gilligan was tied to a bed or elsewhere, and once even gagged. They booed when he tied up his girl friend..

Home, Julie tied my hands loosely, had me strip completely, and we went to bed. I was exhausted and fell right to sleep wondering what the next day would bring. I was getting tired to being tied up so much. I wondered if I should be honest with Julie about my feelings.


Chapter 24

January 10 , 2001

To My Diary

My sixth day began with all of us eating breakfast together, un-bound and no gag.

"I'm really sorry that happened to you," said Mrs. Peterson. "It must have been an ordeal."

"I'm surprised," I said, "But it wasn't so bad, I lied. I almost enjoyed it - I really lied. I discovered that if you sit perfectly still you don't realize that you're tied up. Only when you squirm or try to move or talk are you aware of how you are bound and gagged."

"That sort of surprises me," said Mrs. Peterson, "But I've heard rumors that some of the men are disobedient on purpose so that they can get into the cage.

If you like it, we'll do it for you at home. We've got a dungeon and our own cage, don't we, Rick?"

Mr. Peterson agreed with a big smile. But I decided I wanted nothing to do with the cage treatment again, or being in anyone's dungeon. I began to wonder how much I wanted to be with the Petersons.

"Now," said Mrs. Peterson, "all of the women are going shopping on the retreat's bus. Before we leave, we are to take our slaves to the lodge hall and leave them tethered to the wall. We'll be back mid-afternoon. Tonight is the contest."

"What contest?" asked Julie.

"We have a contest each year. Who can bring her slave in the most interesting or unusual bondage. And I confess, I'm at a loss what to do this year."

"Sam," Julie asked, "What's the most unusual way you've been tied up?"

I thought for a minute. "Well, I think it was when my aunt and uncle made me a transparent mummy."

"I don't understand," said Mrs. Peterson.

"Well, they bound me in plastic wrap and clear scotch tape - that kind of tape the post office uses for packages. I was nude, and fully visible, but quiet well bound and gagged. It was a blast."

"Not a bad idea," said Mrs. Peterson. We could do it to both of you, then tie you back to back and take you as the Siamese-transparent mummies. While we're shopping in town we can buy the plastic wrap and tape. Sam, can you show us how it was done?"

"Sure, no problem."

"Was it inescapable? The bondage must be inescapable."

I tried, but I couldn't get free."

"Well, let's hope so. Now, we need to hurry and get you slaves to the lodge so we can catch the bus."

Julie and her mother dressed for the trip into town while Mr. Peterson and I cleaned up. Then they told us to go to the bathroom and then dress in our jockstraps and when we were ready, Julie and her mother bound our hands at the wrist in front of us. We got into the car, and drove to the lodge. There the women and their slaves were gathering, some of the slaves were already hanging from hooks in the wall of the main room. Soon Mr. Peterson and I, gagged, wrists bound, legs bound at ankles and knees, hung next to each other along the wall, our hands stretched up over our heads. Before long around twenty-seven men lined the wall, all similarly dressed (if you can call being in just a jockstrap being dressed), bound, gagged. The bus pulled into the drive in front of the lodge, and the women left, leaving us to wait for their return.

I was glad when I saw the bus pull into the drive at about two in the afternoon. Julie came and released me, and I went to the bathroom (as did all the other men so there was a line - unusual for there to be a line in the men's room), and then we had lunch. The women had eaten while in town shopping.

After lunch I put on my gag, thong, and slave chains, and worked around the pool fetching drinks, giving massages and rubbing on sun tan lotion. I served Julie at dinner, then ate.

After dinner, Mrs. Peterson took us into a side room, and said we needed to prepare for the contest. We would have to do it at the lodge because once bound as mummies, it would be difficult or impossible to transport Rick and me. She took off my gag and had me show her how to make Mr. Peterson into a transparent mummy.

We started with him naked, put on one strip of plastic wrap draping it down from his stomach, through his crotch, up the back as a wedgie, and then wrapped one strip of plastic tape around his body to hold it in place. we taped his hands to his side with wraps of tape over his fingers binding them to his legs at the side, then around his whole body just above his wrists, then near his elbows. We taped his legs together at the ankles, above and below his knees. We put his ball gag in his mouth, and put tape over his mouth. Next we wrapped him completely in the plastic wrap that Mrs. Peterson and Julie had bought. Over that, we put more wraps of plastic tape to secure the plastic wrap in place and further bind Mr. Peterson. A plastic bag over his head with a small hole for his nose, and more wraps of plastic tape around his forehead, under his chin and up over his head, and around his mouth finished the job. He was snug in the plastic, fully transparent, but securely bound and gagged.

Mrs. Peterson and Julie next turned to me, and I stripped out of my thong getting ready.

"Can't we take that off of him?" Julie asked. She was pointing to the chastity device.

"I don't think we should," Mrs. Peterson said. "I promised his parents and his aunt that it would stay on unless there was an emergency."

"This is an emergency," said Julie. "The mummies must look alike, and Sam looks different with that thing locked on him."

"You mean you have a key for the lock?" I asked.

"Yes," said Mrs. Peterson. "Like I said, it's in case of an emergency. But I suppose just for this, we can take if off of you."

Mrs. Peterson produced a key, took off the lock, and I slowly removed the chastity device and gave it to Mrs. Peterson who put it away.

Then Julie and her mother bound me in clear plastic just like we had done to Mr. Peterson. The two of us stood next to each other, tightly bound, able to see a distorted image through the plastic, almost unable to move and not able to talk other than to grunt and moan. Then with more plastic they wrapped us so that we were bound together.

"They're really great," said Julie looking at us. "We're sure to win."

"We'll see," said Mrs. Peterson. "Now to get them to the judging area."

Mrs. Peterson went out and came back with two slaves, dressed in their jocks and slave chains. She had them pick up me and Mr. Peterson and carry us out to the main room.

Other women were finishing up on their slaves, and around the room I saw a collection of men bound up in different ways. Some sat in unusual positions in chairs. One hung in a knit bag, hog-tied in it as it swung from a hook. One slave was dressed as a baby, bound and gagged with a pacifier. One man was in what looked like an ancient Roman slave outfit, and another was dressed like a muscle man at a competition - both were tied to posts.

After about an hour, the judges came around, and finally they delivered their decision. A man in a skin-tight latex body suit won. The suit was so specific to his body that you could see every part of him clearly - his penis and testicles stuck out away from his body. But his hands were welded to his sides, his legs were welded together, and the head part of the suit had only small holes for his nose. He must have been gagged under the latex. There was no apparent seam which would allow him into and out of the suit. Mr. Peterson and I took second place.

The women walked around looking at the bound slaves, chatting, and discussing techniques. I heard some women saying things like, "I'm going to do that to Harry when we get home," and so on.

When it was over, Mrs. Peterson came to us with a knife and slowly cut the plastic around our legs, leaving our upper bodies still bound. We walked out to the car and got in, and she drove us to our cabin. Inside, we sat and watched television for a while. Julie said she was tired, and she led me into the bedroom where she cut away all of the plastic, and we slowly took off the tape that was next to my skin. When I was un-done, she had me go to the bathroom, and then she had me lay down on the bed on my back. With rope, she tied my arms and legs so that I was spread-eagled on the bed. Into my mouth went my ball-gag. Then she put a blindfold on me. I wondered what she was doing. I heard her moving around the room, and after a short time, she crawled into the bed next to me.

Slowly Julie began to caress and feel my body. I squirmed, but she had pulled me tight, so I had only limited movement. She kissed me, nibbled my nipples, then moved her mouth down my stomach. I immediately got an erection, and realized that they had not put back the chastity device.

Julie's hand began to fondle my balls, then my erect penis. It was heavenly.

She kept this up for quite a while, playing with me, rubbing me, while I lay there and moaned with pleasure. Then I felt something strange - she was putting something on my erection - I figured it was a condom. When it was in place, she slowly moved on top of me, lowered herself down onto me taking me inside her. I couldn't believe it. We began to move together, slowly, deliberately, with her kissing my face around the gag. Finally first me, then she, shuddered as we climaxed. It was the most wonderful thing I had ever felt, and I continued to move inside her even as I finally felt my erection begin to subside. After a while Julie moved off of me, and lay beside me.

Eventually she removed the condom, and then came back to bed where she fell asleep next to me, holding me, kissing me and cooing happily. I wondered if Mrs. Peterson remembered that she had left me free of the chastity device.

Maybe there would be trouble the next day. Anyway, for once I had liked being tied up again. Julie can do that to me any time I thought to myself!


Chapter 25

January 10 , 2001

To My Diary

The seventh day at the retreat began as usual with all of us eating breakfast, talking about this and that. Mr. Peterson and I were both in our jocks.

Sitting there I realized that for almost a week I had not worn clothes - only my jock, a thong, or a speedo. And I had been tied up one way or another a great deal of the time. Some of the time it was really great, but I thought there was way too much bondage for me, and I would be happy when the retreat was over..

Mrs. Peterson said that the morning would be a regular day with Mr. Peterson and me working at the swimming pool. But after lunch there would be a general membership meeting. The slaves would be bound to chairs in the back where they would watch as slaves were not allowed to participage. And that's what happened.

At the meeting the women conducted rather boring business, discussing dues, the next meeting, the newsletter, and so on. Then came a ritual where they inducted new members. Of course, according to the rules, each man was supposed to be committed to being a slave already. The ritual was more or less to publicly reaffirm the slavery vow. Two slaves and their mistresses were taken to the front. The slaves were unbound, gags removed, and naked, each in turn knelt and took a pledge. With their hands on the feet of their mistresses, they repeated, "I - then their name - renounce freedom and proclaim to all that I am now and forever the bondage slave of -her name. She owns my body, and I will obey any command. She may use me, bind me, direct me, restrain me, and order me in any way and I will not refuse. I ask for reflection time to consider my vow. I will reaffirm it and sign the contract and documents when the reflection is over."

At that point, four slaves brought out four large crosses in the shape of big "X" designs. Mrs. Peterson whispered to me that they were called St. Johns' Crosses. The two slaves were gagged, and then as they stood next to two of the crosses, many straps attached them to the cross - straps on their arms. legs, and around their bodies. They were really firmly fixed to the crosses and going nowhere.

"You will reflect for eight hours," announced the club president. Boy!, I thought. those guys are crazy. No way would I want to be tied that way for two hours, let alone eight.

"Now," continued the club president turning to all of us, "members have challenged two slaves to reaffirm their vows and publicly resign their contracts. Will Slave Peter J. come forward."

A slave I had seen was unbound from his chair, and he and his mistress moved forward. The President said that some member had challenged this slave's resolve, and so club rules required that the slave reaffirm his vows and resign his contracts with witnesses. That slave was put through the vows and attached to the third cross. Another fool, I thought. I hope he can last.

"Now," said the President, "Will slave Sam come forward."

I was really surprised no - shocked! And as Julie freed me from the chair and we moved forward, she whispered, "I'm sorry, Sam - I didn't know this would happen. You don't have to do it if you don't want to. We'll just have to leave the retreat."

I couldn't let that happen to Julie or her parents, so I took the vow, saying the words loudly so all could hear, kneeling with my hands on Julie's feet.

Then they gagged me and bound me to the fourth cross. I was in as much misery as I had anticipated.

"You will reflect for eight hours," announced the club president. "The meeting is adjourned."

Julie and her mother sat and looked at me leaving Mr. Peterson the only slave still tied to his chair in the back. Finally they left, going out by the pool.

After dinner, all of the women and slaves returned to the meeting room. At nine thirty the eight hours were over. The two new slaves were freed, ungagged, and again knelt and repeated the vows. Then they signed forms which were slave agreements.

Next came slave Peter J. who repeated the vows and signed the forms. Finally they released me - a bit stiff and sore from the eight hours. I knelt before Julie, repeated the vows, signed all the papers. As the four of us stood before the group, they applauded. Then the four of us were gagged and had our hands bound. Our mistresses led us away. The Petersons and I left for our cabin.

"I'm surprised you signed the paper," said Mrs. Peterson. "You realize it's a legal contract and binding."

"Mmmmmmm" I said nodding my head in the affirmative. I realized what I had done. I was now legally Julie's slave - and she had my signature to prove it.

I wanted to smile, now that I was officially Julie's slave, but the gag prevented them seeing that and prevented me from saying how awful it had been and how I didn't want to do anything like that ever again.

Julie put me into my straitjacket, bound my legs, and Mrs. Peterson did the same with Mr. Peterson. We spent the rest of the evening watching television in the cabin. That night I slept in the jacket, hog-tied, gagged, and at least relatively comfortable. But no sex, and nobody had realized that I no longer had on the chastity devide. Nevertheless, I was more than ready to go home..


Chapter 26

January 10 , 2001

To My Diary

Day eight was New Year's Eve Day. We were up early, and had breakfast, untied as usual and today naked. Julie watched me and her father fix their meals and wait on them at the table.

"Both of you need to get into your jocks, gags, and slave chains and walk down to the lodge. You'll be put to work decorating for the dance tonight," said Mrs. Peterson. "And when you come back this afternoon, be sure you bring a bag with your formal clothes. The dance is a formal event."

I wondered what our formal clothes would be, but after Rick and I got to the lodge, we were kept too busy to think about it. We set tables, put up decorations, cleaned, washed the formal china and put them out, set up a buffet line, and so on. We took a break for lunch, replaced our gags, and were back to work.

About four in the afternoon it was done, and as we and the other slaves were leaving to walk back to our cabins, one of the workers handed each of us a paper bag. "This is your formal wear for tonight," she said.

Mr. Peterson and I returned to our cabin where Julie took me into our bedroom and told me how she had spent the day - going shopping with her mother, then swimming by the pool. I sat and listened, unable to do much else with the gag still in my mouth.

Then we went into the living room, Mr. Peterson was naked, hog-tied and gagged laying on his side on the floor in front of the big easy chair. Mrs. Peterson was using him as a foot-stool as usual. Julie took off my jock and slave chains, then bound my wrists and hung me on a hook by the side of the room.

Mrs. Peterson said that we weren't due to the dinner until around eight that evening. So while they lounged, read their books, or watched television, Mr.

Peterson lay on the floor and I hung by my wrists watching, actually hoping for it all to end.

At about seven-forty-five, Julie released me and took me into our bedroom.

There she untied my wrists, removed the gag, and had me clean up, shower, use the bathroom, and get ready. I shaved, washed, brushed my teeth, and then, naked, presented myself to her in the bedroom. She opened the bag and pulled out a small black silk-like thing and told me to put it on.

"What is it?" I asked.

"It's a genital-glove," she smiled. "It fits on you like a glove, so that's what it's called.

She was right. A tube fit over my penis, a little bag below it held my testicles. A band went around my waist holding it in place, a small strap went from the bottom of the bag up between my cheeks and attached to the strap in back, like a tiny thong. It was somewhat tight, and I had to wiggle myself around to get into the tube part.

Next came what Julie called a short straitjacket. It was black, nylon, and my arms fit into it. Like a usual straitjacket, it had straps and buckles and shortly my arms were wrapped around my body. But the jacket was short, it came down over my body only to just below my crossed arms. But long straps hung down in front. Julie took one of these and pulled it down between my legs on one side of my "genital-glove," and up the back where she attached it to the back side of the short straitjacket. The other strap went on the other side.

Next came a little bow-tie that went around my neck, and from it in the front was a long lead, like a leash. Finally Julie put on my black leather gag and strapped it in place. Cuffs went on my ankles with a chain about two feet long linking them. I was ready for the New Year's Dinner-Dance.

Julie slowly dressed in her formal - a beautiful skin-tight black body-suit that showed off all of her wonderful curves. Her hair was combed and silky with two black bows. I loved sitting there watching her get ready and just seeing her, my prick swelled filling and stretching the genital glove making me look obscene.

Finished, Julie led me out into the living room, using the leash to pull me along. There stood Mr. Peterson, bound exactly like I was in the short nylon straitjacket, bow tie, genital-glove and gag. Mrs. Peterson was wearing a stunning cat suit in black with the ends of her breasts exposed. Watching them I began to get hard again and once more my erect penis filled the tube and stood out from my body. Julie noticed and pointed it out to her mother.

"Good," said Mrs. Peterson. "He'll do well in the contest."

I wondered what that was all about, but we were off to the lodge with Mrs.

Peterson driving. All of the slaves and mistresses were gathering. The men were all dressed the same as Mr. Peterson and me. The women displayed a wide variety of black formal erotic wear.

The men stood and watched while the women chatted, led them around from group to group. At around ten there was dinner. Some of the slaves were released to work the buffet line, and all gags were removed. As soon as the meal was over, dishes cleaned away, gags replaced, the club President stood and announced, "The erection contest will begin. Will the first five contestants come forward."

Five women led their slaves to the front of the room. They stood with the slaves facing the group. "Begin," said the President. Each woman approached her slave and they began playing with him - stroking his penis and testicles, rubbing him in erotic ways. Some more quickly than others, the men became erect. Only one man failed to get notably hard.

"Time," said the President. The women stopped, and the men just stood there.

Two of the erections fell quickly. That left three. After about five minutes another dropped leaving two. They stayed hard for quite a while, then one faltered leaving one who was declared the winner.

"Time of fourteen minutes," said the club President. The women politely applauded.

The process was repeated with another group of five. "We're next," said Julie.

I shook my head, - No, it would be too embarrassing. "You don't have any choice," she said. "You're a slave, you're tied up, and I'll yank you up there whether you like it or not. Or do you want me to report you as disobedient?"

I didn't want the disobedient treatment again, so when our turn came, up we went. I stood next to Mr. Peterson, and on the signal, Julie went to work running her sharp fingernails up and down my penis. It didn't take much to get me hard, and I wanted to die but had no choice but to stand there with everyone watching. All five of us got erect in the time allowed. My erection was the second to fall, but Mr. Peterson held on for over twenty minutes and won - greeted by much applause.

The last two groups went through the contest. In the end, Mr. Peterson won having held his erection for the longest time. Mrs. Peterson was given a trophy - a very phallic looking golden statue while Mr. Peterson's penis was covered with a gold-colored silktube that slid on over the black genital-glove. He seemed to wear it proudly.

The rest of the night we danced, the slaves remained bound the whole time. At midnight we celebrated, and around two we went back to our cabin, tired, but happy. Julie undressed while I watched, then she released me from everything, let me use the bathroom, then she tied my hands and no gag and we spent the night in bed together making love twice. I was in heaven, only lightly tied and sleeping with Julie. If only things stayed like this, I would love it.


Chapter 27

January 10 , 2001

To My Diary

On New Years Day Julie and I got up late. She untied my hands and let me use the bathroom, brush my teeth, shower, and generally clean up. Then she led me into the living room. Hanging from one of the hooks along the wall I saw a figure bound entirely in black leather - there were only little holes for eyes and a nose. The leather was skin tight with the person's arms held snugly at his side. His legs were bound together as if they were one thing. I'm sure the person inside couldn't move at all.

"What do you think?" asked Mrs. Peterson.

"Who's in there?" I asked.

"Rick, of course," she laughed. "Who else? It's his bondage cocoon - snug as a second skin and very tight. Do you want to get into yours?"

"I don't have one," I said, very relieved as it looked awful.

"You do now," Julie laughed. She held up a wad of black leather with straps and laces hanging down. I realized with horror that it was my cocoon "You're going to join Dad for the day," Julie said with a big smile.

Mr. Peterson made no sound but I could see his eyes watching what was happening. I wanted to shout, "NO!!!!" but didn't dare.

I wasn't naked although by then I was used to going around either nude or almost nude and didn't let the fact that someone was watching bother me - most of the other slaves were in the same boat. But Julie had me put on a tight black leather thong which she fastened in the back. Julie and her mother helped me into the leather cocoon, starting with me sitting and sliding my legs into the leg sheath that they laced up in back. I stood and they continued to wrap the leather around me, my arms down at my side. Soon the tight leather shroud covered me up to my neck and they laced it as tight as they could. Julie had me open my mouth, and in went my leather plug gag. Then the leather cover continued covering my face leaving my eyes and nose open.

Julie and her mother laced up the suit making it fit me perfectly like a second skin. As I had suspected, the thing, once tightly placed, didn't allow any room for movement. I only hoped that I wouldn't be in it for long. I was wrong!

Julie and her mother carried me over next to Mr. Peterson, and there they hung me beside him. Only then did I think to ask how long this would go on, but by then it was way too late. I was bound and gagged for however long they wished.

That was for sure. Julie and her mother ate a leisurely breakfast (and I realized I hadn't had anything to eat yet), while we hung and watched.

At Noon, Julie and her mother went outside and brought in two hand trucks - the things movers use to haul refrigerators and the like. Julie and her mother unfastened Mr. Peterson, and attached his black cocoon body to one hand truck.

Then they did the same with me using the second hand truck. Then they could wheel us about wherever they wished.

Julie and her mother wheeled us out of the cabin and into the bright warm sunny day. We headed for the lodge which wasn't too far. I could see a couple of other women wheeling carts with their slaves bound exactly like me and Mr.

Peterson. Inside the lodge the women were assembling and lining their slaves up against the wall. Over thirty of us.

Then the women had lunch and their final meeting. They agreed to gather again the following year. They dealt with other business, and at the end, all stood and took a long solemn oath. They vowed to be good but firm mistresses to their slaves - to keep their slaves in bondage for long sessions and to tolerate no disobedience. When it was over, Julie and her mother wheeled Mr.

Peterson and me back to our cabin and into the kitchen.

By then I was really hungry. Julie and her mother undid our hoods and gags and fed us.

"How long will we be in these leather cocoons?" I asked.

"Oh, a while," said Mrs. Peterson with a big smile. "Do you like it?"

"Oh yes," I lied. "It's great."

Then the gags and hoods went back on and they removed us from the hand trucks and hung us back in the living room. Then the two women started packing.

At dinner time, they released us from the leather bondage, and Mr. Peterson and I dressed in our jocks and slave chains and hurried to the lodge to serve dinner. It was quiet, our last dinner at the retreat. Back in the cabin Julie tied me up for the night.

Although I still really enjoy being tied up, I have to admit that the tight leather cocoon wasn't any fun at all. It is so tight I that when it's laced up I can hardly move. It presses in all over and gives the sensation of being in something that is shrinking and getting tighter. I think it was expensive, but I hope Julie won't put me in it any more.

Early the next morning we finished packing, loaded the car, and headed for the airport. I realized it was the first time in nine days that I had worn clothes. It was quite a change. Sadly, I knew I had to return to school. The retreat was over. But something new had happened. Now I was a bondage slave. I had signed a legal binding contract in front of many witnesses. I wondered if I had made a big mistake.

Mrs. Peterson asked me what I would be doing over the next months toward the end of the school year. "Just finishing my graduate classes," but I explained to the Petersons, my aunt and Derek were scheduled to go on a very long trip starting at the end of the first week in February. They would be gone almost two months and maybe longer and I would be alone in my aunt's house.

"Oh," said Julie. "He could stay with us."

I thought that would be a bad idea, but didn't say anything. My staying and house-sitting for my aunt was already decided, so I figured the Petersons couldn't do anything about it. I was glad the retreat was over, and happy to be getting back to college.


Chapter 28

January 20 , 2001

To My Diary

As soon as I returned home from the retreat with Mr. and Mrs. Peterson and Julie, I went home for the last few days of vacation before college started. I told my parents about most of what had happened. I detailed how much I had been kept tied up in different ways, my ordeal in the cage, the transparent mummy costume where we won second prize, and that I had become Julie's bondage slave. I admitted that some of it hadn't been fun, and that I no longer wanted to spend long periods tied up or be tied up so much. I confessed that perhaps I had had enough bondage and had gotten over my need to be tied up. Ruth, my step-mother, said that she was happy to hear that part. Only slowly, however, did I realize that my step-mother, especially, and also my father were not so happy about what I was saying. They were very quiet, and when I sensed there was some problem, I stopped saying anything more. Besides, I had to get back to school and into my routine.

Once I was back with my aunt and uncle at college, I saw Julie frequently, and we made plans to spend some time together the following weekend, but out in public without me being tied up.

Mid-way through the week, while we were eating dinner, my aunt commented to my uncle that perhaps he should check out the chastity device to be sure that it was properly fitted and not causing any problems. My step-mother had called and said that she wanted to be sure that it was on and secure. My heart jumped into my throat - the Petersons had forgotten to replace the device! I was in trouble. I hoped they would forget, but after dinner Derek took me to the bedroom and told me to drop my pants and underpants - he was holding the original key. I had to confess that the device was gone - that the Petersons had taken it off.

My aunt notified my parents who were very upset, but didn't say too much.

After breakfast Saturday morning, Derek asked me to follow him into the basement. There in the back room he had set up the heavy chair he tied me to a few times before. "Put this on," he said handing me an adult diaper.

"Why?" I asked. "What are you going to do?"

"Sam," he said firmly, "we have an agreement. We can tie you up any time we want, any way we want, for as long as we want. Right?"

"I guess," I mumbled, but I'm tired to being tied up so much. I think I want to change the agreement. I think I've had more than enough bondage.

"No way," said Derek. "You made a bargain, and it stays. Now strip and put this on."

So I put on the diaper. Next he strapped me into my straitjacket, put on the leather gag and buckled it in place. He bound my legs, then had me sit in the chair. He tied me very tightly to the chair. He wrapped my body with duct tape covering the ropes. More duct tape held my head to the chair wrapping over my mouth and forehead. When he was done, I could barely move anything. It was as bad as some of the tie-ups I had endured at the retreat.

"Now," said Derek once I was secure, "Your parents and the Petersons are coming here to talk and your step-mother and we have decided to tell them that we don't want you seeing them or Julie again for a while. We are very unhappy that they removed the chastity device - especially your step-mother who thought something like that had happened. We think your schooling comes first, and we don't want anything to interfere."

As Derek walked away I protested as much as I could through the gag, but of course, it was of no use. And so I sat there wondering what would happen.

After a long time, I heard sounds upstairs but I couldn't understand anything that was being said. I sat, wondering, unhappy. Now I knew why I was tied up and gagged in the basement. My parents and my aunt didn't want the Petersons to see or hear me. Then, to my surprise, my parents, my aunt and Mrs. Peterson and Julie came down the stairs. They stood very quietly looking at me.

Finally, my father said, "Mrs. Peterson has apologized for taking the chastity device off of you. We all realize now that it was a mistake. Fortunately, Julie isn't pregnant. We have accepted her apologies, and you will be replaced in the device and it will stay. Meanwhile Mrs. has asked if you can stay with them while your aunt and Derek are gone in February and March."

I was shocked. I didn't want to spend that long with the Petersons for fear of what they might do to me. I waited to see what they would say.

My step-mother continued. "We've made this agreement. Sam, you are not to see Julie except at school for the rest of January and the first week of February.

(I was relieved - no more bondage for a while). Your graduate classes are most important as they are the key to the job in your father's company. If you get good grades this first semester, you can go with the Petersons but if your grades drop, you will stay here alone and you will stay away from Julie."

They all looked at me. "Well," said my step-mother firmly, "Do you agree with the terms?"

I didn't know what to do. I didn't want to lose Julie, or upset her. The Petersons had been very nice to me. I wasn't sure I wanted to stay with the Petersons either. Too much bondage. I needed to keep my grades up - they were right about that. In the end I decided to agree and tell Julie how I felt later. I tried to grunt into my gag and nod my head but the tape held me firmly.

"Grunt once for yes, twice for no," said my father.


"Then it's a deal," said my step-mother.

My parents, my aunt and Derek began to return upstairs. "Aren't we going to untie Sam?" asked Julie.

"No," said my father firmly. "Sam will is to stay tied up for most of the rest of the weekend. We'll let him go in time to do his homework on Sunday. And even then he'll be bound in some way. We intend to keep him here except when he's at school. It will help him keep his part of his bargain."

Oh God, I thought!! Now my parents are having my aunt and Derek keep me tied up as much as the Petersons did. This is getting awful.

So all of them went upstairs leaving me still trussed up and lashed to the chair. And so I stayed that way until evening when Derek came down, removed the gag and fed me dinner and water. I tried as best I could to tell him that I was really tired of being tied up so much and don't care if I was never tied up again. But he just smiled and shook his head. "You're in this too deep to back out now," he said slowly. "You'll just have to face whatever happens."

He replaced the gag and used more duct tape to fix me to the chair. And that was the way I spent the night.

On Sunday they put cuffs and a chain on my legs, freed me from everything else, including the soiled diaper, and had me do my homework. Derek also replaced the chastity device and put a new lock on it. He said that only he and my step-mother would have keys and that would be true while I was with the Petersons.

I will behave and get good grades because I want to get the good job that my father's company has promised. When I go to the Petersons in February I will explain to them how I feel about no more bondage.

I'm sure they will understand..


Chapter 29

February 4, 2001

To My Diary

At school during January things went well, and I concentrated on my classes. I did meet a couple of new girls who I had seen around, but really didn't know that well. One of them is really good looking, and I get hot whenever I see her, which is uncomfortable with that damned chastity thing locked on me.

We've talked, and secretly I took her out one evening.

We had a couple more dates after that.

I was really happy when my grades came out at the end of the semester. Mostly "A's" and one "B." My parents were happy too, and my step-mother said that they would keep their bargain and let me stay with the Petersons while my aunt and Derek were gone. I had almost forgotten about staying with the Petersons.

I wondered how it would go when I told Julie I didn't want to be tied up so much and maybe not be a slave.

During January, my aunt only tied me up once and that for just two hours. One other time my aunt said she wanted to see me in the leather cocoon that the Petersons had given me. I agreed, and on a Saturday afternoon she had me strip, put on my gag, and she laced me into the tight leather glove that so tightly binds me. She kept me in it for about an hour which was more than enough for me. I told her that I really didn't like it as it at all and wanted to get rid of the horrid thing.

Reluctantly I got ready to move for a couple of months. My aunt helped me pack including all of my tie-up equipment and she checked to see that the chastity device was locked in place.

I took my aunt and uncle to the airport, and then drove over to the Petersons.

I am really nervous about telling Julie how I feel about things. But I know she'll understand.


Chapter 30

February 7, 2001

To Sam's Diary

Hi, This is Julie writing. Sam can't write in his diary now. He can't talk either. He can't do much of anything. And he's going to stay that way for a while!!

Sam has been spending some time in his bondage cocoon that we bought for him.

He's in our living room suspended from a hook in the ceiling. He's learning for real what it means to be a bondage slave - not just easy stuff and playing like we did at the retreat. It almost seemed like he didn't want me to put him into the cocoon, but I convinced him that if he tried it again for a little while he would grow to love it.

Now that I have him securely bound I'm going to teach him not to date someone else when he thinks I'm not looking. I'm really angry about that. Mom and I aren't playing around any more like we did at the retreat in Mexico. Sam is now getting his full slave training and that takes a while. Mom is teaching me what to do. When Sam is finally released from the cocoon, he'll be very busy waiting on me or doing his homework and around here we'll always keep him restrained in some way. I suppose I have to let him go from the cocoon fairly soon as he's already been in it for a long time. He moans and whimpers often, but we ignore that. Mom says Dad did the same thing when she trained him.

When Dad finished his chores this morning, he walked into the living room and looked at Sam. "Poor kid," he said. "I think he's in over his head and I'm afraid he won't be able to talk his way out of it."

"Shut up Rick," said my mother who came in and grabbed the chain that was attached to Dad's slave collar.

"You're about to be in the same boat." Then Mom led Dad off to our dungeon in the basement. Sam hasn't seen the dungeon yet, but he's going to be there a whole lot during the next months.

Sam squirmed and made a lot of sounds when he heard Dad's voice. I think he really wants us to let him go. Of course, the gag meant I didn't understand him. I wasn't going to free him anyway. He can just hang there and think about what will happen if I catch him with another girl ever again.

Like it or not Sam will be tied up in our dungeon most of the time over the next two months. We've told the people at college that he's ill and we have put him on "on leave" status. So now we can keep him here all the time.. So there won't be any more diary stories from Sam. Not for a very long time.