The Interview

by Studbound


ANNOUNCER: Ladies and Gentlemen, it is with pleasure that we here at Station KYNK now bring you the Arthur Prystone Show. As you regular listeners know,every week Arthur goes to the home of some citizen in the area and interviewshim or her. Candidates for an interview usually have something interesting, anevent, special talent, or discovery that is relevant for our audience. So nowwe go to Arthur Prystone.

ARTHUR: Thanks Peter. Tonight we are at the beautiful home of Mrs. RalphCarter-Henderson. Mrs. Henderson is seated here with me on my right, and asI've talked with her so far I find her a delightful woman with a sparklingsense of humor.

AGNES: Oh, thank you Arthur. And, please call me Agnes. I'm delighted that youcould be here and talk to me tonight.

ARTHUR: As I remember, you are the daughter of Franklin Carter who madesomething of a fortune in construction.

AGNES: Yes, father was quite successful, and he left enough to keep us verycomfortable.

ARTHUR: And now you live here with your husband.

AGNES: Yes. We work at philanthropy. Daddy left a large amount of money for usto administer to different charities and people in need. It's been a rewardingavocation which we have enjoyed.

ARTHUR: Now, our reason for being here tonight is to discuss with you aproblem that you have faced and your unique solution. Would you tell ussomething about this?

AGNES: The problem concerned my husband, Ralph. Ralph is a good man, but soonafter we married, about fifteen years ago, Ralph started gaining weight. Hegot heavier and heavier, needed to buy new clothes all the time, andeventually he weighed nearly twenty-one stone which is nearly three hundredpounds!

ARTHUR: And this upset you?

AGNES: Very much. I knew that the weight was taking a toll on his heart, and Iwas concerned because he almost never got any kind of exercise. When Ralph'sdoctor warned him that he was heading for real physical problems, I decidedthat we just do something, but I didn't know what. I was really at my witsend. One thing I had learned - nagging Ralph did not good at all. He ignoredme. He secretly climbed out of bed at night and headed for the refrigerator.He hid food around the house, candy bars and other things. It was just awful.

ARTHUR: Almost like being an alcoholic. ARNES: Exactly, and it was clear that the problem required a dramaticsolution, but what? I was totally frustrated. Then Corellia and Gorge came tomy rescue.

ARTHUR: Corellia and Gorge?

AGNES: Yes, he's our driver and gardener, and she's my personal maid. Foryears they worked nearby at the State Mental Hospital as medical aids. Butthey didn't like it, and quit. Fortunately at that time I was looking forhousehold help, and I hired them. They live right here in the house.

ARTHUR: And what did they suggest?

AGNES: Gorge said he would get some things that we needed, and he was gone forhalf a day. He returned and showed me what he had in mind. From his friends atthe Mental Hospital he had "borrowed" a straitjacket, some other restraintsfor legs, and a couple of gags.


AGNES: Yes, I'll explain about that in a second. That night at dinner, I putsome pills that Gorge gave me into Ralph's food. He fell asleep, and then westripped him naked, put him in a jockstrap, and then buckled him into thestraitjacket. George put the leather restraints on Ralph's legs, and we put one of the gags into his mouth and fixed the straps so it would stay there.

ARTHUR: And how did Ralph respond to this?

AGNES: Well, at first when he woke up, he made all the noise he could,thrashing around and moaning. But I explained to him that all of this was forhis own good. Coreilla and Gorge had worked out a special diet for Ralph withvery limited calories. And he would have an exercise schedule. Gorge becameRalph's personal trainer, and Corellia took care of his health and diet. Itworked very nicely.

ARTHUR: Were there problems?

AGNES: Not really. We explained to Ralph that if he made problems when Gorgefed him twice a day, he would miss a meal or two. We needed to bathe him twicea week, and for that Gorge gave him a little shot that really relaxed him sowe could take off the straitjacket and get it back on when he was clean - thisbefore he woke up. With the help of Gorge and Corellia, it worked just fine.

ARTHUR: Why did you keep Ralph in the jacket and gag at night?

AGNES: Gorge explained that Ralph could still raid the refrigerator at night,and without the gag, he could eat. It was best to keep him fully bound exceptwhen he was exercising, eating, or bathing.

ARTHUR: What about that exercise?

AGNES: Gorge devised a program which involved riding on a stationary bicycle,weights and some aerobic activity. Some part of Ralph is tied or restrainedall the time but the part that is being exercised is free. If Ralph resistedin any way, Gorge just bound him up all the tighter for a while. It workedjust fine.

ARTHUR: And did Ralph lose weight?

AGNES: That was the best part. He lost from around five to almost ten pounds amonth. We didn't want to starve him. Just a systematic program of regularcontrolled weight loss.

ARTHUR: And how much does he weigh now?

AGNES: Ralph is down to about one hundred eighty pounds. He needs to lose alittle bit more, and then we'll take about six months to stabilize his weight.And he looks so good. His stomach is almost flat again. Not a washboard withripples, but still he seems muscular again and is a good looking man oncemore.

ARTHUR: How long has Ralph been on this diet?

AGNES: Almost eighteen months now.

ARTHUR: Really. And he's been in the straitjacket and gag almost all of thattime?

AGNES: Right. Would you like to meet him?

ARTHUR: Yes. Please. Agnes is signaling one of her staff to bring in herhusband. I see him coming down the hall now - walking toward us. Now one ofthe staff member is seating him next to me, and binding his legs at hisankles. Ralph seems somewhat restless, apparently struggling with thestraitjacket. Good evening Mr. Henderson, how are you doing? RALPH: MMMmmmmmmm Mmmpffffffff Mmmmm MMMMM. mmm Ghpfffffffff.

ARTHUR: Well, that gag makes understanding you quite difficult. Agnes, can weremove the gag for a few minutes?

AGNES: Oh, no. Ralph has a really odd sense of humor, and one never knows whathe might say. Gorge warns that he might say he's being held against his will.Imagine. Held against his will in his own house. Isn't that funny? Anyway,Gorge says it's best to keep the gag on at all times. Notice that there is alock on the gag. I can't even remove it. Only Gorge has the key. Actually,Ralph hasn't said a thing to me all this time. Gorge says he locks the gag sothat I don't weaken and let Ralph go. There are locks on the straitjacket tooyou see.

ARTHUR: I suppose. He does seem somewhat agitated.

AGNES: Well, he's off his schedule. In order to be here, he's had to miss oneof his exercise sessions, but don't worry, we'll make it up after a while.

ARTHUR: And do you still keep him in the straitjacket and gag all night?

AGNES: The gag, yes. But not the straitjacket any more. For the last couple ofmonths Gorge and Corellia have started removing the jacket and restraining himin different ways for the night. Each night I am surprised to find out howhe's been bound or tied up, and I don't mind saying, some of them are quiteerotic. I won't tell you any details, but this has done quite a bit to enhanceour sex life.

ARTHUR: Really??

AGNES: Oh yes. You can't imagine how turned on you can be when your husband isbound and gagged in some provocative way and you can do whatever you want withhim. I can make our intimacy last for hours. Ralph used to be done in a flash,but not any more. My advice to you women out there is, if you want a realerotic thrill, tie up your husband or boy friend and you be in charge. It'swonderful!

ARTHUR: But shouldn't you be able to release him if you want?

AGNES: Oh no. The restraints are locked in place especially so that I can'trelease Ralph. Gorge says that I was an enabler helping Ralph to gain weight,and in solving the problem, that had to end. I must say, with Ralph bound upand locked in that way I certainly can't enable him any more! RALPH: Mmmmm mmmmm mmmm mmmmmm mmm mmmmpffff.

ARTHUR: Are you sure we can't remove the gag and hear what he has to say.

AGNES: No. It's better this way. Besides, Gorge and Corellia need to takeRalph to exercise now. They really make him work, threatening him with thecloset if he doesn't cooperate.

ARTHUR: The closet?

AGNES: Yes. If Ralph doesn't cooperate they have a special straitjacket andbinders that are very snug. They put him in those, and put a tight hood overhis head which has only holes for his nose. Then they put him in a very smallcloset in the basement. There isn't hardly room for him to turn around. andthey leave him there for a few hours or even over night. Ralph doesn't seem to like that, and after it's over, he seems to cooperate alot more. Of course I miss him on those nights when he's not with me, but Iknow it's for his own good.

ARTHUR: And now the staff members who are here, who I assume are Gorge andCorellia -- Agnes is nodding that he is -- are releasing Ralph's legs and nowthey are taking him down the hall. You out there watching this might noticethat we haven't shown much of Gorge or Corellia. They specifically asked thatwe not show their faces or interview them.

AGNES: That's true. They said they didn't want to be bothered by people whenthey are out in public with questions or comments. You know, Arthur, I can'tbelieve how much effort Gorge and Corellia have put into helping Ralph. Beforethe diet started, they didn't get along at all, and they had a couple of awfularguments. Ralph even said that he was going to fire them and that he wantedthem off the property. Now I'm sure Ralph feels bad since the two of themhave gone to such trouble to help him out.

ARTHUR: Ralph keeps looking back at me, making some sounds in his gag. Itseems as if they are almost pulling him away. I must say, he looks quite good. Nobody would guess that the man weighed nearly three hundred pounds only ayear and a half ago. Agnes, I have to congratulate you on the way you havesolved your problem.

AGNES: Thanks, Arthur. I think it is working out well. I enjoy watching whatGorge and Corellia are accomplishing with Ralph. They tell me that in order tosustain his weight, we will probably keep him in the straitjacket and gag forat least another year and maybe a lot more. I'm sure he'll appreciate theresults when it's over. But everyone says, losing weight and keeping it off isa very long term project.

ARTHUR: And with that, ladies and gentlemen in the audience, we must leave this delightful family. Back to the station.