The Renter

by Studbound

Chapter 1

Signing the Lease

I spent two years at the University living in the dorms. That was enough. I vowed to find something else for my Junior year - something nearby if possible, but away from the noise and often chaos of underclassmen. But my search continued to turn up either something far too expensive, too far away, two small, or some other problem. I had almost resigned myself to a return to good old McGintery Hall when I saw an advertisement in the local campus newspaper:"Wanted, renter male or female, to share rent with three women, large house, private room and bath 555-358-2829."

I called right away - the paper hadn't been on the street for long so maybe there was a chance. A woman answered and gave me the address. It was within walking distance of the main campus - a large house on a back street not too far from fraternity row.

A very nice young woman met me at the door. She was dark hared, probably about twenty-two or twenty-three, with a engaging smile and a very nice body and she said her name was Lila. Inside we talked for a while, and she told me about the house. Three of them lived there; Lila, Victoria, and Ruth. Lila and Ruth shared two bedrooms and a bath on the second floor and Victoria lived in the one bedroom and a bath in the basement. On the third floor there was another bedroom, furnished, with its own full bathroom. We climbed up and looked it over. It was not perfect, but it would certainly do, and I decided to take it.

It had a bed, a table, two chairs, and a book case. I would need to supply my own linens and blankets which was no problem. She told me I could easily have my own phone installed in the room if I liked, there had been one there before.

"I've a girlfriend," I said. "We're sort of engaged. Will she be able to - ah, visit?"

"Sure," Lila knowingly smiled. "No problem."

"The advertisement said $275 a month," I said handing her the money.

"Oh," she looked startled. "There's a $75 deposit and cleaning fee. I'm sorry, I didn't make that clear."

I assured her that there was no problem, and when I returned I would bring the rest of the money. Before signing the lease, she offered to give me a tour of the place. I saw the two bedrooms and a nice television room on the second floor along with the bathroom. The main floor had a roomy living room, done in rich dark woods filled with comfortable over-stuffed furniture. I noted that over the mantle above the fireplace there was a large framed poster which was taken from the old film "Arsnic and Old Lace." It was a photo of Cary Grant, sitting in a chair, bound and gagged. Having learned about the business the women ran, the picture seemed appropriate. In the dining room the women had a huge oak table with six ornate chairs. The kitchen was off to the rear of the house. Down a hallway there was another bedroom and yet another bathroom, a half-bath.

I looked into the bathroom, which had only a toilet and sink, and then, before she could stop me, I opened the door to the bedroom. I stood looking with my mouth somewhat open when Lila quickly grabbed the door and pulled it shut.

"Let's go into the living room again and talk," she said. When we were seated, she said, "There are a few things I didn't tell you."

I interrupted, there were two men in there and they were all tied up," I said.

The room had a wall-to-wall carpet on the floor, but otherwise it was empty except for the two bound and gagged bodies. Neither person was wearing very much.

"Yes, I know. It's a bit of a business we run. For starters, here's our card."

She handed me a small business card and on it was printed, "Bondage Fantasies -- Your bondage fantasies at Reasonable prices" followed by the same phone number I had called.

I looked up at her. She smiled. "We found that a surprisingly large number of people are interested in spending a little time all tied up," she began. "Both men and women. Sometimes couples. But mostly men. We provide bondage as a service. For a price we tie you up and keep you tied up for given periods of time. You can bring a friend and have him or her tied up if he or she agrees - as a sort of exotic gift. We aren't into punishment or sex. Just pure bondage.

Like I said, most of our customers are men. We seem to think that most of the people who get tied up are women being tied up by men but over eighty percent of our clients are men and many come back again and again. One of the two who you saw in there is new today and the other is here for perhaps the twentieth time or more. I've lost count.

I was a bit surprised, but finally managed to ask, "How much do you charge?"

"Are you interested?"

"No!" I said quickly. "But curious."

"We charge twenty-five dollars to tie you up and keep you tied for one hour.

It's ten dollars for each additional hour with a seventy-five dollar maximum for anything over six hours. The longest we've ever had anyone here and bound was thirty-six hours. One client wants us to keep him tied for forty-eight hours and we're thinking it over."

"You just tie them up in that room?"

"No, the other room in the basement is our dungeon. We have some equipment down there, binders, gags, rope, harnesses, different chairs and fixtures which we tie people to."

"Is anyone down there now?"

"No, not at the moment. We're expecting one later this afternoon, but today is something of a slow day. It's not unusual for the room up here to have three to five people and the dungeon to have three to five more. That's about our limit. If you want a session, it's wise to make an appointment."

"They were almost nude," I asked.

"Yes, we have a rule. To be tied up you must be either nude or wear a little garment that we provide. Here, I'll show you one."

Lila walked into the living room and opened a drawer and removed a little item which she handed to me.

"It looks like a small jockstrap," I said.

"It was, once," she said, "but we modify them - remove one back strap and move the other to the center. It's a special jock for swimmers, so it's thin and the waist band is very thin too, about half an inch. We call them our jock-o-thongs. We have similar thongs for any women and any woman who is bound will be topless!"

Lila stood and walked to the bedroom and opened the door, looking in for a few seconds. Then she returned to the living room.

"I need to check now and then to be sure everything is okay," she explained.

"The new guy asked for only one hour, and he's been there almost two hours now. We always give a bit of a bonus, especially if we're not too busy. I'll have to let him go fairly soon. The other man is here until late this evening, and he'll be getting company after a while. We do only voluntary bondage - nothing against anyone's will. Sometimes we do go a bit over the line when one of the fraternities hires us to tie up their pledges, but they usually go along without too much trouble. Many of them like it so well they return for more sessions and a few are regular clients. The second man in that room started as a pledge, and now he's graduated and works for the university.

We have some professors as clients too - some of them are couples and we tie them up together. There's a small room in the basement which is more intimate and cozy with a heavily padded floor and walls and we do couples in there.

Although we don't do anything against anyone's will, Victoria sometimes plays a dominatrix, and pretends to force the client into bondage while the client pretends to object. But it's all negotiated before."

"Wow," I said. "What an amazing business. Do you make any money from it?"

"We pay our rent and our tuition at the University, and food and expenses.

It's profitable. People like our low prices. We're busy all the time. I hope this didn't put you off, but I'll understand if you want your money back. If you take the room, I don't think our business will bother you at all."

I thought about it for a while. I would be upstairs, away from the tied up people. It didn't seem that they were doing anything illegal - it was all very consensual. "I'll keep the room," I said.

The phone rang twice in rapid succession, and Lila answered, then returned to the couch. I just told two people that the room was taken. I'll be doing that all week I'm afraid. Rooms are very hard to find."

I explained that I would go and get my clothes and things, and would return mid-afternoon. It was only around eleven in the morning, and I figured it would take me three to four hours to get organized. Lila said that would be fine, I signed the lease, and said I would bring the remaining $75 with me when I returned. She showed me to the door, and I left.


Part 2

The Mistake

It took me less time than I thought to round up my things, and I was back at the house just about two-thirty in the afternoon. I parked my car as near to the house as I could - parking around the university was always difficult, and with the seventy-five dollars in my pocket, went to the house to settle that, and then return to the car and start unloading my things.

I still didn't have a key, Lila said they would get me one quickly. So I rang the bell. A different women greeted me - taller with dark red hair and a knock-out figure.

"Hi, I'm Dave," I said with a smile, "are you Victoria?"

"Yes. You're Dave, not Don."

"No, I'm Dave and I'm here, and I brought the seventy-five dollars. That's what I owe you."

"Excellent," she smiled. "Come right in."

I walked into the living room, but the girl took my hand and said, "Give me the money, then come with me, quickly. She led me to the kitchen, and through a door and down some stairs.

"I thought I should go upstairs," I said.

"Oh no," she said, "I want you down stairs."

That's a change I thought. We walked into a very dark room, dimly lit with a panel set in the ceiling. I could make out some furniture, but not see anything very clearly.

"Strip," she demanded.

"Excuse me," I said "I said strip," she shouted, and quickly she moved behind me grabbing my wrists and putting on a set of handcuffs locking my arms behind my back.

"I can't with my arms in those cuffs," I protested.

She grabbed something off the table, moved quickly, putting one hand up to my nose and pinching it. When I shouted, she shoved something into my mouth, quickly pulling straps about my face, and securing them behind my head. More straps went up around my nose, over my head, and one went under my chin. I tried to pull away, but she was strong, and she held me. With my hands bound, there was little I could do.

Then she started on my clothes, cutting off my shirt and undershirt, and then cutting off my pants and underpants. I resisted as much as I could, but she held on tight. She had me lift my foot and then the other and off went my shoes and sox. I was naked. I protested again and again into the gag, but she ignored me. She moved me up against a giant wooden X along one wall, buckling my legs to the lower part of the frame. Then she released my arms but held one which she raised up and attached to a cuff on the upper part of the frame. My other arm followed to the other extension. So I was spread-eagled on the frame, gagged, and naked. More straps further secured my legs and arms and my upper body. Then she brought over a device I could not quite make out in the darkened room, and began to fasten it to my penis and testicles. I really protested, but she ignored me. She fastened two long strands of rubber or something to the end of the harness she had put on my penis, and these she reached up and fastened, one to each of my index fingers. Whenever I moved one or the other finger, it made my now very erect penis bounce up and down.

By now I was frantic, wondering what was going on. I begged into the gag, and she just laughed. "Okay honey," she said standing back and looking at me. The next twelve hours are yours, just like you wanted. And maybe a lot longer. I don't like to untie men."

Finally, Victoria went to a cupboard along the side of the room, and brought out a handful of small padlocks. She put one on each of the binders that held me in place, and one on the gag. Now I was not only bound to that cross and gagged, but locked up so that nobody but someone who knew where the keys were could release me.

At that point she moved away, and turned up the lights a bit. I saw one other person in the room, sitting in a chair, strapped to it tightly, gagged. Then I saw that there was someone in the second chair too, a smaller figure - a girl.

She too was bound up and gagged. Both of them were nearly naked, wearing only bikini bottoms or thongs, I couldn't tell which. The girl was topless with rope criss-crossing around her lovely breasts They sat facing each other, staring at each other, unable to do much else..

"Enjoy each other's company," said Victoria. "I'll come back in a few hours and see how you're doing."Then she went out the door which closed behind her.

I noticed that there was only a key slot on our side, without the key, we were locked in..

I don't know how long it was, but it seemed like forever. Victoria returned, and set about freeing the man and the woman. When they were untied and released with their gags removed, they were both effusive in their praise, telling Victoria how wonderful it was, and how they would be back again soon.

I could see they were wearing the jock-o-thongs. They left the dungeon, and then I was alone.

Not too long after that, Victoria and Lila rushed into the room, and they began releasing me.

"We're so sorry," they both said over and over. "Victoria thought you were her client. He's one who wants forced bondage, so she forced you. She should have realized that his name is Don, not Dave, but when you gave her the $75, which would have been his charge, she just figured it was a mistake. When the real Don showed up, we realized that we had the new renter tied up in the basement!

We're sorry about your clothes. The client wanted Victoria to force him and cut his clothes off as part of his fantasy."

A third women came in with a young man who looked nervous. She led him to the frame, and while I dressed, she stripped him and they tied him up where I had been, adding the gag and all the straps.

"He'll be there all night," they said later. "He's new to us, but he assurred us he can take it. Doesn't have much choice now does he?"

So they helped me to my car, and to take my things up to my room. Every now and then they had to stop and check on their clients. Apparently they now had Don in the basement along with the man I had seen them tie up and three men on the main floor. Later a couple showed up and Lila and Ruth took them down to the private room and apparently tied them up there.

I settled in, realizing that this place could be full of surprises. I hoped I hadn't made a mistake.


Part 3


I settled into my new digs, finding them actually very comfortable. The steady stream of clients downstairs, mostly men but a few women, didn't bother me at all, and I got used to seeing strangers waiting in the living room either making an appointment or their turn to be tied up somewhere in the house. My girl friend, Sarah, visited me a few times, and once stayed the night. That didn't seem to bother my hosts, Lila, Ruth, or Victoria, who went about their lives as normal.

After about two weeks, I got up late one Saturday morning. In the kitchen I fixed a little breakfast, and ate it. Then I got to thinking about the dungeon downstairs. It appeared that I was alone in the house, so I decided to explore. Still dressed only in my pajama bottoms (which are really shorts), I headed down the stairs and through the door into the dungeon room. I remembered that the door would lock behind me, so I propped it open, and I found the light switch, turning it on and illuminating the room fully.

What a collection of gear. All around the room there was an assortment of things I could identify, and things I could not identify. Lots of leather straps and harnesses. There was one long row of gags. Arm and leg binders.

Hoods. Every kind ofbondage paraphernalia that I had ever heard about. And then the straitjackets caught my eye. I had seen them in pictures, of course, but never had access to one up close. There were canvas ones, and leather ones.

I took one of the canvas jackets down and looked it over. On a whim, I put my arms into the sleeves, and wrapped them around my body. Of course, without the jacket strapped in place, there wasn't much of a sensation.

"Do you want me to buckle the straps?"

I just about jumped out of my skin. It was Victoria who had come into the room. She stood just a couple of feet behind me with a big smile on her face.

"Oh, I'm sorry. I was just looking," I managed "Here," she offered. "As long as your trying it on, let me buckle the straps.

You'll really get the feel of it."

She moved closer and began cinching up the four straps that ran down the back of the jacket. I felt the snug closeness as the jacked pulled into my body.

Next she had me wrap my arms around and cinched them in place very tightly.

"How's that?" she asked.

"Feels fine," I said. "Quite snug."

"We need to do the crotch straps," she smiled.

"Oh, I think this is enough," I cautioned.

"You really don't know what it feels like if the crotch straps aren't done,"

she said more firmly."And these shorts are in the way."

With that she pulled down my shorts, and I stepped out of them. She reached between my legs and pulled up the two crotch straps, one on either side of my genitals.

"Now," she said. "What do you think?"

"I doubt I could get out of this," I said.

"That's the idea."

"Well," I said, "Thanks for the demonstration. Now undo this thing please."

"I don't think so," she said as she moved over to the wall where the gags hung on their respective hooks. She took down a large leather one, and brought over. "Open up," she demanded.

"I don't think so," I protested.

She grabbed my nose and squeezed it hard. When I yelped, in went the plug of the gag, and quickly she fastened the straps around my head. Next she shoved me toward one wall, grabbed some bungie cords, and fastened them to the back of the straitjacket. She then brought over a little stool, and standing on it, fastened the cords to hooks in the ceiling. I was stretched out, hanging from the hooks with the bungie cords allowing me some movement but unable to go anywhere.

"Mmmm mmmm mmmmm" I protested.

"Curiosity killed the cat," she said. "In your case, you won't be killed, but you're here for a while. Take a good look around. I've got to tend to business because I've got clients coming this afternoon. They'll enjoy seeing you hanging there. Bye."

And with that she left.

I've discovered that when one is tied up and gagged in a room without much else going on, like no clocks, television, radio, or windows, it's impossible to tell time. Maybe an hour went by, maybe two hours. I wasn't sure. Anyway, Victoria eventually reappeared and this time with two customers. They were young men, already stripped to jock-o-thongs. Not much was said. Victoria put one in a straitjacket like mine, gagged him, and hung him with bungie cords right next to me. The other one went to one of the large X shaped crosses, and was strapped to it, gagged and blindfolded. Then Victoria smiled at me and left again.

Another long period passed, and Victoria came into the room with a thin young man who didn't look eighteen to me, but may be he was. Anyway, he was naked, and had his hands tied behind his back. Victoria put a red rubber ball gag in his mouth, bound his legs and wrapped his upper body with more rope. Then she had him sit near a cage, helped him slide inside and shut the door. The boy just barely fit into the cage.Victoria got a lock and put it on the door. As she moved to leave the room, the man near me began to make noise in his gag.

His friend chimed in, and both of them were moving as much as they could, moaning and groaning.

"Yes, I know," Victoria said cheerfully. "Your two hours are more than up. But I just don't feel like freeing you yet. Maybe later." To a chorus of Mmmmmms, she left and the four of us were alone.

It seemed like a long time before Victoria returned. Finally she released the two men, ignoring the boy in the cage. To my surprise, they didn't complain about the very long time that they had been captive, but instead fell all over themselves telling Victoria how great it was. Then they left and I was alone with the slender boy.

Shortly after that, Lila came into the dungeon, and walked over to me.

"Dave, I'm surprised to find you here, I thought you weren't into bondage."

"Mmmm mmmm mmm mmpffffff ffffff mmmmm."

"Yes, well anyway, is it true that you came down here by yourself?"

I nodded that it was.

"And is it true that you put on the straitjacket by yourself?"

Again I nodded yes.

"Did you resist or complain when Victoria strapped you up in the straitjacket?"

I nodded no.

"Before she bound and gagged you, did you negotiate how long she would keep you here?"

I nodded no.

"Well, Dave, I need to explain some things to you. First of all, Victoria really gets off tying guys up. She would happily do it even without being paid. It's her thing. And once tied up, she doesn't like to release guys. The longer they stay bound, the happier she is. She likes to hear them whine and beg. It really turns her on. Now, you got into this willingly. So you need to learn a lesson here. Before you let anyone tie you up, set down the rules, the limits, the time frame. Even so with Victoria, you never know - but most of her clients know that. In this case, I'm going to let her do whatever she wants. You'll stay here until she's good and ready to let you go. That may be tonight, and it may be tomorrow. And next time, be careful. Understand?"

"Mmmm mm mmmmmm mmmmm mmmpffff mmmpffff."

"I think that means you really want to be untied, but sorry, it's not going to happen. Enjoy."

Lila turned to leave, and then came back and said, "By the way, Dave, you're a pretty good looking guy." She patted my bottom, "And you've got a great ass.

You should wear clothes that show off your body a bit more. Get some tighter tee shirts and buy yourself a pair of Levis 501 button jeans. Be sure they're snug fitting. You'll look great.

And then she left. So I hung there waiting for Victoria. She came around twice over the next couple of hours, and taunted me and laughed when I tried to beg her to free me. Finally, quite late that evening, she showed up with three clients. Two wanted the straitjacket treatment, so Victoria had to free me in order to make room for them. As I left the dungeon, she was busily binding the third man in a web of rope. All three were gagged, and the young boy was still in the cage. I have no idea how long he stayed there. Upstairs, as I passed through, now naked and heading for my bedroom, I saw five bodies bound and gagged and hog-tied in the main floor bedroom, all men and all in jock-o-thongs. Ruth and Lila sat together on the couch in the living room watching television.

"Hi, I see you're finally free," Lila chirped.

"Right," I said.

"Was it fun?" asked Ruth.

"I enjoyed every minute of it," I said not exactly lying. I had to admit to myself, I was starting to enjoy this bondage thing just a bit. But I determined not to fall into a long-term trap any more.


Part 4

The Celebrity

I managed to stay out of trouble for about a week, not getting my self deliberately or accidently tied up despite all the bondage that went on around me. Then one morning at breakfast, Ruth asked me if I could keep a secret. I assurred her that I could.

"Well," she said in her quiet way (Ruth is a very meek mild mannered person, small in size, with a voice so soft you can hardly hear her if others are around talking or the television set is on) "I've got a special client coming this afternoon."


"Yes, does the name Vanessa Starlight mean anything to you?"

"Sure, she's the lead singer with the Rumble Time Pot Stickers - probably the most popular band in the city. And she's got a body to die for."

"Yes, that's her. Well, she's my afternoon client."

"You're kidding!"

"No kidding," she said so quietly that I could hardly hear her. "Vanessa has been here twice. She seems to like to spend a couple of hours all tied up on the cross in the basement, you know, the one Victoria put you on by mistake.

Anyway, she says being tied up gives her time to meditate and let her mind roam free without interruption."

"Really. Will she be stripped and topless?"

"Of course. That's our rule."

"My God, I'd give up my first born to see that."

Ruth laughed. "Well," she said after a while, "It could be arranged."

"What could be arranged?"

"I could arrange for you to see Vanessa Starlight while she's here."


"Well," Ruth managed in a soft conspiratorial tone, "If you were already there and tied up, it would seem normal. There have been others around when she was here before, and she didn't object. But we could never let you just go to the dungeon and take a look. But if you were there, and if you stayed longer than she did, it would be okay I think."

I thought it over for a while. I had to admit, I had been tied up twice since moving into my room. Neither were really bad experiences. And for a chance to see Vanessa Starlight bound and topless - well, it might just be worth it.

"What time should I be here?" I asked.

"Well, she's due at two. She usually stays for two hours. We should have you done up by one-thirty, just in case she's early."

I thought it over. My girl friend was coming to spend the evening with me, and, if I was lucky, the night. But that would be later. No problem.

"I'll be here," I said.

So at one-thirty I was in one of the jock-o-thongs, and Ruth was busy strapping me to the X shapped cross. She already had a large gag applied to my mouth - this one with many more straps - one under my chin, a couple that went up around my nose and between my eyes and over my head. When she had finished, she stood back and looked at me.

"Lila's right," she said. "You're good looking. Muscular. Delicious in that jock-o-thong." Then she left and I was alone waiting.

Sure enough, not too long later in walked Vanessa Starlight with Ruth right behind her. In one corner Vanessa stripped down to a tiny thong. Then Ruth bound her to the X-shapped Cross right next to me. She was more stunning than I could imagine - great breasts, firm and round with seductive nipples that stood out a bit erect. Her waist was small, her hips just right for her size.

She wasn't one of those emaciated models - Vanessa had just the right amount of meat on her bones, and in all the right places. I couldn't take my eyes off of her, and suddenly I realized that my enjoyment was more than showing as my jock-o-thong began to stand out and point in a most embarrassing and obscene manner. Whether or not Vanessa saw it I don't know, but Ruth saw it, and I watched her conceal sly smile.

"Are you all set, Miss Starlight?" Ruth asked.

"Mmmmm," she said through her gag as she nodded her head.

"Now, are you sure you want the full all night treatment?"

"Mmmmmmm," she said again as she nodded her head again.

"Then all night it will be," said Ruth. "You'll have company as this client (she was pointing to me) will be here even a bit longer. We'll check on you now and then, but no matter what, we will not release you until tomorrow morning."

Then Ruth left. The chill that struck me was enough to bring my erection right down. "All night!!!" Shit! And I had to stay there as long as she did and longer! And my girlfriend was coming to visit. I couldn't believe it. For the second time I had gotten myself tied up and for considerably longer than I had bargained.

There was nothing to do but stick it out. It turned out to be a long night.

Vanessa closed her eyes and apparently meditated. She never complained, and she seemed to relish the bondage. I just stood there (as if I could do anything else), and watched her. Something of a dream/nightmare. No other clients used the dungeon that night so the two of us were alone. None of my friends would ever believe me if I told them that I spent a night alone with Vanessa Starlight - and I'm sure they would think me insane if I told them how it happened, how we were dressed, and how we were both tied up.

Anyway, in the morning Ruth came and released Vanessa who praised the job Ruth had done binding her. She insisted that the long term hadn't been too long and that she would be back to do it again -- soon. The two of them left. So I would be released soon. Not so. It turns out that Ruth and Lila got to talking with Vanessa upstairs, and Ruth forgot all about me.

Victoria came down with a client who she tied and gagged. But she wasn't about to release me. It was almost Noon before Ruth remembered and came flying into the dungeon full of apologies, and set me free.

"Well, was it worth it to spend the night with Vanessa Starlight?" Lila asked me later that evening.

"Sure was," I said. And I felt a twitch in my pants as I summoned up the image of her bound on that cross.

"It sure was."


Part 5


My prolonged sojourn into voyeurism watching the local star, Vanessa Starlight, meant that I missed my date with my girlfriend. Now Janice is most understanding and when I explained that I had gotten involved in the library, and lost track of the time, she understood. No problem. We would get together again the next afternoon.

Janice came to the house about three, and we sat and chatted for a while in the comfortable living room. She had, of course, been there a number of times before, and had stayed a couple of nights. So she knew where my room was, and something about the house.

"I had a chance to meet Lila, Ruth and Victoria," Janice said as we talked.

"They seem very nice, and they appear to like you both as a person and as a renter."

"I'm happy to hear that," I said. "They've gone a long way to make me feel comfortable here, and I like having my private room upstairs all to myself."

"Lila said she would be happy to give me a tour of the place today," Janice added.

"Oh," I said. "There really isn't much to see."

About then Lila joined us and asked Janice if she was ready to see the house.

"It's a large old house," Lila said "with considerable charm, large rooms, lots of natural wood, and surprises."

"Surprises?" said Janice.

"You never know what you might find around here," smiled Lila.

We walked up to the second floor, and Lila showed us her bedroom and Ruth's bedroom. There was a bathroom, and a small sitting room, all neat and tidy.

"You are already familiar with Dave's room on the third floor," said Lila, "So no need to go up there."

We went back down stairs, and saw the kitchen and dining room. Janice continued to comment on how comfortable the house looked, and how nicely the women had decorated it. I followed along, hoping we wouldn't find someone tied up somewhere, or go into the dungeon in the basement.

We went into the back bedroom on the main floor, and saw the television set and chairs sitting there. Finally, down the hall, Lila opened the door to the other bedroom. There were two naked men bound and gagged laying on the floor in the middle of the room. Janice looked in, and without batting an eye said, "An excellent space for your work and I see you have clients here today."

"You know what they do?" I said startled.

"Of course," smiled Janice. "Last night while you were in the library, they told me all about it - and then offered me a tour today."

"Oh," I said, surprised.

So we headed through the kitchen, stopping to look at some of its features, and then down the stairs to the basement. We saw Victoria's room and bathroom, and then into the dungeon. Janice walked around looking at all the gear hanging on the wall, at the large chairs used for holding clients, at the rack of straitjackets, and the row of gags. Then she looked at a large device on one side of the room.

"What's this?" she asked.

"It's a rack," said Lila. "We tie people up to it, and lay them out spread-eagle. It doesn't allow for much movement when the client is stretched a bit. A few of our regulars really like it."

"Boy," said Janice, "I would like to see how it works."

"Sure," said Lila. "I'm positive Dave would demonstrate, won't you, Dave?"

"I don't think so," I said.

"Dave," said Janice. "I really would like to see how this works. Please cooperate."

Well, I had misgivings about the whole thing, but finally agreed.

"What do I do?" I asked.

"Well, first of all, you strip," said Lila. 'You know our rules. Naked or a jock-o-thong."

"What's a jock-o-thong?" asked Janice.

"Dave, go upstairs and get one, put it on, and come back and we'll give Janice a quick demonstration."

So I went upstairs to the cupboard in the dining room where there was the supply of jock-o-thongs. I went to my room and stripped and hung up my clothes, put on the modified jock, and returned to the dungeon. Fortunately, nobody else was in the house other than the two men tied up in the main floor bedroom.

In the basement, Lila showed me how to lay on the rack. She fixed cuffs to my wrists and ankles. Then she fixed cords to the cuffs which had rings for that purpose. Finally she added one of the leather gags.I protested against needing a gag for a demonstration, but Lila insisted that a gag would make it realistic. Once everything was attached, Lila showed Janice how to turn the cranks that tightened the cords, and pretty soon I was stretched out spread-eagle. As Lila had said, I could hardly move, and the machine really pulled at my arms and legs. It was not entirely comfortable.

Janice walked up toward my head and looked at me. "You piece of shit," she shouted. "So you were in the library last night!!! Well, they let me peek in the door and I saw you right here, ogling that little tramp, getting your kicks looking at her boobs. But the worst thing is that you lied to me about it. An outright lie! Well, since you like this room so much, you can stay here for a while. A long time."

I protested in the gag, but knew it wouldn't do any good at all. Lila just smiled at me and said nothing.

Janice continued. "It seems as if Ruth has had to go home for a couple of days on family business, and tonight there will be an initiation for the college swim team's new members, so I've agreed to stay and help Lila and Victoria.

You can stay here so you'll be out of the way, and while we deal with the swim team, they can also watch you for amusement. They'll see what happens to guys who lie to their girlfriends!"

With that, Lila and Janice walked out of the room, leaving me stretched out on the rack, tied and gagged and going nowhere.

The pulling on my arms and legs was quickly very uncomfortable, but there was nothing I could do about it. I stayed there for a very long time, and nobody came into the room at all. Finally, the door opened and in walked about eight young men all in bright red speedo swim suits. Lila, Victoria and Janice were right behind them. The women went to work binding the men's hands at the wrists, they stringing them up along one side of the room. They were all then gagged with red ball gags. They stood with their legs spread apart, and the women bound each man's right ankle to the left ankle of the man next to him until all eight of them stood there tied, their hands up over their heads, their wrists tied and rope hanging them from hooks in the ceiling.

The women left, and the swim team members moved about uncomfortably as much as the bindings would allow. They grunted and groaned to each other in the gags, but got nowhere.

After about an hour or so, the rest of the swim team must have arrived - about fifteen men. One was obviously the captain or leader, and he carried a wooden paddle. To the cheers of the rest of the team, he gave a fairly forceful swat to the bottom of each of the strung-up initiates. Then they voted about how much longer the eight would remain bound. The decision was between one hour more, five hours more, or all night. All night won decisively. The eight groaned and protested. The others laughed, then they all left leaving the eight still hanging by their wrists.

After another hour, the three women appeared and released the eight team members. Then I was alone again in the dungeon.

Finally, after another hour or so, Lila and Janice returned and released me.

"Did you learn anything from this?" Janice asked.

"Forgive me?" I asked. "I've learned my lesson."

"I hope so," she scowled.

We went upstairs. Lila said that the eight new swim team members had left along with the rest of the team, but privately the team captain and two other senior members had made appointments for sessions the next day. Lila had to check on five clients who were tied up in the main floor bedroom - while she did that, Janice reported how she had helped, and learned a lot about how to tie up someone. I'm not sure how happy I am to know that.


Part 6

The Model

Lila had just complemented me on my new Levi's, which I hoped were suitably snug, when she, Ruth, and Victoria asked me to sit down and chat for a few minutes. They sounded serious, and so I joined them in the kitchen around the table where they had coffee and rolls sitting out.

"Dave," began Lila, "We've decided that we need to get into the modern age. We need to make our services more widely and easily known."

"I thought you had about all the customers you could handle," I commented.

"Well, almost. But some come and go, and after a while we'll run out of those who just want one experience with us. The regulars won't support us, so we'll constantly need new folks to give us a try."

"Sounds reasonable," I added.

"So," put in Victoria, "We've decided we need a web site."

"A web site!" I laughed.

"Yes," said Ruth. "We need a nice appealing web site that will demonstrate the services we can provide."

"And we've hired a young man here at the college to do it for us. He's even gotten us a domain name," said Lila.

"We think it's clever," said Victoria. "We're going to be ."

"Bound for fun," I said. "Sounds appropriate I guess. But I think you've already made the decision and hired to man to do the job. What do you want to talk to me about?"

"Well," said Lila. "We need pictures to go on our web site. Pictures of a man exhibiting the ways we tie up our clients."

"Oh no," I said, seeing where all of this was going. "Not me. I've been tied up enough already. No, not me."

"Oh Dave," we were counting on you," signed Ruth.

About that time my girlfriend, Janice, joined us. Janice had spent the night with me, and she came downstairs having dressed and made herself presentable.

"What's all this?" she asked.

"Oh, we asked Dave to do something for us, and he's not cooperating," grumbled Victoria.

"And we were going to make him such a wonderful offer," added Ruth.

"What offer?" I asked.

"Well," said Lila, we thought that if you would be our model for the web page, we would give you one month rent. That would be your pay for helping us."

"Oh," I said.

"Of course he'll do it," said Janice. "I'm sure he'd be willing to help even if you didn't pay him, right Dave?"

"Well," I paused. "I guess. All I have to do is let you tie me up a few different ways and have my picture taken - right?"

"Right," all three said together.

"And, to protect your anonymity, we'll see that you're gagged and blindfolded in each picture, keeping your face more or less covered and so you'll remain fairly unrecognizable."

I signed. "When do we do it?"

"This afternoon," said Lila with a big smile. "I knew you wouldn't let us down. The web designer will be here at two o'clock."

Janice came over and gave me a big kiss, smiled, got herself a cup of coffee, and joined us at the table. The rest of the morning proceeded normally. Janice went off to class. I spent time in my room studying.

At two o'clock I was down in the living room. Lila came in with a man about my own age. He carried a large case which he sat down near the davenport. Ruth and Victoria followed.

"This is Dave," said Lila. "He'll be our model. We'll start up here in the bedroom with a standard hog-tie, and then go to the dungeon. Okay?"

The photographer/web designer smiled and said that would be find. Lila and the others should get me ready. So Ruth went to the cupboard and got me a jock-o-thong, but I said I had already put one on. They smiled. In the den, I stripped to the jock-o-thong, and then walked into the empty bedroom. In a matter of a few minutes, Ruth and Victoria had me on the floor, tied, gagged with a large leather plug gag, hog-tied, and blindfolded. The photographer came into the room, and I assume took a few pictures of me laying on the floor.

Next the women released me, leaving only the gag and keeping my hands tied. We walked through the kitchen and down the stairs into the basement. There they replaced the blindfold. They retied my hands in front, and raised them up to the ceiling where they attached the rope to one of the many hooks. The photographer took his pictures. Next they put me on one of the large X-shaped crosses. Victoria cinched up the binding straps very snugly, and added padlocks for effect. After the pictures, they released me, and secured me to a chair with lots of rope. All the while I remained gagged and blindfolded.

After that, I was released and put on the rack, stretched out tightly.

The photographer didn't say much. He just took pictures while the three women moved me from position to position. Lila announced that the last shot would be of me in the cage. At this I protested a bit in the gag, but Victoria had already bound my arms behind my back, and Ruth was busy tying my legs at the ankles, above and below my knees. I didn't resist as they had me sit, and maneuvered me into the cage. My knees were brought up in front of my body tightly as I scrunched up so as to fit into the confines of the cage. A piece of rope stretched from my ankles under me up the crack of my ass, and was tied to my hands behind my back. Then the women closed the cage door and fixed it shut with a lock. So I was in the cage wedged in and unable to move much at all. My head just touched the top of the cage, my back was firmly up against the door, my legs up against my body in front touched the front of the cage.

The cage was almost too tight for my body side to side. It wasn't all that comfortable, and I would be happy when the final pictures were taken.

"Would you like to see the results?" asked the photographer. "These are digital pictures, you know.I can show them to you right away. I'll need my computer which is in the case upstairs."

"Let's go," I heard all three women agree.

I protested into the gag as I heard them all leave the room, and the door closed behind them. It was quiet. I was confined, bound, gagged, blindfolded, and hopefully not forgotten. I waited, and I waited. I couldn't do much else.

I was relieved when I heard Victoria's voice. From what I could tell, she had a client who she was tying up somewhere in the dungeon. Then she came over near the cage.

"We're having an interesting time up stairs," she said quietly. "He's showing us how to build a web page. Your pictures look great. It will be excellent when it's done. See ya!!"

As she left, I protested as loudly as I could, but I knew Victoria well enough to know that it was wasted energy. So I continued to sit and wait. Next, after what seemed an eternity, I heard Victoria release her client, and the two of them left the dungeon, so I was alone again. I figured it must be getting late in the evening by then.

The next thing I heard was Lila and Janice talking. I groaned into the gag, hoping they would release me. It was Lila I heard next to the cage. "Dave, you didn't learn much that day when Victoria put you in the straitjacket and hung you up down here did you? You never talked to us about limits or anything before you let us tie you up. So we can keep you as long as we want. So you think it over for a while longer. Janice and I are going shopping and when we return, we'll consider releasing you. Bye!"

When they did finally let me out of the cage, it was all I could do to stand.

Wobbly, I stretched, moved my mouth around, and complained that they had taken advantage of my willingness to help them, and it wasn't fair. But they pointed out that I got a months free rent, so I shouldn't be too upset. I decided that they had a point, but I had finally learned the lesson. I would get a firm commitment before I ever let any of the four of them tie me up again - should that ever even happen.

The web page proved popular, and the counter showed a few hundred hits within the first two weeks.


Part 7


I think what surprised me more than anything else was that she suggested it.

In fact, she came right out and asked me directly if I would like to try it.

The she was my girlfriend, Janice. And what she said really caught me off guard. We had been out on a date, and I was taking her home - to her place. We walked because the restaurant was near the campus, and it was a nice warm evening. As we approached her apartment, where she shared a room with a friend, she became quiet for a while. We walked along together holding hands.

It was just a nice finish to a nice date.

And then without warning, she said, "Dave, I'd like to try the private room."

"The what?"

"You know, the private room next to the dungeon at your place."

"You mean where they tie up couples and leave them alone for a few hours to do whatever they want - or can."

"Yes," she said. "It might be fun. It would certainly be different. Sort of kinky."

"Kinky is an understatement. Everything that happens in that house is kinky.

--- I don't know. One way or another I've found myself tied up there about five or six times now, and I'm still not sure whether I like it or not. One thing I've learned. Set specific limits before they get a gag on you or God knows what they'll do -- especially Victoria."

"Do many people use the private room?"

"I don't know. It just seems like they're usually busy with people tied up somewhere in the house all the time. I do see some women now and then, but mostly men. Remember their rules, you would have to be topless. In fact, in the private room, I think we would have to be naked."

"That's all right," she smiled. "I've seen you naked before. It's not so bad."

She laughed.

"Well," I said, "I can't tell if you're serious or just talking."

"I'm serious," she said slowly. "I want to do it. You make a booking with Lila or Ruth or whoever. Tell them we'd like a couple of hours in the private room sometime soon. Call me and let me know when we can do it."

We sat down in a park near her place and necked for a while, then I took her home, we kissed, and I returned to my digs. Lila was sitting in the living room when I walked in.

"Busy night?" I asked.

"Sort of," she said. "Three men in the room up here, two of them staying the night. Two couples in the dungeon, one couple in chairs facing each other, the other one in jackets hanging next to each other."

"Anybody in the private room - a couple I mean?"

"Only couples get into the private room, and no, there's nobody in there right now."

"Janice and I would like to book a couple of hours there," I said quietly.

"You're kidding!!"

"No, she suggested it. When can we do it?"

"Well, tonight would have been fine, but it's too late now. Tomorrow's out, we have it booked. How about the next night? You can stay in there as long as you like. On the house."

"No, we'll pay. I'm a little money ahead since I get a month free rent. And two hours will be fine, thanks."

"You both have to be nude," Lila cautioned, "and once in there you stay for however long you asked, regardless."

"I know," I said. "Janice said she wants to do it."

So we had an appointment for the night after next. Up in my room I called Janice and told her. She sounded excited.

"We'll start at seven," I said, "and stay in there for two hours. OK?"

"Great," she said. "I'll be ready."

Two nights later, just after I had fixed myself some dinner, Lila told me to strip in the back room, and head for the private room.

"But it isn't seven yet, and Janice isn't here," I protested.

"Well, let's have you in there and all done up when she arrives, as a surprise," Lila said.

"Now, let's set up the rules," I cautioned. I had learned my lesson. "If something goes wrong and Janice doesn't show up, you immediately release me, right?"


"And you don't leave us tied up any longer than the two hours?"


"OK," I said. "Let's do it."

I appeared naked in the private room, a small room about ten or eleven feet square with a deep comfortable carpet on the floor. No furniture. Dim lighting. Expert as she was with rope, Lila had me hog-tied in no time, and she added a large leather gag which filled my mouth, with straps that surrounded my head, went under my chin, and ones that went up over my head and around my forehead. It was one of the more elaborate gags. Then Lila left.

I lay there waiting. She had bound me about six-thirty. Soon the door opened and in came Lila with a very naked Janice. Janice already had her hands bound and she was gagged with a gag just like mine. Quickly she was on the floor, her legs tied, and the hog-tie added.

"Have fun, kids," said Lila. "See you in a couple of hours. Don't do anything naughty."

Alone, I found that seeing Janice all tied up was quite erotic. I was sporting a formidable erection which dangled out in front of me rather obscenely.

Janice squirmed over toward me, and soon we were face to face snorting in our gags, mumphing and looking at each other. My erect penis touched her body, and I poked it at her as much as the bondage allowed. She avoided my thrusts, and moved away, watching me, egging me on to follow her, to try to catch her. For a while we squirmed playing our game, with me trying to corner her, and her trying to escape me.

Finally I had Janice up against the wall, and she couldn't back away. I positioned myself so that my still erect penis was right at her crotch. I could see that she was damp, so she was excited by the situation. I pushed on, aiming my rod and squirming so as to have it in place for penetration. I hit the target, more or less, and then pushed. Nothing. She squirmed and I pushed again. Nothing. And slowly it must have dawned on both of us that with her legs tied together so tightly, there was no way that we could have sex. It was entirely frustrating. I pushed, got nowhere. She tried to help and pushed back. No luck.

Our next ploy was to maneuver ourselves around so that we were back to back, so that one of us might untie the ropes on the other. But when you are hog-tied, your hands aren't really where they can easily move about. I couldn't reach any of the strategic knots, and neither could she. Frustrated again.

We squirmed back so that we faced each other. And so we stayed for the rest of the two hours, bound, gagged, frustrated. It was intensely erotic, a dramatic turn-on, and neither of us was in a position to do anything to satisfy our lust.

At the end of the two hours, a laughing, smiling Lila came in and released us.

"So," she smirked, "You've learned the secret of the private room. You can try and try, but you can't have sex - not when you're tied up that way. That's the realization that couples sooner or later reach when they're in here."

"I guess so," I grumped.

"Well, did you have a good time."

"Yes," said Janice. "But I'm horny as a hop-toad."

"Me too," I said.

And without getting dressed, still naked, but now untied, we walked upstairs all three flights to my room - which somewhat startled the two clients who were sitting and waiting for their tie-up in the living room. Once in my room, we fell into bed and did what we had been trying unsuccessfully to do downstairs. It was quite fulfilling, and we repeated twice more during the night. But I doubt either of us will ask for the private room ever again.

Part 8 Eye Candy "This man would like to talk to you, Dave," said Ruth quietly as she led a tall, weathered man over to the davenport where I was sitting reading a book.

I often studied down in the living room because the coming and going of people helped keep me awake when the topic was something especially boring. The man held out a hand that had done hard work, full of calluses and rough. He shook my hand firmly.

In a rather slow and amazingly soft say, for such a hard looking man, he said, "My name's Eldon. Happy to meet you."

"I'm Dave," I said. "What can I do for you?"

We sat down together on the davenport. Eldon thought a minute and then he said, "I have three sons. I've been raising them since their mother passed on some years back. I made a promise to my sons that when they were eighteen, I'd take them to a whore house and get them properly trained as men. The first two boys enjoyed it quite a bit, and it must have worked because I'm a granddad five times over now. Anyway, my third son is back there in that room where you have the television set. He insisted that he would rather come here than go to a whore house. One of his friends told him that being here is much better than screwing with a prostitute. So I said I'd give my boy what he wanted, if he was sure. He said he was sure."

"That's good of you," I cut in. "But I am wondering what this all has to do with me."

"Well, you see," said the father more slowly, "Now that he's here and standing back there all stripped down to one of them little supporter things that the woman said he has to wear, he's kind of gotten cold feet. He wants to do it, but then again, he doesn't. He says he sort of fears being all tied up in that room all alone. So I figured that if there was someone in there with him, he would feel better about the whole thing. He sort of suggested it to me, in a 'round-about way, sort of. Anyway, the nice lady said that you might consider going in and letting her fix you up, and then she would take in the boy and do him."

"Oh, I don't know about that," I said. "I've got some studying to do, and I had planned on getting it done tonight."

"Yeah," he said. "Well, I'll give you two hundred dollars if you'll accompany my boy and help him through this. He really wants it, and I don't want him to come away disappointed."

The father held out four fifty dollar bills with a sly smile on his face. I could see Lila and Ruth watching from around the door, waiting to see what I would say.

"Well," I said. "I'll do it. But only for as long as your son's in there." I called Lila out. "Did you hear that?"

"Yes," she said. "Agreed."

So I went into the room where Lila handed me a jock-o-thong. Quickly she had me bound, hog-tied, and gagged, laying on the floor at the far end of the room, facing the door. Once she was done, she said quietly, "Dave, thanks for doing this. But there's something you should know. The kid is gay. His father knows it, and accepts it but he is afraid of some of the kid's friends. He thinks his son might go to them for bondage, which he craves. The father is afraid they might harm his kid. So he thought it would be better to get him tied up here than have him get some of those others to do it. The father and son cooked this thing up to get you in here. The boy wanted some -- for lack of a better term -- eye candy to watch while he's tied up."

Lila smiled, stood, and left. Shortly she returned with the slender young boy.

He didn't look eighteen to me, but he probably was. Anyway, soon he too was hog-tied on the floor, gagged, and positioned where he looked right at me. And it was obvious from the bulge in his jock-o-thong that he liked what he saw.

Lila left, and there I was in the room with the boy, two hundred dollars richer, but once again, bound and gagged. Oh well, I thought, two hours will pass quickly enough.

And I was right. The time flew by. Before I knew it, the father and Lila walked into the room.

"Are you having a good time, boy?" the father asked.

The boy grunted in his gag, and nodded his head.

"Good," said the father, because I've given this nice lady some more money -- enough to cover both of you for the whole night. I'll be back for you sometime tomorrow morning. They've agreed not to let you go until I return. Enjoy it - it's your happy birthday gift."

Despite the grunts and pleas from both me and the boy, muffled by our gags, the father and Lila turned and left.

Well, a short two hours turned into a rather long night. Again, Lila had done well, there was no escape. The boy struggled to dislodge his erection from the tight confines of the jock-o-thong, but failed. Nevertheless, I think he climaxed at least twice during the time we were there. So he had a good time, sort of.

After what seemed like forever, Lila came in and released the boy. As he stood and walked out of the room, Lila smiled at me. Just before she closed the door, she looked back and said, "I'll be right back. Don't go away."

I stared daggers after her, but waited (what else), and finally she came in and untied me, removed the gag, and told me that I not only got the two hundred the father offered me, but that she was giving me the money he paid to keep me trussed up for the night. So I earned $275 for a night's work, if you want to call it work. I wondered if the boy would ever come back.


Part 9

Super Bowl

When I walked into the den on Sunday afternoon, I was surprised to see Victoria sitting there. She had two video tapes sitting on the coffee table in front of the easy chair, and it appeared as if she was getting ready to watch something.

"Hi, Dave," she said looking up at me.

"Hi, Victoria. What's up?"

"Well, I rented these two films, and I plan to watch them."

"But, Victoria, today is the Super Bowl, and I've been saying for some time that I hoped to have the television set this afternoon. I thought you knew."

"New news to me, Dave," she smiled. "I went out especially to get a couple of films that I've wanted to see for quite some time. I've got all afternoon and evening free - no clients. I guess that's because everyone is watching that football game of yours."

"I suppose," I grumbled.

"Well, can't you watch it on the set up in your room?" she asked.

"Oh, I could, but the screen is so small - watching it here on the big set would be a whole lot better." We have one of those huge screen media centers in the den.

"I guess it would," she said. "I'm sorry."

As I was turning to leave the room, Victoria said, "Dave."


"I'll make you a deal."

"What sort of a deal?" I was leery of Victoria. I had learned to be sure to clarify and nail down any agreement we made.

"Well, if I can tie you up in that chair (she pointed to the large wooden chair that sat against the wall), and have the chair in front of the television set, I'll leave the Super Bowl game on rather than watch my films.

I can watch them later I guess."

"Let me see if I understand this. You want to tie me up in that chair. I'll be in front of the television set. The Super Bowl game will be on. I will be facing the television set? The volume will be turned up?"


"And you will release me the minute the game is over?"


I thought about it for a while. I had learned how Victoria liked to tie men up. She had done it to me a couple of times already. Still, it seemed the only way I would get to see the game on the big screen. "OK," I said. I moved to the side of the room, got the chair and positioned it in front of the television screen. Then I sat in the chair.

"Dave, aren't you forgetting something? You need to either be nude, or in a jock-o-thong."

I went out into the living room and got a jock-o-thong out of the cupboard where Lila kept them. I stripped, putting my clothes in a neat pile on the side of the room, put on the tiny re-modelled jock, and then sat in the chair.

The announcer was already starting to give the preliminaries for the game.

Victoria went to work, producing rope from a bag she had beside her easy chair. She bound me to the chair, strapping my arms to the arms of the chair, binding my body with rope that circled my chest and upper body, then the chair. My ankles were drawn up to the side and tied so that my toes didn't touch the ground. Victoria reinforced each set of ropes with multiple wraps of duct tape. Soon I was really almost a part of that chair; laced to it with the rope and sealed with the many layers and rounds of tape.

"Now open up wide," she said as she produced one of the red ball gags that they women had.

In went the ball, and she fastened it behind my head. Next came more wraps of duct tape, sealing my whole lower face. I wasn't going to cheer on my team, that was for sure.

"How's that?" she asked.

I nodded and grunted. It was fine. I was tied up, but I could see the screen, and see that they were already announcing the line up. Players ran onto the field as their names were called by an announcer with an echoing voice.

Victoria pulled something else out of the bag. She walked around behind me, and suddenly she put a blindfold in place. I shouted into the gag. That wasn't fair. She was cheating. She heard "Mmm mmmmmmm mmmm mmmmppppfffffffff pppffffff."

"Sorry, Dave," she said. "I said you would be facing the television set, and you are. The game is on. I never said I wouldn't blindfold you did I?"

Next she came with ear phones and put them on, fixing them in place with more duct tape so that I couldn't shake them off. She turned on some opera or another. The singers belted out aria after aria, loud enough that I couldn't hear a thing that came from the television set.

I was furious. She had tricked me. Right in front of me I had the Super Bowl, and I couldn't do one damn thing about it. Blind, deaf, bound, gagged, I was her prisoner. Victoria had an evil streak, and I kept finding it.

I sat there fuming. Time passed.

After a while, I felt someone playing with the blindfold. It was Lila. "Did Victoria do this to you, Dave?"

I nodded.

"Did you agree to let her tie you up this way?"

Slowly, I nodded.

"I think she got the best of you again," Lila said - an understatement. "And since you agreed, I guess you have to stay this way until the game is over.

It's really exciting too."

She let the blindfold back down, and because she was in front of me I couldn't see one thing on the television set. I grunted and shouted, but nothing happened.

The pre-game show had started around two in the afternoon. Victoria had me bound up in the chair by around two-thirty. The game and the post-game programs ended around eight-thirty that evening. Six hours later. And that's about how long I was tied to that chair.

When Victoria freed me, she and Lila and Ruth had quite a laugh.

"You just never learn," said Lila. "Too bad. It was such a good game."

But in the end, they had some pity. Victoria had taped the entire game, and nobody told me the score or any details, so late that night, all alone in the den, I watched the Super Bowl. And I wasn't tied up either.

Part 10 Soccer Janice's brother was my best friend in high school, and now at college. It was, of course, through him that I met Janice, and all of us have remained close for many years. Jordan is an avid soccer fan and player. He is involved with an amateur league at the university, and they play against other teams in the area. I played in high school, and every now and then I workout with the team, but I've not been a regular member in college. I enjoy the company of the other team members, and I really like going out with them for a beer now and then.

It didn't surprise me too much when Jordan asked me if I was busy on Saturday.

He explained that one of the regulars had developed an injury, and would have to sit out the game. They needed eleven players on the field, and they liked to have at least three extras for substitutions. I would need to be there, but probably wouldn't play all that much. He went on to explain that it was a special grudge match against a local team where the competition was heated.

Each player contributed one hundred dollars before the game. The losers had to pay a penalty of some sort, decided by the winning team. Nobody knew ahead of time what the penalty would be. Jordan said that if I would join, the team would chip in and pay my one hundred dollars. I said I would pay it - no big deal.

I agreed to play, and worked out with the team twice before Saturday. We met at the local bar and decided that if we won, the losers would have to take a skinny-dip swim in the university reflection pond at Midnight the night of the game.

At three in the afternoon, we met at the soccer field on campus, and soon everyone was present. The team picked me up in one of the members' vans.

Everyone came in a van, and there were six of them parked in the lot when all had arrived. The referees showed up, we warmed up, and by four o'clock the game was in progress. As things turned out, it was a rout. We lost by the amazing score of five-zip. None of us could even manage one goal while the other team seemed to actually hold back. Five goals in a soccer game is a fairly high score.

So the fourteen of us waited to find out the penalty we would have to pay.

They asked for the keys to our three vans, which our team members surrendered.

Then all of us were loaded into vans, with one of their team members driving each van. I should have seen it coming, but was still surprised when they drove right for the house where I was renting my room. They marshaled us inside, and told us that the penalty was that all of us would be tied up. They had decided that we would remain tied for one hour for each point in the spread, which meant five hours.

Some of the team members balked at being tied, but there was considerable peer pressure, and it would be rather poor sportsmanship to back out of the agreement. Lila, Ruth, and Victoria stood ready with rope, gags, and jock-o-thongs, and while the other team members stood and watched, smirking and laughing, we stripped, piled our clothes in the back bedroom near the television set, and put on the jock-o-thongs. My three hosts went to work, doing their best jobs, and after about half an hour there were fourteen bound and gagged hog-tied bodies squirming around on the floor of the main floor bedroom. I had never seen so many tied up at one time. It was quite a sea of writhing flesh accompanied by sounds of grunting complaints uttered through efficiently tight gags.

The victorious team members stood by the door, crowding to see the sea of trussed up bodies. They jeered at us, called us wimps and other names, and generally had a great time. We had been tied up around six in the evening, which meant we would stay tied until around eleven. Slowly the other team members left, and soon the fourteen of us were alone in the room waiting for the hours to pass. Nobody was able to help untie anyone else, despite numerous efforts. Lila, Ruth and Victoria always did a superb job tying people up.

About nine in the evening, members of the other team began filtering back. It turned out they had decided to have a party while they watched us finish our penalty. Soon the living and dining room was filled with team members of the winning group, their girl friends, the referees, their girl friends or wives, and some of our girl friends. It was quite a party, with singing, cheering, and a game where they took turns toasting our loss and our inferior playing skills. They jeered us for being bound and gagged.

Humiliated, we squirmed around listening to all of this, sweating as the room got quite warm, and just waiting for it to end.

As eleven o'clock approached, the captain of the other team came to the doorway with Lila, and handed her a wad of bills. "It's more than enough money," he said cheerfully. "You can all stay the night right here. Isn't that nice?"

From the fourteen of us there were protests of unintelligible moans and grunts. But it got us nowhere. Finally, at about midnight, they agreed that keeping us all tied up all night wasn't really fair. One by one they began lifting up the trussed up losers, and taking them out to the waiting vans. I understood that each player was taken home, left on the doorstep or inside, still bound and gagged. There was a promise that the gags and jock-o-thongs would be returned the next day.

Finally, was the only one left. Janice was there, and she said that since I was already home, so to speak, I might just as well stay in the room until morning. I protested, but in the end, knew it was futile. And so I remained hog-tied and gagged until morning when Lila released me.

There was still considerable mess to clean up from the party, but I helped.

Then I showered, dressed, and headed off to class. I decided that my soccer playing days might be over for good.


Part 11

The Spies

"It seems we have competition," Lila announced one afternoon. She had just finished with two clients, and in talking to them, she had learned that another group had opened up a similar enterprise across campus.

"They call themselves Bondage Unlimited," she complained. "And they advertise prices cheaper than ours. And they have the gall to claim that they do a better job - better bondage, more 'exquisite' and better to fulfill fantasies."

"Well," I said, "free enterprise at work I guess."

Ruth was upset, and Victoria was livid. "How dare they cut into our territory," she shouted.

"It's a free world," I said. "You don't have an exclusive patent on tying people up do you?"

"That's beside the point," Victoria stormed. "We came up with the idea, and now they're cutting into our business."

For a couple of days the three women fussed about their competition. Still they had a steady stream of clients, but more and more they heard about the other place, and how they boasted their superior abilities and cheaper prices.

Janice and I listened to all of this and smiled. How many small companies and businesses must have felt just the same over the years when someone else came along and stepped on their toes, so to speak.

Then, one day, Lila and Victoria approached me and Janice. "We have a favor to ask," they said together.

"Yes?" I said, knowing that something was coming.

"We would like you two to go over there to Bondage Unlimited, pretend to be just an uninhibited couple out for a thrill, ask for an hour or two, and see what they do. Scout out the place, see what they have, and let us know what they are about. Will you do it?"

Janice and I answered together. I said firmly "no," while Janice said just as firmly, "sure."

"Just a minute," I said, turning to Janice. "You want us to go over there and get tied up just to spy on the other outfit?"

"Why not?" she asked. "These are your friends, and it would help them. What harm would it do, and it isn't as if you haven't been tied up for a couple of hours before. Let's do it. It might be fun."

So, reluctantly, I agreed. The next day at around three in the afternoon we drove over in my car, parked in front of the place, and walked to the door. It turned out that the building was an abandoned fire station with a rather large downstairs room where they used to park the trucks, and many rooms upstairs where the men lived while they worked at the station.

A man and women met us in the entry room, and we sat and discussed their services. They explained that all they did was tie people up, no sex or any kind of sado-masochistic play. They had packages of two, four, six or eight hours for twenty dollars the first hour and ten for each additional hour.

Their customers were taken to one of the upstairs rooms and tied up on one of the cots where the firemen used to sleep. They showed us around the place. It was still somewhat Spartan in character. In two upstairs rooms we saw several men tied up and gagged, laying on the beds, some hog-tied, and some laying spread-eagled on top of the cot. All were gagged with duct tape. They were wearing regular jockstraps or speedo swim suits.

Janice and I said we would like two hours, and we paid the sixty dollars. The man and woman took us to one of the empty rooms upstairs, the one at the far end of the hallway. The man gave me a clean jockstrap, and the woman gave Janice a clean g-string. We stripped, and they put our clothes in closets built into the room. Efficiently and quickly, the bound and gagged both of us, setting us on beds on either side of the little room. We were both hog-tied, and they tied us down to the bed so we couldn't squirm off. They put spongy balls in our mouths, and then wrapped our lower faces with duct tape. It all seemed straightforward and simple enough. They left us, and we were there for our two hours.

After what seemed like an awfully long two hours to me, I began to wonder what was going on. We heard others down the hall, people talking, and some activity, but couldn't see what was happening. Time went on, and soon it was clear that much more than two hours had gone by. I could see that it was getting dark outside, and so must have been well past six in the evening.

Janice and I squirmed on our beds, making what noise we could in our gags.

Nothing happened.

We waited, squirmed, and moaned. Still nothing. Now it was fully dark outside, and still nobody came into our room. Then, finally, four people joined us, the couple who had tied us up, and another couple. They stood looking at us for a while, and then the man who had tied me up said, "Yes, we know who you are.

You live with the Bondage Fantasies people across campus. They've sent the two of you to spy on us, and we don't like spies."

"So you will be our guests for a while," said one of the two women. "But don't worry - we intend to return you. But not for a few hours. So the two of you just stay here and we'll take care of you."

With that they laughed, and left. I could hardly imagine what they had in mind, but could only wait. We were both bound and gagged far to well to do anything to alter our condition. Not much happened for a long time. Then, finally, after what must have been many hours, and well past midnight, the four of them came into our room. They untied the ropes that held us to the beds, but didn't release anything else. Then they added cloth wraps over our gags, and around our necks. Like mufflers for cold weather, I decided that these would further dampen any sounds that we might be able to make through the gags.

First me, and then Janice, they carried us down the steps. They took me to my car, and put me in the trunk. I don't know what they did with Janice, but learned later they had put her in the trunk of another car. Quietly they drove us somewhere.

It turned out that they took us back to Lila, Ruth and Victoria's. First they lifted me out of the trunk, and quietly took me up on the porch of the house.

One of the men had a little drill, and he was working very quietly drilling some holes in the ceiling, the floor and the walls of the porch. I lay on the floor watching as he finished drilling, then screwed eye-bolts into the holds.

Nobody made much noise, if any at all. I was surprised they could move so quietly. Tied and gagged and muffled as we were, Janice and I couldn't make much noise either.

Finally, one of the men released the hog-tie that bound me, and had me stand on the porch. He untied my legs and made me stand with my legs wide apart.

Quickly the other man tied ropes around my ankles and stretched them to the eye-bolts he had fastened on either side of the porch. Now I couldn't draw my legs together. Another rope went from my bound wrists up to an eye-bolt in the ceiling. As they pulled the rope, my arms stuck out behind me making me bend over with my face facing the floor.

With a pair of scissors, they cut off the jockstrap that I had been wearing.

One of the men fastened a small rope around my balls, and attached it to an eye-bolt in the floor. Another rope bound my prick, and stretched up to an eye-bolt in the ceiling. Then they did the same with Janice, making her stand facing me, bent over with her legs apart, her wrists pulled up behind her. The rope from my bound penis ran through the eye-bolt in the ceiling, and down to Janice, through her crotch, and up to a second eye-bolt in the ceiling behind her, effectively giving her a tight crotch rope.

They quietly stood back, the four of them, and surveyed their work. Finally, they put a sign on the post by the steps to the porch. "This is what happens to spies," it proclaimed in large letters. As silently as they had come, the four of them drove off in their car, leaving my car by the parking.

So Janice and I stood there waiting for someone to find us. The position was extremely uncomfortable, and I knew Janice was as unhappy as I was. We tried making all the noise we could in our gags, but the combination of gag and mufflers kept anything from being heard.

It was around seven in the morning when someone jogging by the house saw the two of us on the porch. Curious, the man stopped and approached. We made all the noise we could, indicating that we wanted him to free us. Finally, he knocked on the door, then rang the bell. After a while, a sleepy Ruth answered. When she saw us, she shouted for the others. They quickly started releasing us, and thanked the jogger for waking them.

I can't say how happy I was to finally be freed from that awkward position.

Janice said that the crotch rope did have its positive points, but still was relieved to be cut down. Lila, Ruth and Victoria fell all over themselves apologizing for what had happened. We debriefed them on the lay-out of the competition, and they decided to just wait and see what would happen.

As things turned out, the competition was eventually closed down by the police for drug dealing - something that Lila, Ruth and Victoria absolutely refused to do. There wasn't even smoking allowed in the house. So the other people went away, and that ended that.


Chapter 12

The Quiet Room

"Dave," Lila said softly late one afternoon, "We have a bit of a problem, and we need you to cooperate."

"By doing what?" I said warily.

"By going down to the basement with Victoria."

"And what's going to happen down there?"

"Just go, please. It's important. Do what Victoria asks. Believe me, we will be in your debt for this."

Well, the three of them had been kind to me, allowing me to have Janice come and stay over night as often as I wished. There had never been any complaints about my coming and going, whenever I wanted. So I decided to find out what this was all about. I headed into the basement. I found Victoria there in the dungeon, waiting patiently.

"Dave," she said. "I want you to strip. I'm going to put you in a straitjacket."

"For how long?" I asked. I had learned my lesson.

"Dave, you won't be in the jacket any longer than is necessary. Believe me.

That's all I can say."

"That's right," said Lila who had come into the room. "Please, Dave, cooperate."

I stripped and put on the jock-o-thong that Lila had brought with her. Soon I was trussed up in one of the nice canvas straitjackets that hung on the wall. Next came a leather plug gag which Lila strapped on while Victoria brought down something else that I didn't recognize.

"This is a muzzle," said Victoria. It goes on over the gag, and covers much of your lower face and neck area. She fitted the device around me, strapping it in place. I quickly found that it deadened any sound that the gag allowed me to make.

Victoria had moved to one side of the room where there was a small door which she opened. Lila led me toward the door. By it, they bound my legs tightly.

Then they had me sit on the floor and hobbled me by stretching rope from my bound ankles under me and up to the cinch straps on the back of the straitjacket, making it impossible for me to unfold my legs which had my knees now tucked up under my chin.

Then the two of them, straining, lifted me and moved me through the small door into what appeared to be a tiny storage space. But the inside was lined with heavy cloth or carpet material. All of it was covered, sides and the roof which was just above my head.

"This is the quiet room," said Lila. "On rare occasion we use it for people who want to be tied up and meditate in a perfectly silent and dark place. It's almost impossible to hear anything that goes on outside, and nobody out here can hear you, especially with that gag and muzzle."

"For an explanation of why we want you here," said Victoria, "Ruth's parents are visiting tonight. That in itself isn't notable except for the fact that Ruth's father is a Baptist minister - a conservative Baptist minister. Of course, he would hardly approve of our little money making enterprise here, and he would definitely frown on your living here with us. To guarantee that nothing happens to spoil the impression that the three of us live here alone, and that we are simply hard studying college students, we decided it would be best if you were, to put it delicately, out of the way for the evening with no chance of mistake on your part or ours."

"So, you see why it's necessary, Dave, for you to be tied up in the quiet room. Now, we won't keep you there a second longer than is necessary. Ruth's parents usually show up around five or six, stay for a brief dinner, and then leave. You should be back in circulation no later than seven thirty, which means you'll be bound and gagged in there for about three hours - not too long at all."

"Thanks, Dave, for understanding and cooperating," said Lila.

Then they closed the door. It was indeed silent in the room, and pitch black.

After a while, I could see things. Images dancing around before my eyes in the blackness. I knew it was an illusion, but it was odd indeed, and a bit eerie.

I also found again that I lost all sense of time. Had I been there an hour or three hours? I couldn't tell. I squirmed, and strained, but of course, there was no release. Even if I could play Houdini and free myself from that straitjacket, I doubt that anyone could do it in the strict confines of the little quiet room.

After what seemed like an eternity, the door of the quiet room opened a crack, and I heard Lila's voice whisper, "Ruth's parents have brought some video tapes of their travels visiting missionaries around the world. It looks like they will be staying until quite late. Sorry, Dave. If this had happened and you'd come home before they left, there would be hell to pay. Good thing we have you safe in here." Then she was gone.

So, I sat and I waited. I was getting used to waiting and being patient when one or the other of the women had me tied up. I could think erotic thoughts, let my mind wander. I fantasized that I had been kidnapped by a legion of Amazon women who were using me as a sex toy. That was fun except that my erection was bound up in the jock-o-thong, and since there was nothing I could do to release it, I had to put up with that discomfort.

I don't know how long I was there waiting, but it seemed like forever. Time must have crawled or even stopped. I couldn't imagine it not being very late at night indeed. I wondered just how long Ruth's parents might be staying. I heard nothing, saw nothing except the mirages that passed before my eyes, sometimes images, sometimes just what seemed like flashes of light. It was increasingly spooky.

When I thought I must have been forgotten, I tried crying out into the gag, and realized just how pitiful that sounded. There was nothing I could do but wait.

When I thought I would be there forever, the door opened. Ruth and Lila were there, and they pulled me out of the quiet room, removed the muzzle and gag, and began apologizing. It seemed that Ruth's parents had left around eight-thirty. Victoria had volunteered to release me, and the others thought she had. But Victoria didn't like to free men she had tied up, as I had learned, so she decided to leave me all night. So once more, I spent a rather long time bound and gagged. It was getting to be a habit.

I assured Ruth that I forgave her, and even Victoria, who looked at me sheepishly the next time I saw her. Deep down inside, I was actually liking this bondage adventure that I seemed to be on.


Chapter 13

Birthday, part 1

I tend to be a very sound sleeper, and it takes me a while to fully wake up in the morning. My parents used to claim they could walk around in my room and I wouldn't even stir in my sleep. So it shouldn't have surprised me to discover that my wrists were fairly well tied to my bed by the time I completely realized what was happening.

As I groggily opened my eyes, I saw three women, Lila, Ruth, and Victoria, hurriedly working around me as I lay in my bed in my third floor room. Lila and Ruth were finishing tying my wrists to the head of the bed, and Victoria was pulling my right leg straight, and tying it to the foot of the bed. Next, as I finally started asking, "What the hell is going on?" she pulled down my left leg, and tied rope around the ankle. In short order, I was spread-eagled on my own bed.

"What's going on?" I demanded. "Why are you tying me up at this time of day?"

"Get the gag," said Victoria.

"I don't need to be gagged," I shouted. "I don't need to be tied up either, so stop this nonsense and mmmmmmp mmpffff mmmmm....."

Well, that was the last thing I said as the large plug went into my mouth and the leather strap was cinched up behind my neck. Another strap went under my chin, and more over my head, firmly holding the gag in place. So now I had no choice but to wait and see what would happen.

I habitually slept naked, and so had nothing on. Lila removed the blankets and sheet, leaving me spread-eagled there in all my glory. The three of them stood and looked at me, smiling, and admiring my stretched-out body.

"Together girls," Lila said.

And together they started -- "Happy birthday to you; Happy birthday to you; Happy birthday dear Dave; Happy birthday to you!"

And so it was, my birthday. I squirmed, as much as the stretched ropes would allow, and moaned into the gag that such was appreciated, but now it was time to untie me. But that was not to be. The three of them laughed, and then simply left, leaving me tied and gagged and wondering.

I was tied up at around nine thirty in the morning. Perhaps an hour later, Janice showed up. She walked into the room, shut the door, and stood looking at me.

"They did a nice job," she said finally. "Looks like you're set for the day, or longer,"

"Mmmmmm," I tried to say No! and shook my head.

"Yeeeesssss," she corrected. "And even if you don't want it, what are you going to do about it?" she chided.

Janice sat down on the bed next to me, and looked at my gagged face.

"You're such a stud," she said. "Lila is right, you look good in those Levi's you bought. Such a nice tight ass. I could look at you all day."

Slowly she moved her hand to my chest where she played with my nipples and the patch of hair between them. She moved her hand playfully, running her finger nails along my skin, reaching up to my neck, then back down toward my navel.

As she played, I became very erect, something she noticed I am sure.

Janice's hand moved down playing with the area below my navel and around my erection, but not yet touching it. Then with the tip of her finger, she played with the head of my penis, turning her finger around it softly. It was electric, the sensation. My hard cock jumped and twitched as she toyed with it. She moved her finger nail down the shaft, and fondled my balls, now drawn up in what was left of their sack.

"Do you like this?" she asked playfully.

"Mmmmm," I said in the gag, nodding my head.

Janice kept up the teasing and playful touching for quite a while - never enough to get me to a climax, but enough to keep me thoroughly aroused and eager for more. Then she stood, and pulled down the shades, darkening the room. Slowly, in the dim light, she did a most erotic strip-tease. She shed clothes one piece at a time, stopping to physically tease me, keeping me erect, until she was down to a tiny black thong/g-string. Then she curled up on the bed next to me, and lay there with her nearly naked body against mine, her head on my outstretched arm, her free hand playing with my chest, abdomen, and now and then, my erection. She reached down and played with the skin on my upper legs, and my balls. It was about the most sensuous experience I had ever had, and I wondered how long it could go on. Of course, as she hit especially sensitive areas, I would squirm or try to rear up, held fast by the ropes, kept quiet by the effective gag that reduced me to satisfied grunts and groans of pure pleasure.

After what seemed like a rather long time, Janice moved, slowly pulling up her body until she was laying on top of me, looking directly into my eyes, her hands reaching up and holding my bound wrists. "Are you having a happy birthday?" she asked.

"Mmmmmm." I managed nodding my head indicating that I sure was.

"Do you want me to stop, or go on?"

"Mmmmmmm mmmmpf," I said into the gag.

I could tell that she was wet with arousal, her pussy resting against my body, her lower abdomen pushing down on my erect penis. Her nipples were erect too, and I felt them press into me every time she let her body down against mine Slowly she pulled herself up, then pulled herself down with my manhood inside her. Ever so slowly she had me enter her, not enough to bring me to climax.

Then she rocked, or undulated, stimulating me and herself, but again inducing pleasure, but not climax. Still holding my wrists, she cooed her won song of happiness as I moaned my sounds of sexual ecstasy. It was quite a harmony, the quiet restrained rocking, stimulating but not yet satisfying. She kept it up for a long time. Finally, as she reached her own climax, she intensified the motion, and I exploded inside her with pulses that arched my body as much as the ropes allowed, again and again until I was exhausted. My mind saw black with perhaps a phantasm of colors as the orgasm drowned out all thinking and left me with only the ultimate release.

When we were both spent, she settled down, laying on top of me, my now diminished erection still inside her. We lay there for a while, enjoying the afterglow of lingering pleasure.

"God, you're good when you're tied up," she finally whispered. "I don't think I ever want to let you go."

"Mmmmmmm mmmmm mmmmmm mmpfffffff," I tried to say that I thought she was pretty special too.

She laughed. "You know, when you are gagged, you don't make much sense. So you just have to listen, right?"

"Mmmmm," I nodded agreement. I wonder if she could see the smile beneath the gag?

After a long time, she slowly dismounted, again laying beside me, her hand playing with my chest again.

"Dave," she said in a serious tone. "I want to ask you a few things, and I want serious and honest answers. Do you promise you will be honest with me?"

"Mmmmm," I nodded agreement again.

"Good. First, tell me, when you are bound up and gagged like this, do you enjoy it? I mean, really, do you like this, or is it something you endure or actually dislike? Which?"

"Mmmm mmm mm mmmmmmm mmm," I said, which of course, she didn't understand.

She laughed. "Too many questions. Okay, first, do you enjoy it at all when you are tied up?"

"Mmmmm," I nodded, yes. For to be honest, I had come to find some pleasure in this bondage thing. And the episode I was in at that moment was intensely pleasant. I would be willing to do that any time.

"Really?" she asked again. "Be honest."

"Mmmmmm," I said, nodding agreement again.

"Dave," she said, getting quieter and more serious, "are you thinking of us getting married some day?"

I looked at her, laying beside me, and wondered how she knew. I had thought for some time that we should eventually marry. I was sure that I loved her, and I wished that for a minute I wasn't gagged so I could tell her so.

"Mmmmmm," I nodded agreement again.

"Do you want to marry me? If you could, would you ask me now?"

"Mmmmmmm," I nodded agreement.

"Can we get married at the end of this school year?"

I thought for a few seconds. No reason why not. "Mmmmm," I nodded again.

She kissed me on my chest, again and again, nibbling my nipples, looking up at my eyes and kissing me again.

I was suddenly engaged. It was quite a happy birthday. The only thing that crossed my mind was what I would say if someone ever asked me where and how I proposed. I doubt that anyone would ever believe the real story.


Chapter 14

Birthday, part 2

Janice continued to lay on the bed with me for a while. Then she got up, and returned with a cup.

"You probably need to pee," she said.

I nodded in agreement. She held the cup to my now flaccid penis, and I relieved myself. It was clear that there was no intent to untie me or remove the gag - not just then anyway. Janice emptied the cup in my bathroom, then returned with a damp washcloth and washed my stomach and genitals making me presentable.

"We must do this again," she said with a smile. "And I guarantee you, after we're married and living together, you should expect to spend quite a bit of time nicely packaged for my enjoyment. I've discovered that I really get off seeing you bound up this way, or any other way. I've talked about it with Victoria - my feelings that is - how I am aroused at the sight of you tied and gagged - and she says I'm a natural dominant. I guess you're in for it. How about that?"

She smiled and dressed, slowly. When she had combed her hair, she sat in a chair next to the bed, looking at me. "Are you feeling Okay?" she asked.

"Mmmm mmmmmm mmmmmpf," I said, looking from side to side at the ropes and indicating that I wanted to be untied.

"Untie you!!!" she exclaimed. "I don't think so. Not for quite a while yet.

Too many plans for your birthday. You just stay put (she laughed at her joke), and let what's left of the day unfold."

Then Janice stood, and left leaving me still spread-eagled and gagged on my bed.

Victoria came into the room perhaps an hour or so later. As I've said before, keeping track of time when you are bound, gagged, and isolated is difficult.

Anyway, Victoria stood looking at me, then asked, "Did we have a pleasant time so far today?"

"Mmmmm," I said, nodding agreement.

"Well, that's nice. But your day has just started. It's my turn now. So be prepared."

Victoria in charge caused some apprehension in me, but there was little I could do about it. I guessed it was sometime in the afternoon, and since I didn't have anything else to do, or could do, I would just have to see what was coming next. I didn't have to wait long.

Victoria opened a sack she was carrying, and produced three bees wax candles and a book of matches. "Do you know anything about hot wax?" she said with a very nasty smile. I knew nothing about not wax. I felt I was about to learn.

Victoria slowly reached down and stroked my limp penis. She played with it for a while, until I was fully erect. Then she lit one of the candles. Holding my penis, and keeping it erect and perpendicular to my body, so that it pointed straight up to the ceiling, she began dripping wax onto my shaft. At times she tilted my penis from side to side getting wax on all sides of it. The dripping material was indeed hot, but not burning, and the sensation was startlingly pleasurable in a somewhat painful sort of way. As the first candle disappeared, Victoria went to the second, and then the third. Eventually my erect penis was covered in layers of wax that built up to over a quarter of an inch thick, maybe nearly half an inch. With another candle, Victoria built a base on my abdomen at the root of my penis, getting enough wax there to buttress my erection, so that it stood straight up without her having to hold it. Satisfied with her job, she stood, and smiled.

"Still more coming," she said.

From the bag Victoria pulled some red ribbon. One she wrapped around my balls, making a bow on the top side against my wax-covered phallus. A second bow went around the entire area where my genitals met my body, and Victoria tied the bow just above the buttress that was keeping my penis pointing obscenely toward the ceiling.

"Very nice," she said, smiling at her work.

Finally, with a bit more hot wax, she fixed a stubby candle to the end of my penis. "A birthday candle for the party," she said. "We'll light it later on, and watch to be sure it doesn't burn too far down." She laughed again.

Then Victoria left. I lay there looking down at my encased penis which wasn't really erect any more as it had shriveled inside the wax casing. But the wax retained its position, held by its foundation matted in my pubic hair and by the buttress.

Perhaps an hour later, maybe more, Victoria returned holding a large pan.

"Now, you need to hold still," she cautioned.

Standing right next to the bed, and bending down, in one quick motion, Victoria flipped the pan upside down and pushed it down on my chest about mid way between my neck and my crotch. Lifting the pan then, I saw that she had deposited a chocolate sheet cake on my prone body.

"Your birthday cake," she said. "I hope you like chocolate."

"Mmmmm," I grunted, nodding yes.

Victoria left, and returned later with a bowl. Slowly, she frosted the cake, smoothing out the chocolate material, covering the top and then the sides of it until it was encased in the sweet sugary plastic coating. A fair amount also got on my body around the cake, and Victoria used the spreading knife to work in patterns both on the cake and on my skin.

Again she left, and again she returned after a while. This time she had a cake decoration kit and some more frosting. She wrote, "Happy Birthday Dave," in white on the cake. She made little white flowers for the corners of the cake.

She put a larger white frosting flower on each of my nipples. Next came a few green leaves, on the cake and on my chest to enhance the flowers there.

Finished, she looked at her handiwork. Lila, Ruth and Janice came into the room, and stood looking at me. Despite my mumbled protest, Janice brought out a camera and took pictures from a number of angles. Then Lila explained, the party guests should be arriving any time now. We're going to have a great time. And Dave, you don't need to do a thing because you're the guest of honor."

Over the next hour or so Janice's brother, Jordan showed up along with his girl friend. Three other members of the soccer team came, two with girls.

Ruth's boy friend show up. I had only met him once. Two friends from high school, who went to this college, came - apparently either Jordan or Janice had invited them. My study partner from one of my classes showed up along with his girlfriend. Fortunately, my room fills most of the top floor of the house, so it is somewhat larger than the average bedroom. Two or three times they sang happy birthday, and everyone admired the cake and the single birthday candle.

Victoria lighted the candle on top of my waxed prick, and they urged me to blow it out. Everyone laughed at the joke.

Lila and Victoria cut the cake, carefully as it rested on my skin directly, and they added ice cream to the plates. There wasn't much cake left when they were done, but they saved one piece, and then Victoria said I should have ice cream with my cake too, so she scooped out some and put it on my stomach. She slithered it around as I squirmed. It melted down my sides, making something of a mess in the bed.

In time, Lila put out the candle so that I didn't get burned in a very tender location, although my penis had long since withdrawn down into the wax tube.

The party ended after about three hours - probably when the beer ran out.

Everyone wished me a happy birthday, smiling as they left and saying things like "Don't get up, we'll see ourselves out," and stuff like that meant to be very clever. I had to admit it was quite a party. I only wish I had been able to talk to some of the guests. I suppose they didn't mind - that they understood.

When everyone had left, Ruth and Victoria cleaned up the remains of the cake and ice-cream. There were a few gifts. Janice opened them for me. Victoria gave me a very nice ball gag -saying that I needed one of my own. Ruth and Lila gave me a set of wrist cuffs. Janice gave me two brightly colored muscle shirts which she said I was to wear with my new Levi's. Jordan gave me five coils of rope, three rolls of duct tape, and a book titled "How to get Perfectly Nice People to do Perfectly Awful Things to You," which was a sort of advice book on how to get someone to tie you up, and suggestions on different positions for "love bondage."

Finally, only Janice was left in my room. It was evening now, and I had spent all day bound and gagged on my bed. Janice worked at removing the wax from my genitals, first cutting away the ribbons, and then gently pulling the wax from the bed/foundation that Victoria had carefully built. Some wax remained, but not much. We saved the phallic casing which came away whole. Janice laughed and said it would be something for me to aspire to - in size that is.

Then she lay next to me again, touching, teasing, tickling me as she had earlier in the day. Soon I was erect again, and Janice repeated her performance. The sex was as good as it had been before, the climax as dramatic.

Finally, saying that she had planned to stay the night, but now decided that she had studying to do, and had better leave, Janice released me, cutting the ropes, and allowing me to unbuckle the gag myself. We kissed, and I repeated that I loved her, and was happy that at last we were engaged. Janice cried, and said she was so happy. She said that she wanted to re-enact our engagement moment again and again so she would never forget it. I said that I would go along with that.


Chapter 15


Now, as I've said, I'm a rather sound sleeper. But for some reason, I woke up Saturday night. Something didn't feel right, and I couldn't tell what it was.

I heard something - maybe felt something - to this day I don't know what it was. I thought someone looked into my room, and then went away. I listened, and dimly I thought I heard voices. It's two flights down from my room to the main floor, and, after pulling on a pair of boxer shorts, I slowly moved out into the hall and to the head of the stairs. I was then sure that I heard voices - men's voices.

I went down stairs slowly, finally getting to the main floor. I walked into the living and was stunned to see Victoria sitting in a chair with a man next to her. He was dressed in black, his face covered, and he clearly had a gun pointed at Victoria.

Unfortunately, he saw me.

"You," he shouted. "You get in here and do it quick if you don't want to see her get hurt."

I slowly walked into the living room, and stood near Victoria. Another man appeared out of the back bedroom. "No furniture here," he said, "But some good stuff in the other bedroom. "I'll check upstairs."

Before he could go, a third man appeared out of the kitchen. "You won't believe what I found in the basement," he said. "Where did he come from?"

The man with the gun explained that I had come down the stairs.

"Anyone else in the house?" he asked us.

"No," I answered honestly. Ruth had gone home to see her parents, and Lila was out on a very late date - maybe sleeping over with her boy friend, I didn't know.

"Bring them down the basement," said the man who had come out of the kitchen.

I think we can take care of them really well. And be careful," he warned, "the door shuts behind you and if it closes, there's no way out."

All five of us headed to the kitchen, and down the stairs. Once inside the dungeon, careful to block the door so it wouldn't lock them in, the two men who had been upstairs were astounded at the equipment they found. While the third man took the gun and held it on Victoria and me, the others walked around looking at the straitjackets, gags, harnesses, bondage chairs, and so on.

"What do you do here?" asked one of the men.

"We tie people up," said Victoria flatly.


"Really," she scowled.

"Well, lady, I think we're going to tie you up. How about that?"

"Whatever," she said.

After some discussion, the three men settled on the two large X-shaped crosses against the far wall.

"What do these people wear when you tie them up?" asked one of the men.

At this I shuddered, wondering what Victoria would say. "Nothing," she shot out quickly.

"So, strip sister," he demanded, and then he looked at me and said, "You too buster."

So Victoria and I stripped, piling our clothes on the bondage chairs in the middle of the room. Then while the third man held his gun at the ready, the other two took us to the crosses. They figured out how the straps worked, and after a while, Victoria and I were securely bound, each to our own cross. Once we were trussed up, the third man put away the gun, and walked around.

"Are these gags?" he asked looking at Victoria.

"What do you think, fool," she snapped.

"This one should fit you just fine," he said. He took the ball gag down from its hook, took it over and after a bit of a struggle and a little resistance on her part, got it into Victoria's mouth. He fastened the straps while one of the other men picked out a leather gag for me. Now both of us were secure in place and gagged.

All three men explored the dungeon. They found a cupboard with its supply of duct tape. For fun, they reinforced our gags with wraps of the silver-colored tape. They found the little locker with the padlocks, and realized that all of the strap-fittings on the crosses could be locked in place. Slowly, they brought out locks and put them on each strap that bound both me and Victoria.

The man who had carried the gun pocketed all of the keys. I groaned, wondering how we would eventually be freed. They even removed enough tape to put a lock on the gags, and then retaped them in place. We were really bound up good and proper as if we were meant to stay there for a while.

Finally, the men tired of the dungeon, and the leader, the one who carried the gun, indicated that they needed to get going before someone else found them.

Taking all of the keys, they turned off the lights, leaving us in darkness, and left, letting the door close behind them.

In the quiet of the dungeon, we could hear the men upstairs now and then. It sounded like they were really tearing the house apart. We could only guess what they were taking, and what they were damaging.

Victoria and I stood bound to our respective crosses all the rest of the night. It must have been some time the next morning that we heard noise upstairs - what sounded like a scream. We learned later that it was Lila who had finally come home, walked in, and discovered that the house had been robbed, that much of the furniture had been taken, and that the place had been more or less ransacked.

Lila apparently called the police. Victoria and I stood in the dark and waited. Considerable time passed - we learned that the police aren't really quick to respond to domestic burglaries. But finally a policeman came. He spent some time with Lila, and then decided to look around. Finally he found his way into the basement, the dungeon light came on, he walked in, and stood still in his tracks -- unfortunately letting the door swing closed behind him!

Not realizing that he was now locked in, he walked over to us saying, "What the hell is going on here?!!!"

I made what noise I could in the gag, but the cop just looked around the room like he had never seen anything like it before, which was probably true.

Eventually he approached us, and looked at the straps that held us to the crosses, moving his hand to the padlocks.

"Somebody didn't want you two go to anywhere, did they?" he asked rhetorically. "How the hell do you expect to get out of here?"

Well, naturally, we didn't answer. Victoria was the stoic one, I mumphed and grumphed into my gag, but that didn't do any good either.

"I got to get some help," he said. "Nobody is going to believe this." Then the cop turned and walked toward the door. That was when he made his discovery. He was locked in. He started shouting and hollering, banging on the door, and making all the noise he could. After about fifteen minutes, Lila finally came down, opened the door, and walked in.

"Oh hell," she said, looking at the two of us bound to the two crosses. She saw the locks on the straps, and went to the cupboard to get the keys, which, of course, were gone. "Did they take the keys?" she said, looking at us.

"Mmmmmm MMmmmmmmm," I screamed, nodding my head up and down.

"We need bolt cutters," said Lila to the cop. "Do you have any in your car."

"Lady, we don't hardly ever need bolt cutters," he said. "I'll have to go and try to find something."

With that, the cop left. Lila stayed with us until he returned, about an hour and a half later. Quickly the bolts were cut away, and we were freed.

Dressed, and upstairs, we gave statements to the police - there were four or five on the premises now, looking about at our equipment, noting what had been stolen. Of course, the television sets were gone, and all the computers in the house. Some of the furniture was gone too.

The police said that a gang had been working the neighborhood, and this looked like their work, although they had never left anyone so elaborately bound and gagged before.

We never did get back the things that had been stolen, but insurance covered some of the loss, and the women upgraded some of the things as they replaced items.

I had to chuckle a week or so later. I was sitting in the living room on the sofa, one of the things not stolen, when two men came for a bondage session with Victoria. I knew I had seen them somewhere, and finally I realized that they were two of the cops who had investigated the robbery. Victoria told me later she did a nice job on them, securing them to the crosses and keeping them there for a few hours. I never knew who might come around wanting to be tied up, and I was often surprised.


Chapter 16

The Donation

After my birthday party, Janice and I more or less announced our engagement, avoiding any questions about what, exactly, we had been doing at the time of the proposal. I doubted that some would understand why I was naked, bound and gagged at the moment that I asked Janice to marry me. Since then, Janice and I had made very good use of the rope, cuffs, and gag that I had received as birthday gifts. I discovered that Janice was indeed excited at the prospect of keeping me tied up, and my only fear was that she would get carried away with it some time. So far that hadn't happened.

It turned out that the web site, for which I posed, brought in new business. A flow of unfamiliar men and women came to the house looking to be tied up, and increasingly often one of the women had to turn people away or book them for a later date. Lila also had many new business cards printed, all showing the URL for the web site, and the three of them tried to spread the cards around town.

In the days following our robbery, Ruth, Lila, and Victoria had been working to return the house to normal. In the process, they decided that they needed to clean out things that they no longer needed. Four boxes appeared in the living room - one large packing crate about four feet on a side which Lila found in the garage, a cardboard box that Victoria got from a store that sold appliances, and two wooden boxes that once held apples which Ruth said she brought from home. The wooden boxes appeared to be quite old as I don't think anyone has sold apples in boxes for a long time.

Clothes, a few appliances, used sports equipment, some pieces of furniture, unused pots and pans, books - many books - all went into the respective boxes.

It took about a week, but slowly the house took shape, and the three girls cleaned out their closets, storage rooms, the kitchen, and the rest of the place. I even added to the pile, throwing some of my out-of-date clothes into the large packing crate. Lila had contacted the Goodwill and they agreed to come around and pick up the donation.

Lila and I were eating lunch in the kitchen, and Ruth was working up in her bedroom, when someone came to the door. Lila answered it, and brought in a man who she introduced as Chuck. Chuck worked for a company that sold bondage equipment, and he was in the city, passing through on his way to deliver some thing to another party some distance away. Lila, Ruth, and Victoria had been good customers of the company, and so Chuck had been instructed to drop by and see if there was anything the women wanted to order, and in the process, demonstrate a few new gadgets and devices. We sat in the kitchen and chatted for a while. Chuck talked about things that were now on the market such as Velcro fastened arm binders and leg binders, and a variety of gags that were supposed to be more efficient.

One item that caught Lila's eye was what Chuck called the "Easy Bondage Box."

Chuck said it would be best to demonstrate, and as it happened, he had one with him. We watched while Chuck went out to his truck, and brought in, on a hand truck, a black wooden box. It stood just over two and a half feet high, about two feet wide, and about three feet long. The top opened on hinges at the back, the front opened with hinges on the side, and there were hasps that could be used to close those two doors and lock them. The bottom and back of the box was padded with thick foam. I noted some holes in the side of the box.

Chuck said it would be easiest if he could demonstrate, and asked if I would be willing.

"Willing to do what?" I asked demonstrating considerable naiveté.

"Willing to let me put you in the box," he said.

"What do I need to do?"

He turned to Lila - "How do you want people dressed when you tie them up?" he asked.

"We have them either nude, or in one of these." Lila walked to the cupboard and brought out a jock-o-thong.

"Put this on," he said, handing it to me. "You have been tied up before, haven't you?" he said.

"Yes," I said as I went into the back bedroom, stripped, piled up my clothes, and pulled on the tiny jock-o-thong.

When I returned, Lila stood there holding a leather plug gag. She walked up and started to put it on me.

"Not so fast," I said, turning my head away. "First of all, this is just a demonstration, so I don't think a gag is necessary."

"Yes it is," said Lila firmly. "It has to be a real demonstration, and we always gag clients."

"OK, granted," I admitted, "But then I stay in the box tied only for the length of the demonstration - which should last only a little while. The you let me go right away, agreed?"

Grumbling, Lila agreed.

"After all," I added, "how many times have you told me to nail down an contract before I let anyone tie me up?"

"You're right," said Lila as she inserted the gag, and then cinched it up as tight as it would go - probably tighter than it needed to be.

Chuck came over to me with a length of light rope about ten feet long. He bound my wrists, tying the rope and cinching it careful to see that no knots were near my fingers. Then he guided me over to the box. With his help, I sat down with my back up against the padded back of the box. My shoulders almost touched the box on either side, and I could tell that when the lid was closed, my head would just barely clear the top, maybe touch it also.

Once seated, Chuck had me draw up my legs so that my knees were bent and my heels almost touched my body, so that my feet were inside the box. Chuck had me put my arms down on either side of my bent legs with my tied wrists in front of my ankles. Moving to the side of the box, Chuck picked up a long black rod, and he stuck it into a hole in the side of the box The rod passed over my bent elbows, under my knees, and out the other side of the box. I then saw the simplicity of the device. There was no way I could move my arms much, or squirm around much in the tight confines of the box.

"... and the padding cuts noise, so even if he tries to say anything in that gag," Chuck continued talking to Lila, "it would be hard to hear him unless you listened closely." Chuck then explained how he used cotter pins to fix the rod so that I couldn't dislodge it. I was in that box for sure as long as they left me. Fortunately, I had negotiated a quick release.

Chuck then closed the front door of the box, and then lowered the lid. I could hear him shut the hasps, and he told Lila that he was then putting a lock on each hasp.

Lila commented on how she liked the box a lot, and would probably order two of them. Then, after talking about the box, Lila asked Chuck if he would go with her into the dungeon and look at some equipment that seemed to be causing some problems. He agreed. Lila said into the box, "We'll be right back, Dave. We want your impressions after you're been in there ten or fifteen minutes.

That's part of the test."

I sat in the darkness of the box, able to see only little pin holes of light that indicated the air holes. I waited.

Then heard something - faint in the distance. Knocking. And a voice. "Is anybody there? Hello! Is someone home?"

"I'm here," I heard Ruth shout down from upstairs.

"We're here from the Rescue Mission for your donations."

"Take all the boxes in the living room," I heard Ruth shout.

"Okay, lady."

I couldn't make out everything the men said - there seemed to be two of them, but they set about moving out the boxes, getting a hand truck for the large crate. Then, suddenly, I felt the box I was in being moved, jostled around. I moaned and shouted into the gag, but between the padding and their chatter, they either didn't hear, or ignored me. They moved the box, not careful when they bounced it down the stairs to the street level. I felt it move, and then apparently they lifted it up into a truck, shoved it around a bit, and then left. I heard loud noises - maybe doors closing. Then I felt the motion. They were driving away, with me, bound, gagged in the box in the truck!

It seemed to go on forever. My best guess was that they were making pick-ups all over town. The motion stopped for a while now and then, sometimes for longer than others. Finally, the motion stopped, and I heard nothing. And that seemed to go on forever too.

At last, I heard things. I made what noise I could, but nothing. Then I felt someone move the box. They slid it across the floor, and dropped it down once, jolting me in a most uncomfortable way.

"What's in the box?" I heard someone say.

"Don't know. It's locked."

"Well those locks aren't anything special. Get that box of keys over there, and see if one of them will open either of those locks."

I heard fiddling, I grunted, but nothing. Finally, I heard someone say, "Hey, this key works. It works on both locks."

"Good, open the box."

The lid opened, and I saw a strange face look in. A kid with long straggly hair, pierced ears up the gazoo, a pierced nose, and a broken tooth. "Holy shit," he said. "There's a doooood in here!"

Another face appeared, and the two of them looked at me with considerable disbelief. Now it was obvious that neither of these guys were the brightest lights in the forest. That really showed when one of them said, "Why would someone give this away?"

About that time, a third man appeared - one who looked a bit brighter. "Get away," he said. "There's been a mistake and you two idiots took a box you weren't supposed to take. There's been a woman on the phone hysterical about this box. She should be here any time now, so close the box, and pretend like we never looked inside."

So, those giant intellects, despite my protests, closed the box and replaced the locks. Some time later, Lila arrived, opened the box, and let me out, removing the gag and untying my hands. She had brought some clothes, so I dressed. The three men sat and watched like it was some kind of a show. Lila and I thanked them for looking after me so carefully (yeah, right!), and then we lifted the box and carried it our to Lila's car where we managed to get it in the trunk, with the lid open, and we drove home.

Lila was a mass of apologies for what had happened. But she did want to know what I thought of the box. I endorsed it. Nice device. I'm sure there are people who will love it. Maybe not for as long as I was in it, but they will love it. In the end, she bought three. One went in the main floor bedroom. The others went in the garage.


Chapter 17

The Parent

A while back, Ruth's Baptist parents had arrived, and the women had bound me and put me in the basement for safe keeping during their visit. No such manifestations were necessary when my own father turned up suddenly one day.

Since his third divorce, my father had traveled, selling whatever it was that he sold, and one never knew when he might pop up. I was always happy to see him - he was, after all, paying the bills for my college education. And I had the bright idea of tapping him for an increase in my allowance.

So I wasn't surprised when I walked into the living room, after coming home from college one afternoon, and finding Dad sitting on the couch talking to Victoria. I wondered what Victoria had told him before I got there. Surely she wouldn't tell him much about the "business" the three women were running. I wondered.

"Well," I said after small talk and pleasantries, "I need to tell you something. I'm engaged."

"Really," he said. "That calls for a celebration. Who's the lucky girl?"

"Janice," I said. "I've written you about her. Great girl. We're madly in love."

"I'm sure," he smiled.

"No, they really are," interjected Victoria. "And Dave here likes it most when she ties him up."

"Excuse me," said my father.

I wanted to die. I wanted to crawl under the carpet and just shrivel up and die. But there was no stopping Victoria at that point.

"Yes, she binds and gags him, and then plays with him. They have a wonderful time. He really enjoys it."

My father turned and looked at me, then smiled. "I never would have guessed.

You know, Steph and I played bondage games all the time while we were married!"

Stephanie was dad's second wife - my first step-mother. I had no idea that they were into anything kinky. My face must have showed my surprise which helped me get over my embarrassment.

"Yes," he said, picking up on my look of disbelief, "While you were tucked into your little bed, safely out of the way, "Steph was stretched out on our bed or hog-tied or something. We tried all kinds of positions. It was almost always me tying her up you see. She liked it, and it was a real turn on.

Didn't you notice the lock we put on the inside of our bedroom door?"

"Well, yes, but I thought that everyone did that."

Dad laughed. "So you like bondage?"

"Did Steph ever tie you up?" I asked.

"A couple of times, but she wasn't much good at it. I was better - once she was tied, she could never get loose."

Then my father got a rather strange look, and he turned to Victoria. "Any chance you would tie him up so I can see how he looks?"

"Sure," said Victoria. "Any time you like. Be happy to do it."

"Now, just a minute," I said. "Being tied up for sex by my girlfriend, and doing it so you can be a voyeur are two different things. And I wouldn't mind seeing you tied up too."

"Hey, guys," gushed Victoria. "I'll tie both of you up. Free of charge. It will be a hoot. A true father-son bonding experience!"

We laughed, and then my father thought for a few seconds, and said, "Why not.

Let's do it."

"You're kidding," I said.

"No, not at all," he said. "Let's do it right now"

"Well, we need to set an agreement and some limits," I said. I still remembered my lesson, especially where Victoria was concerned.

"I've got it," said Victoria before I could add anything, "I'll tie both of you in the room on this level. I'll gag your father, and just before I gag you, you can determine how long the two of you stay tied. How ever long you say, both of you must stay the full time, and Dave must stay one hour longer.

How about that?"

"Sounds good to me," said my father.

"Why the extra hour?" I asked.

"Because if you have to stay an hour longer, you're not likely to set a really long time to punish your father."

So I agreed to this bizarre idea. In a matter of minutes my father and I were stripped to jock-o-thongs, laying on the floor of the main floor room, with my father tightly bound, hog-tied and gagged. I was bound the same way and also hog-tied, but not yet gagged. Victoria had tied us up by doing one thing to him, then doing it to me, so that we both went into bondage one step at a time.

"OK," Victoria, "let me go," I said. "Just keep him here for a while."

"Dave, would you cheat on the bargain?"

My father was making considerable noise in his gag at all of this.

"Sure, he always cheated when he played games with me and my brother. Why not?

Come on, Victoria. Let me go. It will be quite a joke on him."

"Sorry, Dave," said Victoria. "No can do. I made an agreement. So, before I gag you, how long?"

I looked at my father, and I knew he had won and was smiling behind that gag.

No matter now long I said, he would be able to watch me squirm for the final hour that I had to remain after he was free.

It's now about five PM, I said. Untie us at seven in the morning. Make it an all-nighter - fourteen hours!!!"

My father all but screamed into the gag, but got nowhere with Victoria who had my gag in place as soon as the words were out of my mouth.

So my father and I lay there on the floor of the bedroom, squirming in bondage, unable to do much else. During the evening, a number of clients came and were tied up with us. One couple, and, to my surprise, two of the policemen who had come during the robbery - they returned. One of them had become a regular. The man recognized me, and laughed when he saw me bound and gagged on the floor. Then he was next to me in the same condition.

In all eight men and the one woman spent time in that room with us that night, and one of them remained all night and was released when Victoria came in and freed my father. Once free, and dressed, Dad turned to Victoria and said, "How much do you charge for doing this?" She told him. "Well," he said, reaching for his wallet, "Here's $75. Keep Dave here tied up until tonight. Now, I've got to go. Been nice meeting you." He said good-bye to me, ignoring my protests. Now Victoria isn't one to free someone when she can keep them bound and gagged, so Dad got his wish. She didn't let me out until around nine in the evening that night. It was the first time I had spent twenty-four hours tied up. I had to admit, I was getting used to this sort of thing.


Chapter 18

The Party - Part 1

"Dave," said Lila showing considerable excitement, "We've been invited to a party."

"What do you mean, 'We'?" I asked.

"You and me," she said.

"But, if I go to a party, it should be with Janice," I cautioned.

"Oh, Janice won't mind," Lila said. "This is special. These are very wealthy people who I've been cultivating for some time. They can bring us a lot of business. They've seen our web page, and they've invited us to one of their exclusive parties. They specifically said you should come as my escort."

"Who are these people?" I asked.

"The sons and daughters of some of the most important business executives in the area, with a rather liberal and flamboyant life style, I might add. They can get whatever they want. A couple of them have been here and used our services a few times. I've wanted to break into their group for a long time, and this is my chance, so please, go with me. It's an opportunity I've wanted and hoped for."

The party was the coming Friday night, at a house across town in one of the most exclusive neighbourhoods around. You had to know someone to get past the gate, and you had to be invited. I told Janice about it, and she said if it would help Lila, I should go, but no funny business. Strictly Platonic. I agreed.

Friday, after dinner, Lila was dressed in her most stylist casual clothes.

Bright yellow pants, and a revealing blouse with open toed shoes that matched the ensemble. She directed me to wear my Levi's and one of my muscle shirts and my Nikes. Off we went to the party. Lila gave her name and my name at the gate, the guard found us on the list, and let us pass, directing us to a house some distance inside the enclosure.

When we arrived, we parked and went inside. There were about a dozen people there, couples from what I could tell, and one of the women came over to Lila and greeted her warmly. They exchanged kisses, and the woman said how happy she was that we could come. Lila introduced me, and then the woman guided us around the room introducing us to everyone who was there. I recognized some of the names as those of people often in the press, people of influence and more wealth than I could imagine.

The hostess invited us to help ourselves to the food and drink which was plentiful. Over the next hour a few more couples arrived. At about ten that night, the hostess asked for everyone's attention.

"We have with us tonight Lila. I think some of you know her and are familiar with the services that she provides her clients. When I invited Lila to join us, I asked her to come prepared to give a demonstration of the services she and her partners supply to anyone interested. Lila has brought a man with her, and I hope they can show us their talents."

I looked at Lila, and she glanced at me blushing and said, "Sorry Dave, but this was part of the deal. I didn't have the nerve to tell you, and hope you'll go along with this. It means more than you know."

I was in a spot, and didn't want to embarrass Lila. But I didn't look forward to being tied up in front of these people. Lila reached into her bag and produced a jock-o-thong and the hostess directed me to a back room where I could change. Not at all happy about any of this, I slowly complied. I took my time undressing, pulled on the jock-o-thong, and returned to the living room.

The guests had more or less assembled along one side of the room with Lila waiting for me at the other end. They had cleared a space on the floor within easy view of those watching. Nobody said anything that I could hear as I walked into the room and over to Lila. They seemed genuinely interested, and were certainly attentive and most polite.

Clearing her throat and sounding very nervous, Lila began, "We offer bondage to anyone who would like to experience it," she said slowly. "Many people would like to know what it feels like to be tied up. We do not do sado-masochistic things, and we do not offer sex. There is a minor exception that I'll talk about later - what you might have read about in Alex Comfort's book, The Joy of Sex, a thing called "goldfish." But it's not something we ourselves do."

"Anyway, the most common bondage we provide for our guests is the standard hog-tie, and that's what I'm going to do with Dave."

While talking, Lila had taken out some rope and was binding my wrists behind my back. Next she wrapped rope around my upper body, fastening my arms to my side. "The trick," Lila said, "is to tie someone up so that you don't cut off circulation, and so that the person cannot free him or herself."

"Do you tie up both men and women?" asked one of the guests.

"Yes," said Lila, "but oddly enough most of our clients are men."

Lila then had my body tied, and she started working on my legs, binding them at the ankles, below and above the knees. "In our house, guests must wear a modified jockstrap, like the one Dave has on which we call a Jock-o-thong, or they can be nude - their choice. That goes for women too, only it's a small thong for women that they wear."

"What about their breasts?" asked another bystander.

"They go topless just like the men," said Lila looking over at the group. "We have another rule," continued Lila. "All clients must be gagged as well as tied up." She held up a leather gag that she had in her bag. I opened my mouth, and Lila inserted the wad of leather that was the plug, then from behind, she fastened the strap that held it in place. While Lila went on, I stood there, now tied and gagged and almost naked in front of a room full of strangers. It did dawn on me that they could have seen me just about the same on the web page.

Lila explained how much they charged for their services, and that many people asked for too much at first, such as an over- night. She advised a few hours the first time, for people to explore limits.

"Isn't bondage directly connected with sex?" asked a woman.

"You bet," said Lila. "But being just tied up allows your imagination to run free. You can fantasize whatever you want. Of course, we note that many of our clients are - how shall I say it? - excited when they are tied up. But we say that if you want sex, get a partner and explore love bondage with that person."

Lila then had me kneel down, and she helped me lay on the floor. With one last piece of rope, she lashed my legs back so that my heels almost touched my back. The hog-tie was complete.

"And this is the finished product," Lila said. "We'll leave him for a few minutes and you can inspect closely if you wish. I'll hand out our cards, and if any of you are interested, give us a call and set up an appointment. We have a fully equipped dungeon with many variations, and you can see some of them on our web page."

Lila moved around the room while the guests took her cards, looked at me, and returned to eating, drinking, listening to music, and picking up where the party had left off. I watched Lila, wondering how long she would leave me trussed up on the floor. Lila went into the dining room, and then I couldn't see her any more. She seemed intent on a conversation with one couple who had more or less cornered her. A few guests came over and looked at me closely, even bending down to get a bird's eye view. It was odd, to say the least, to lay there like a piece of meat while people inspected me.

I probably lay there for about half an hour, and eventually everyone at the party lost interest in me. Most went into the dining room, the kitchen, or one of he other rooms in the house. Then, without drawing mch attention and moving very quietly, two men came nto the living room from the entry hall. They picked m up, and carried me toward the door, opening it, and taking me outside. I mumphhhed into the gag, but of course, with the party noises, nobody heard me. The men, dressed in dark clothes and with their faces covered, put me into the trunk of a car and closed the lid. I wondered how long it would be before anyone noticed that I was gone.

"What the hell was going on?" I wondered. Was I being kidnapped, abducted, or what? I could hardly imagine what was happening.


Chapter 19

The Party - Part 2

I squirmed around in the trunk of the car doing what I could to free myself, but even in front of an audience, Lila had done her usual competent job of tying me up. Noises in the gag didn't do any good either. The car drove for a rather long time as I bounced around, being thrown from side to side as the vehicle turned corners, rolling to the front when we stopped, to the back when the car resumed motion.

Finally we stopped. Someone opened the trunk, but in the dark I couldn't see anything - where they men, women, what? Then hands moved me around, and someone put a blindfold on me, making sure that I didn't see anything else at all. Next, hands lifted me out of the car, and carried me some distance. It seemed to me that we went inside as the air felt warmer. I was sure we went up some stairs. One flight I thought. We moved around, and then I was bumped against something. On we went. I tried to pick up the smells, and I thought I sensed perfume.

They set me down. I lay there for a while, on a rug of some sort - any way it was soft. Then someone released the hog-tie. They picked me up, and a whispering voice said, "Cooperate and you won't be hurt." I didn't have much choice. Slowly, someone untied my legs, and then made me stand with them wide apart. I felt rope on my ankles, so I stood still. Next the hands untied the rope around my upper body, then my wrists. As soon as my wrists were freed, two hands held each wrist, and pulled them out and up, so that I was stretched out, my hands reaching out to the side and up above my head level. Rope circled my wrists, and then the hands let go. I was tied spread-eagle standing. I tried to move my legs, to get them closer together, but they were also bound. It was awkward, but I seemed to have no choice in the matter.

Wherever I was, it was quiet. I couldn't hear a thing. Gagged, blindfolded, I stood and waited. Over the last months, I had somewhat gotten used to waiting while tied up. I wondered, but of course, that didn't go any good at all.

Then I heard a soft voice, whispering, probably a woman. "He's beautiful.


I sensed someone near me, almost touching me. I thought I heard someone moving around. Mysterious. Then I felt something on the band of the jock-o-thong. I heard a sound, a snap. Then another. The jock-o-thong was gone, cut off and removed. Nothing. I stood and waited. I heard another sound, a little distance away, a repeated creaking, like a rocking chair perhaps.

After an eternity waiting, the sound stopped, and I felt the presence near me again. The voice returned - whispering in my ear, "I've wanted you ever since I saw you the first time. Tonight you're mine. All mine."

A hand touched my chest. It ran up over my shoulder and up my bound arm, then back down, lightly touching my side as it descended all the way down to my upper leg. I jumped as much as the ropes would allow, somewhat ticklish and startled by the soft touch. Then hand repeated the motion on the other side.

Nothing for a while. The hand reappeared on my back - the person was behind me. It played with my shoulders, then my back dropping down to my waist, touching, playing, toying with my skin. The hand drew circles on my butt cheeks and played with the flesh there. "Such a nice tight ass," the voice whispered.

By that time I was sporting a roaring erection. The person behind the hand couldn't help but see it. The hand stopped playing with my butt, and nothing for a few minutes. The erection began to drop. The hand lightly touched my balls, toying with them, juggling them with light fingers that tapped them from below, massaged them tenderly. The erection immediately returned full force. As one hand played with my balls, a finger lightly ran up and down the shaft of my engorged phallus. It was the most wonderful, maddening, frustrating feeling I had ever endured. Enough to keep me at a peek of erotic stimulation, but hardly enough to bring me to climax. My body pulsed and shuddered with the delightful sensations that shot through me like electric charges. I have no idea how long this went on. Maybe an hour. Maybe more. Then it stopped. Nothing. I hung there, and I waited.

After a while, the voice asked in the same whisper, "Do you want more?"

"Mmmm," I grunted into the gag, nodding.

The hands resumed playing with my body, exploring different areas, touching, tweaking my nipples, even pinching them very hard. I shuddered. I squirmed. I was helpless to endure this extreme pleasure as long as my captor wanted. I could feel sweat on my forehead. I felt flushed.

It stopped. Then nothing. Then the voice said, "We must cool you down."

Ice! Two pieces of ice. The ice ran over my chest, down my body, down my legs leaving a trail of dampness. Finally, the two pieces converged on my penis.

They ran up and down the shaft. More ice. My erection vanished, and my penis shriveled under the frigid assault. The hand, cold from the ice, cupped my penis and balls, holding the ice against me. Then, away and up my body, around my chest, and back down again. Then it stopped. Nothing again. This time for a long, long time.

I shivered as the water trails evaporated, and as I warmed up again after the application of the ice. Then something new. A feeling on my neck, then my shoulders. Lips, kissing me. A tongue licking me. The mouth, tong and lips moved around my upper body, spending time on my nipples, biting them, nibbling on them, teasing them. I squirmed again. I groaned with pleasure. The mouth moved down to my navel, and on down, following the line of pubic hair that descended. The mouth landed on my once again erect penis. The tongue played with my penis, teasing it, the mouth moving up and down slowly on the shaft, teeth giving the most tender nudges to the sensitive skin. While this was going on, hands reached around me and played with, massaged, grabbed my ass cheeks.

I wanted to scream into the gag, begging the person to bring me to climax, to finish the job. The tidal wave of feeling was overwhelming. I gasped, and groaned into the gag. I moved as much as the ropes would allow. And suddenly it all stopped. Nothing. I hung there, frustrated, but denied the final moment. It was the torture of incomplete pleasure at its fullest.

After a while, hands again manipulated my penis, bring back the erection for another time. The hands went to my shoulders, playing with them, running along my outstretched arms. And then, I felt something pressing against my erection.

It was familiar - hair? And then I knew what was happening - I was entering, penetrating. My erection was inside of whoever it was who was so magnificently tormenting me.

I felt her breasts against me, pushing. I felt her body undulating as it slid down on my twitching rod. Her arms clutched my shoulders. I heard her sigh, heard her groan and I moved in harmony with her, slowly from side to side as her body gently rose and fell. The explosion, when it came, was volcanic. My body involuntarily pulsed, the waves of pleasure filled me, blocked out everything else until I was spent.

I relaxed, still held by the ropes that kept me spread, that kept me from falling. She continued to move on me until my flaccid penis fell away from her. She laughed softly.

"Was it good for you too?" she whispered.

"Mmmmphhh" I nodded grunting into the relentless gag.

"Shall we do it again?" came the soft whisper.

"Mmmmmmphhh," I said nodding. "Are you married?" she asked.

"Mmmm," I nodded no.

"Are you engaged?" came the breathless whisper.

I hesitated. What to do? "Mmmm," I nodded yes.

"Will she mind if we make love all night?" came the whisper.

Again, I hesitated. Finally, "Mmmm," I nodded - yes.

I felt a hand near my head. The blindfold came away. IT WAS JANICE!!!!!

"Damn good thing you answered correctly," she said smiling. "If you hadn't you might have found yourself tied up in the closet for the rest of the weekend."

I grunted into the gag, astounded at what had happened. It was Janice. I was delighted and amazed.

Janice explained how the hostess for the party had invited Lila, and how they wanted a bondage demonstration. Lila agreed, as it was important to her to make friends with that group. Lila talked to Janice about it, and they concocted the plot. Janice's brother and his friend were quietly admitted to the party by a back door, and once the demonstration was over, they 'abducted' me and brought me to Janice's place where they retied me, it turned out, to the posts of her bed in her bedroom. It had all been planned well in advance, and it turned out without a hitch.

I grunted into the gag that I wanted to be untied. But Janice had other ideas.

She did free me from the bed posts, but after letting me use the bathroom, she bound me to her bed, spread-eagle, and we spent the rest of the night making love. Saturday I returned home, and thanked Lila for a great evening. It was the most wonderful erotic experience of my life.


Chapter 20

Gambling Part 1

"So you like to gamble," Victoria said as she sat down across from me in the living room.

"Sure," I answered.


"I don't know. It's the challenge. Sometimes you win, but usually you lose.

The payoff can be high. I like the thrill of it I guess."

I was packed and ready to head to Las Vegas. Jannice's brother, Jordan, and three other friends from Jordan's soccer team had decided to take advantage of the upcoming three-day weekend and spend it in Vegas. We had booked rooms in a cheap hotel off the Strip, and were ready to fly out that afternoon. We would return Monday afternoon. I was waiting until it was time to head for the airport.

"I see," she said thoughtfully. "How much money do you have in your gambling budget for this trip?"

"Three hundred dollars -- over and above room and food," I said.

"I have an offer for you," smiled Victoria. "It's a test to see how much of a gambler you really are. Interested?"

"Explain," I said.

"Well, we will roll a pair of dice. If it comes up with an even total, I'll double your three hundred dollars. If it comes up with an odd total, you get to keep your three hundred dollars, but you have to pay a forfeit."

"Victoria, I know you well enough to see that the forfeit would involve me being tied up - right?"

"Right. But nothing you can't handle. And you have nothing to lose money-wise, and might, on the roll of the dice, double your money."

I thought about it for a while. Then I said, "Why not?"

Victoria went into the dining room, looked in one of the cupboards there, and returned with a handful of dice. "Are you ready?" she asked.


"Remember, if you lose, you must pay the forfeit - in other words, do what I ask. Do you agree?"

"Sure. Roll the dice."

Victoria shook two of the dice in her right hand, then brought it down over the coffee table and let the two cubes fall. They rattled around for an instant and came to rest. One was a three, the other was a two. Five. I lost.

"Come with me," Victoria said.


"Yes, now. You must pay your forfeit. You agreed."

Victoria led me through the kitchen and down the stairs into the dungeon. It was early in the day, and there were no clients there yet.

"Strip," she ordered.

"Remember, I have to leave for the airport before too long," I cautioned.

"We'll hope you get there on time," she said. "Now, strip."

I took off all of my clothes, and Victoria handed me a leather garment that turned out to be a sort of girdle. It went around my waist, with something of a flap that hung down in the back. Once I had it on, Victoria reached through my legs and drew up the flap, which turned out to be a cod-piece like attachment that held in my genitals. The flap fastened to the front of the girdle with two padlocks.

Next, Victoria produced a black leather straitjacket. Quickly, she strapped me into the thing, cinching it up securely. Two straps went between my legs, holding the jacket down and in place. After that came a black leather hood, which fit over my head and laced up the back. It had openings for my eyes (very small), for my nose, and for my mouth.

"This is really tight," I said. "Hopefully you can get me out of it in time to finish packing and get to the airport," I said, starting to wonder where all of this was going.

"Don't worry," said Victoria. "I have everything under control."

Victoria had me move to the side of the room. There she had a board - the kind emergency ambulance people or rescue people use to transport people who have neck or back injuries. It had a multitude of straps used to hold a patient down so that they were immobile while being moved. I had never seen it used before in the dungeon. Standing in front of it, Victoria put me in a strict black leather leg binder which held my legs firmly together.

"How's that?" she asked.

"Very secure," I said. "I feel like I'm in a cocoon."

"Good," she said. "That's how it's supposed to feel."

Victoria brought out a long wide leather strap which had a bulb fastened to its center. The bulb went into my mouth, the strap around my head, tightened, it sealed itself against the leather of the hood, and closed off my mouth completely. At that point I was quite rigidly bound in the leather, and gagged. I could see through the little holes in the hood, but could hardly move. Victoria then maneuvered me next to the board, and began fixing the straps tightly lacing me in place. Straps went over my legs, over my waist, chest, one over my mouth, one over my forehead. When she finished, I was attached to the board as if I was part of it. Together the board and I leaned up against the wall, immobile.

Victoria stood back and looked at me. "You look great," she said. "Now to finish off your gambling. This is how it works. I will roll one of the dice.

The number that comes up will tell me how many dice to roll the second time.

However many numbers come up, anywhere from one to thirty-six, will tell us how many hours you stay here like this."

"Mmmmmmm," I protested. I had to get to the airport.

"If you're lucky, you might be out in an hour or two and make it to your plane. If not, well, like you said, some gamble and win. Some gamble and lose."

I groaned and argued, but the gag reduced me to the usual unintelligible grunts and muffled sounds.

Victoria rolled one dice. Up popped a six. I rolled my eyes and signed realizing that I wasn't going to fly to Las Vegas - at least not for a while.

Victoria rolled six dice. Up popped three sixes, two fives and a two. Thirty total.

"Well, Dave," Victoria smiled looking into my eyes through the hood. "You are to be my guest here for thirty hours. But that's not all. At the end of thirty hours, we roll a single dice again. Odd and we roll again for more hours. Even and you go free. Oh, there's one other thing. Your friends are sure to miss you, and my guess is that Jordan will call Janice and wonder where you are.

Since Ruth is off visiting her family, Janice is going to be here much of the weekend helping me and Lila with our customers - we have quite a few over the holiday. The joke is, they won't recognize the man all in leather is you. So you'll be here all the time and they won't know it. Isn't that a great joke?


I struggled and protested, but it was all for nothing. Victoria had me not only bound up tight and incommunicado, but more or less disguised. She was right. Nobody would know who the man was who was trussed up in all that black leather. Nothing of me showed since almost every inch of my body was covered.

All I could do was endure for the thirty hours and hope for the best on the next roll of the dice. Victoria certainly knew how to make gambling interesting!


Chapter 21

Gambling Part 2

Two couples sat in the four chairs in the center of the dungeon. Two girls, probably around twenty years old, sat on my right, their boy friends sat in the chairs facing them. All four were bound to the chairs, gagged, and looking at each other, making playful noises, struggling and enjoying the sensation of tight bondage. The boys wore the requisite jock-o-thongs, the girls thong g-strings and were topless. Strategically placed ropes set off their breasts nicely. From the bulges in the jock-o-thongs, it was obvious that the boys were enjoying everything that was happening.

I had a good view of most of the things that went on in the dungeon. Victoria and Janice had tied up the two couples, and Lila had strapped two gagged men to the X-shaped crosses at the other end of the room. One man came a bit later and got his request to spend a few hours on the rack, spread-eagled and stretched out. Another very young man (I wondered if Lila was scrupulous in checking identification for age) was in one of the black boxes, his hands tied, the rod through the box holding his arms firmly in place. It was indeed a busy day. I could tell from bits and pieces of conversation that there were more people tied up in the room upstairs. Janice seemed to be enjoying chatting with Lila and Victoria, but even more, I could tell that she liked the work binding and gagging the clients.

Of course, neither Lila or Janice realized that it was me in the black leather gear strapped to the wooden stretcher. At one point Lila asked Victoria about it, and Victoria said only that the man was one of her clients who had requested an unusually long-term session. The women had a policy of not questioning each other much on the treatment of their respective customers, so that ended the discussion.

That evening while Janice and Lila were binding and gagging two members of the local police force, Victoria called Janice to the phone. Lila continued hog-tying the two cops. I noted that both men wore not the requisite jock-o-thongs, but rather their own small black jockstraps which had on the pouch the insignia of the police department. They had convinced some time ago that it was more appropriate for them to remain, "in uniform," as they put it, and that they had found the special "police jocks" at a site on the internet: The women agreed, so the cops were the exception to the rule that customers either wear the jock-o-thong or be nude. I was increasingly amazed at how many members of the police department had become regular customers of the services provided by Lila, Victoria and Ruth. It seemed to me that the cops liked being tied up more than most.

When Janice returned she told Lila that the call had been from her brother, Jordan, from Las Vegas. Jordan reported that I hadn't shown up at the airport, and they were worried - had something happened to me? Janice was worried now too. She had gone up to my room and found my suitcase almost packed and laying on my bed. She couldn't imagine where I had gone. At this I grunted into the gag that filled my mouth, wondering if the women would wonder about the stranger all in black leather. If they heard me, they ignored the sounds - I supposed that by that time they were quite used to listening to gagged men make pitiful sounds as they enjoyed their "bondage fantasies."

With the cops bound up, the women went upstairs. Later Victoria came down and freed the man on the rack. The two couples had left a while earlier. The other two remained on their crosses, but two more men showed up. Lila and Janice bound their wrists, gagged them, and hung them on hooks along one side of the room. They stayed for a couple of hours, and then all of the men in the dungeon were freed and left, all profusely thanking the women for the "great time," they had experienced.

Alone in the dungeon, Victoria came down. She released the straps and unlocked the locks, and pulled down the flap over my genitals. She held up a cup and told me to pee if I needed to. I needed to. Then she returned the straps and pouch, and locked it in place. "Now, listen carefully Dave," she cautioned.

"I'm going to remove the gag and feed you and give you something to drink. One word and back goes the gag and there won't be a next time. Do you understand?"

I nodded agreement.

Victoria removed the gag and fed me a tuna fish sandwich. Next came a glass of grape juice followed by the gag which she returned quickly.

"Good night," said Victoria. "Have a good rest."

Alone, I spent the night in the leather restraints. I think I slept. For sure, nobody bothered me.

In the morning Victoria repeated the process allowing me to urinate, and she fed me a light breakfast. Back went the gag and the straps. Victoria had tied me up at around Noon the previous day. Thirty hours would be six in the evening. I waited through the day. Customers came and went. Three girls showed up together, and Janice and Lila tied and gagged them in three of the chairs.

They giggled even after being gagged, and seemed to relish the experience. I liked watching them as they bounced around bare breasted - especially one who was unusually well endowed. Good thing that leather cod piece was tight or I would have made a display of aroused pleasure.

There were two men in the dungeon at six that evening. Both were bound to the X-shaped crosses, gagged, and blindfolded. Victoria came in quietly and standing near me said, "It's time to see how your gambling luck is doing." She rolled one dice. Up came a three.

"Sorry," she said. Then she rolled all six dice again. This time I saw one five, two threes, one one, and two fours. Twenty! I would spend Saturday night encased in Victoria's leather prison.

On it went with customers coming and going. From bits and pieces of conversations between Lila and Janice or Janice and Victoria I knew that Janice was quite worried about where I was. When alone, Victoria fed me and let me pee. I remained bound, as if I had any choice.

At two in the afternoon on Sunday, Victoria came around. There were four men in the dungeon. Three were hog-tied and gagged on the floor - the style of choice for most. The fourth was in one of the black boxes. I noted that an increasing number of people requested time in one of the boxes which had turned out to be more popular than I would have guessed. Only rarely did a person request the rack. But people wanted to be hog-tied or tied to chairs most of the time.

"Ready to gamble again?" she asked me. I nodded as much as the straps holding my head would allow and grunted softly into the gag.

Victoria rolled the dice. Up came a five. "You lose again," she said. I sighed deeply and hoped for the best on the next rolls of the dice. Victoria rolled one dice. Up came a two. She rolled two dice. A two and a four. Six hours.

That would last until eight in the evening. This could go on for a while as Monday was the holiday.

Sunday evening a local fraternity brought in ten young men who Janice and Lila bound by the wrists, gagged, and hung up along the far side of the room. They were made to stand with their legs apart, with each man having his right leg bound to the left of his neighbor and so on. All were nude. After a couple of hours, others from the fraternity arrived and put locking devices on the testicles of the bound men. From the locks plastic rectangles, large tags, bearing the letters of the fraternity dangled down between the legs of the initiates. They were informed that they were expected to keep the tags in place for the next week, never removing them, as if they could they way they were locked on. Then each young man got ten whacks with a paddle. Everyone left and the ten hung there for another hour, their red butts stinging for a while I suspect.

After they left, I was alone. It must have been past eight o'clock when Victoria came down. "Gambling time again," she said. She rolled the dice. Up came a three again. "Your luck is awful," Victoria smiled. "Good thing you stayed away from Vegas." She rolled one dice, and up came a four. She rolled four dice, and up came a five, a six, a one and a two. Fourteen hours.

Victoria fed me and had me pee. Then she left me for the night. I would stay until ten in the morning on Monday.

Monday was quiet in the morning. All of the clients were gone. One had come along late and asked for an all-nighter. Lila had hog-tied him on the floor where he rolled around and grunted off and on during the night. Then she came down and released him. He went away happy.

After breakfast, Victoria showed up. "Well Dave," are you going to get out today? Let's see." She rolled the dice. Up came a four.

At last, Victoria unstrapped me from the stretcher board. I stood there still bound in leather unable to move when Victoria left and went upstairs. She returned with Janice and Lila.

"Gambling is dangerous," she said to them. "One can get into all kinds of trouble. The man in the leather straitjacket has found out just how much trouble," she said. Then she removed the gag, and unlaced the hood and pulled it off.

"Dave!!" shouted Janice. Then she rushed up and gave me a big kiss, a little tongue, and a lot of squeezing. "I've been so worried about you."

"Well," I said when I could catch my breath, "I gambled right here - and lost.

And the good part is, I still have all my money."

Janice and Lila both agreed that Victoria had done me a favor. Word from Vegas was that my four friends had actually called home for more money. Of course, they were upset about being so worried about where I was, but that was quickly forgotten.

They finished releasing me, and I went upstairs to a badly needed shower and time in the bathroom, not to mention a shave. Spending the weekend bound in leather by Victoria had proved to be interesting. Janice and I talked about it later, and Janice repeated what she had said earlier - that once we were married, I should expect to spend lots of time bound one way or another. I could only imagine what that might mean. Time would tell.


Chapter 22


"You're so full of shit! You don't know what it really means to be really tied up," Jordan laughed.

I had been telling Jordan and three of our other friends about my two days bound and gagged in Victoria's leather prison while they gambled away their money in Las Vegas.

"And I suppose you know all about long periods in bondage," I chided.

"I can out last you - that's for sure."

"Have you ever even been tied up?" I asked Jordan.

"All of us have," he smiled. "Don't forget we lost the soccer game you played in, and we spent time tied up in that room that your landlords run.

"That was only once," I said.

Aaron, Nick, and Kyle laughed. "We've all been tied up by one or more of those women," Kyle added.

"I've done an endurance bondage session with Victoria," Aaron boasted.

"What's that?" I asked. I had never heard of 'endurance bondage."

"Well, it's something of a bet. Two or more people put up some money - usually one hundred fifty dollars. Victoria ties them up in an unusually strict way, and there they stay until they start to wimp out. The last one still bound gets to keep half of the money. Victoria gets the other half."

"And you did it once?" I asked.

"Yep," said Kyle. "And I won too. I could easily outlast any of you."

"I'll take that bet," I declared.

"Me too," said Aaron.

We talked to Victoria and set the time and date for the challenge. She would tie us up on Saturday starting at nine in the morning. We should be there, ready for extreme bondage.

Saturday morning all three of us stood naked in front of Victoria. She started with me. She tied a very tight rope around my waist. Next, she tied a long rope around each wrist letting it fall to the floor. Then she drew up my right arm behind my back, pulling it up into a hammer-lock position. The rope tied to my right wrist she pulled up over my left shoulder and down in front, between my legs, and up in back where she tied it off to the rope that circled my waist. She repeated the process on the other side. Now both arms were cinched up behind my back. Another rope tied to my right wrist went around the front of me and was tied to my left wrist Having secured my arms, Victoria brought out a wooden dowel or short pole about eighteen inches long. The center of the pole had been wrapped with strips of cloth forming a sizable bulge. Victoria put the bulge of wraps into my mouth which it filled keeping my jaws wide apart. She tied a length of rope around one side of the pole next to my face and stretched it around the back of my head, looping it around the pole on the other side. She went around back to front about three times, then she started wrapping the rope around the front next to my face covering my lips as they rested on the bulge of cloth.

At first she just went around and around in front, but next she did a cross-cross over the pole and over my mouth area. In time, my whole face under my nose was covered with rope so that none of the white cloth wraps. It was the most formidable gag I had ever experienced.

With my arms tied and the gag in place, Victoria had me sit on the floor. We were in the upstairs room of the house and so far, alone except for Kyle, Aaron, and Jordan who stood and watched. Once on the floor, Victoria helped me assume a lotus position. With my ankles perched on the opposite upper leg, she tied a rope around my right ankle and stretched it around in back of me and to my left ankle. She pulled it tight so that I could not relieve the stress of the lotus position. More ropes bound each ankle firmly to the leg on which it rested. This was indeed turning out to be stressful bondage.

Next, Victoria brought out a lighter cord. She had tied a slip knot in the center. She put the loop of the slip know around my balls and pulled it up so that it held them firmly. Each end of the cord she tied to one of my big toes.

If I wiggled, I would tighten the loop that not circled my nuts. She bought out another cord and tied it around my cock and balls next to my body. She elaborately wrapped the cord around my cock up to the top and tied it off. She pulled up the loose ends and tied one to each side of the pole-gag that was bound into my mouth. In the process she made me lean forward a bit. Now, if I straightened up my body, I would pull my cock.

Finally, if all that wasn't enough, she brought out alligator clips and fastened one to each nipple. The clips were fastened to weights which dangled down in front of me. I looked up at her and grunted into the gag. It was indeed more than I had bargained for.

Victoria went to work on Kyle, and then on Aaron. Jordan was going to be last.

Just as Victoria began binding Jordan two cops came into the room with Lila.

Both wore their black police insignia jockstraps and both were ready for a bondage session. As Lila hog-tied and gagged the first cop, the second one came over and looked at me, Kyle, and Aaron.

"Wow," he said to Victoria. "That's great looking. What are you doing?"

Victoria explained the challenge and how it was called endurance bondage.

"Can I join in the challenge?" asked the cop.

Victoria looked at the four of us and asked if he could be added to the group.

We all agreed. But Victoria told the cop that he had to get rid of the jockstrap and put up one hundred fifty dollars. The cop said that was no problem, he intended to win, he pulled off his jockstrap and stood and waited his turn. After a while, five of us sat along the wall, all bound, gagged, and trussed up in Victoria's endurance bondage. The second cop writhed around on the floor in his hog-tie watching us.

"Now," Victoria said. "I will come once each hour and ask if any of you want to give up. You will only have one chance each hour. After that, no matter what, you must wait until the next hour to signal you with to give up. The winner is the last one remaining. To win the money the last person remaining must continue for one full hour after the others have given up. If he can't last that remaining hour, I get all the money. Understood?"

As much as the ropes tied to our genitals would allow, we grunted and nodded our heads. I would have sworn the hog-tied cop laughed in his gag as he saw us nod pulling our pricks up and down.

Near the end of the first hour, Ruth and Janice came into the room. They were escorting three nice looking young women who were dressed in the g-string thongs. All three women spent a few seconds looking at the five of us, then Ruth and Janice proceeded to hog-tie and gag all three of them, putting them right in front of us where they squirmed around on the floor. If we weren't erect already, we clearly were watching those three perform in bondage. The good news is that it was a most pleasant sight to watch. The bad news was that it made all five of us erect and with our cocks tied up, that wasn't as much fun. Further, the onset of at least my erection pulled up skin from my balls, which were also tied up, squeezing my nuts in their sack against the rope that bound them. I squirmed trying to relieve the pressure, only making it worse. I could see that all five of us were uneasy, trying to find the best position in which to sit while enduring such strict bondage.

We all passed by the first hour, and then the second. The three girls remained trussed up on the floor. At the end of the fourth hour, Aaron gave up. As he was being untied by Victoria, Ruth and Janice untied the three girls and they left. Aaron hung around watching us. The second cop indicated that he wanted to be untied too, but everyone ignored him. He grunted and fussed, but that didn't get him anywhere.

At the fifth hour, Kyle gave up. That left me, the cop and Jordan. I had a feeling that the cop was going to be hard to beat - that no matter how much agony he was in, he had vowed to win this thing. So had Jordan. I steeled myself for the long haul as I had prestige to lose having bragged at how I could handle long spells of bondage.

Hour six came and Jordan gave up. It was all he could do to stand once Victoria untied him. He moved his jaw around indicating that the gag had taken its toll. He and Kyle stayed around waiting to see whether the cop of I would give up next.

At hour seven, I looked at the cop and he looked at me. Clearly both of us were in agony. I nodded my head and tried to communicate. I didn't know if the cop got the message or not, but he seemed to understand. When Victoria asked if either of us gave up, we both indicated that we did. Victoria figured out what we were up to. We would split the money.

"Clever," she said. "But to get the money you have to go one more hour!"

We groaned, and sat and waited. Except for the hog-tied cop, who watched us, still trying to get someone to untie him, we were alone in the room, the others having left. It seemed to me that we were there a long time - more than an hour. Time stood still. Finally, laughing, the girls returned - all four of them followed by Jordan and Kyle. "You see," Victoria explained, you had to last one more hour - each of you. So first you did Dave's hour, and then," she turned to the cop, "you two did your hour. So you've been here nine hours.

That's a record!"

It was then six in the evening, and we had indeed been bound for nine hours.

It took a long time to get my legs working again, not to mention my arms. The cop seemed to recover sooner. Janice had a meal ready for me in the kitchen, and then she took me upstairs to my room where she tied me to my bed and installed my ball gag. She stayed with me the night, and we had a great time.

Janice explained that seeing me in Victoria's endurance bondage had really made her hot, and based on what happened, I wouldn't argue with that one bit.


Chapter 23


Surprisingly enough, Lila, Ruth, Victoria and I often got into very philosophical discussions. One morning, at the breakfast table, I was talking with Ruth about why people like to be tied up. We speculated that it was perhaps something in their past, or the sensation of helplessness. Victoria came up from the basement, and behind her was the policeman who had done the endurance-bondage with us a couple of weeks earlier. He had obviously spent the night with Victoria, and the marks on his wrists indicated that he had been tied up some or all of the time. (I discovered later that he and Victoria had become an item - they had been dating, and were spending considerable time together).

The cop, whose name was Arnold but who went by Arnie, joined in the discussion. He related a story that had happened a year or so before. He had been sent to answer a 911 call from an apartment not far from the University.

There he found a young man squirming around on the floor bound and gagged. It turned out, the cop said, that the man had tied himself up, and then found he couldn't free himself but had managed to get to the phone, pull it from the table, and punch the 9-1-1 numbers. Through Caller-ID the authorities had figured out where he was and Arnie had gone to "rescue" him from himself.

Just the Lila joined us, and with her was the other cop who had been in the room during the endurance bondage session. It turned out that they too had been seeing each other, and had dated a couple of times. He had spent the night with Lila. We lacked only Janice and Ruth's boy friend who lived in a dormitory on campus.

"Could you tie yourself up so that you couldn't get free?" Victoria asked me and Arnie.

"Sure," I said glibly. "Easy. Chains and locks."

"Handcuffs," added Arnie.

"Zip ties - like you police use on people," I added. "It would be very easy."

"Yes," said Ruth. "But could you two tie yourselves up with just rope and tape so that you couldn't get free?"

"Sure," I said again. "No problem."

"I think I agree," said Arnie.

"Well," said Victoria. "This evening both of you aren't doing much. Prove it!"

Now, there isn't much I like more than a challenge. So during the day I gave the matter some thought. That evening all of assembled in the bondage room on the main floor. There were no customers there, the three clients who were in the house were tied up in the dungeon.

I was stripped to a jock-o-thong and Arnie wore his Police Jockstrap. .I started. First I put a wad of cloth in my mouth, and then wrapped my mouth with duct tape. Easy. Next I took some rope. I made a loop with one piece - the loop being about a foot in diameter. I made a second loop somewhat smaller. Next I made a slip knot and laid it on the ground. I took the tape and bound my legs at my ankles and above my knees. Then I tied the rope with the slip knot to my ankles leaving the loop hanging free. Finally, I hopped over to the door where I had hung the smaller loop on the door knob. Putting my hands together behind my back, I thrust them down through the loop until it was pushed up to my upper arms. Returning to the center of the room, I lay down and picked up the second loop of rope putting my wrists through it.

Carefully I twisted the loop twice tightening it around my wrists - I could barely do this with the motion allowed by the rope on my upper arms. Finally, contorting my body, laying on my stomach, I reached back for the loop that dangled from my ankles. It took some doing, but I managed to get my bound hands through that loop, then I jerked my legs tightening the slip know. My hands, bound with the loop of rope, would not allow me to reopen the slip know, and my bondage was complete. I lay on the floor, hog-tied, bound, gagged.

"Very nice," said Lila.

"Yes," agreed Victoria. "A challenge."

Arnie was next. He had somewhat the same idea only he used a chair. He gagged himself much as I had. He used the tape to bind his legs to the legs of the chair. More tape went over his upper legs binding him to the seat of the chair. He wound tape around his chest again binding himself to the chair. He had earlier fastened a rope slip knot and tied it to the bottom rung of the chair, stretching it up to the back of the chair where he held it in place with a small piece of tape. He had a small loop of rope through which he put his arms while he held them behind the chair. Then he carefully put his now bound wrists through the loop held up by the tape, and pulled the slip know tight. And so Arnie was bound and gagged sitting in the chair.

"Bravo," said Lila. "Well done, both of you."

"Yes," said Victoria. "But the challenge was to tie yourselves up so that you can't get free. So we have to leave you for a while, to give you a chance to get out of your own bondage."

Laughing, the three women left, closing the door. I squirmed around on the floor, wondering if I could get to the knots to free myself. I could almost reach my ankles, but they were bound with tape, and unwinding it would be difficult. The knots for the slip knot rope were under the tape. It was hopeless.

Arnie struggled in his chair, but also got nowhere. Two clients came in - young boys from the University, and Lila and Ruth bound and gagged them leaving them hog-tied on the floor near us. I made noise in my gag looking up at Lila, but she just laughed. Quietly she said near me, "We didn't tie you up, so we aren't obligated to untie you - right?"

Arnie and I stayed there until quite late that night - long after the two clients had been released and left. Finally Janice, who had come over to visit, and Victoria released us. Arnie went with Victoria to her room in the basement. I went upstairs with Janice and we spent a nice night together in my room. She untied me in the morning.

The next day at breakfast Arnie, who was still with us, speculated about bondage, and people's reactions to it. "Most people are curious about someone being tied up," he said. "Many would like to try it but are afraid of what others will think."

"How would people react to seeing someone tied up in public?" Lila asked.

"They would freak out," said Victoria.

"I don't think so," said Arnie. "Given the right circumstances, I think people would take a look and then go about their business."

"Do you really think so?" said Lila.

"I agree with Arnie," I said. "People like the curious, and if things were set up right, they would let someone who was bound and gagged alone."

"Care to test that hypothesis?" said Arnie.

"Not really," I said, "but what do you have in mind?"

"We'll take you to the shopping center - the mall near campus - you'll be bound and gagged, sitting in a chair with a little barrier and a sign that reads something like, 'Scientific Experiment in Progress - Please Do Not Disturb.'"

"People would never go for that," I insisted.

"Prove it," said Arnie. "Put your money where your mouth is."

"How much?"

"I'll bet one hundred dollars that you would sit there for two hours and nobody would bother you."

"Bet taken," I said wondering what I had gotten myself into this time.

On Saturday morning Arnie, Lila, Victoria, Janice, Lila's cop named Amos, And Ruth got me ready for the experiment. I wore a skimpy red speedo swim suit.

They put me in a straitjacket and strapped on a wide black leather plug gag. I walked out to the van which had a chair in the back. We went to the mall and found an out-of-the-way area in a corner near an exit. There Arnie set up the chair while Amos got ready three standards about a meter tall and little ropes that stretched between them. Quickly Ruth, Janice, Lila and Victoria escorted me into the mall through the door. The sat me in the chair, tied my legs, bound me to the chair, put up a sign that read, "Scientific Experiment in Progress - Please Do Not Disturb." Then all of them melted into the mall, staying near in case of problems. Best of all was Arnie who wore his police uniform so as to look official should there be trouble.

There was no trouble. People noticed me, some came close for a look, but nobody touched me. I watched the crowds come and go - sometimes there were as many as fifteen to twenty people standing there, sometimes nobody was close.

Women seemed very interested, sometimes lingering for a while to look at me.

Kids were the most interested - some trying to talk to me, asking questions like was I having a good time, and did I like being tied up? One kid wanted to know where he could get a jacket like the one I was wearing. To say the least, it was an eerie feeling, sitting there all tied up with nobody doing anything about it. Nobody went beyond the little ropes.

After some three hours - an hour longer than we had planned, my friends came to my rescue, quickly untying me from the chair, leading me out to the van, removing the sign, the little barrier and the chair.

"You were a success," said Lila. Janice said I was wonderful playing my part.

Back at the house they took me to the main floor bondage room, set up the chair, rebound me to it, set up the sign, and left. They left me there until that evening when Janice came and released me from the chair, removed the gag, gave me dinner, replaced the gag, and took me up to my room where we spent the night.

That was my one and only bondage experiment in public!

Chapter 24 The Infant I knew something was up when I saw Chuck, the bondage equipment salesman, standing next to Lila in the dungeon. It was mid-afternoon when Lila had called me down to the dungeon for something, which in itself was unusual.

There were already six clients in the dungeon. Two men were strapped to the large X-shaped crosses, both in jock-o-thongs, bound and gagged and blindfolded. There were four people tied to chairs in the center of the room, an older couple and a younger couple (it turned out, Lila told me later, that it was a middle-aged husband and wife and their daughter and her boy friend).

A quick glance on my part revealed that the younger man was enjoying the experience and testing the confining strength of his jock-o-thong.

"I thought you did enough to me the last time you were here," I said to Chuck.

"I didn't really enjoy my trip to the thrift store in your black box."

Chuck laughed. "Now Dave, you must admit being carted away as cast-off goods isn't something that happens to just everybody."

We all laughed. But I hadn't been back in one of those boxes again. One experience there was enough for me, thanks.

"Chuck has a new thing that he would like to demonstrate," smiled Lila. "I thought you might help us."

"Yeah," I said. "Every time I help you I end up tied up and wondering when I'm going to be set free," I grumbled.

"Now, Dave," cooed Lila, "You know you love it. Admit it. You've become a regular bondage pig. You can hardly wait for one of us to tie you up, and I know Janice keeps you bound all the time."

"I wouldn't say that," I protested. "Anyway, what are you up to this time."

Chuck pointed to an unusually large white basket that lay on the floor. It was about six feet long, about a foot deep with a powder-blue pad on the bottom.

"It's new equipment," he said. "We find it's very popular with some. But we need to dress you appropriately before I show you how the basket works."

They had me strip completely. I could see the four people bound and gagged in their chairs watching me as I removed all of my clothes. Then Chuck produced a package clearly marked 'Depends.' "Oh no," I said. "There I draw the line. No diaper for me. I did that once."

"It's part of the new thing," said Lila turning on her sweetest voice. "It won't hurt you a bit."

Reluctantly gave in, as always, and I pulled on the diaper. Then Chuck handed me a pastel blue rubber or latex set of pants or rather panties that went on over the diaper. The blue latex had white frilly or lace edges. I decided that I looked silly.

Chuck then had me hold out my hands. After I made a fist, he rolled on a kind of rubber mitt, also pastel blue to match the panties, that held my hand in a fist. The rubber extended about half way up my arm and it had little white lace rubber fringes. Another one went on my other hand.

"Now you lay down in the basket," directed Chuck.

I lay in the basket and Chuck put little blue rubber things that he called booties on my feet. The booties had white rubber lace at the ankles. Above them he fastened transparent plastic cords around my ankles and these he attached to the end of the basket keeping my legs extended and a bit apart. He bound more plastic cords to my wrists and these he fastened in such a way that they kept my arms firmly lashed, one to each side of the basket. More plastic cords came up over my body fastening me down to the pad in the bottom of the basket. A cord went over my chest, over my stomach, and over each leg between my crotch and my knees.

Chuck then told me to open my mouth. He brought up a large plastic ring which extended above and perpendicular to a round plastic disk and with a good-sized rubber nipple hanging under it. "It's an adult-sized pacifier," he said with a smile as he inserted it into my mouth. Clear plastic straps attached to the disk circled my head and locked behind my head holding the disk against my mouth. Chuck then began pumping on the plastic ring and the nipple in my mouth grew - inflating until the bulb filled my mouth completely. I was now strapped into the basket and gagged.

As a finishing touch, Chuck brought out a blue rubber bonnet with white lace edges and put it on my head tying it in a bow under my chin.

"There," Chuck said with considerable satisfaction, "We now have Baby Dave all tucked into his basket ready to spend the night."

Lila was ecstatic. "He's adorable," she said looking at me. She reached down and tickled me under my chin as I protested into the pacifier gag. "He's wonderful. How long can he be kept this way?"

"Oh, with that diaper on," said Chuck, "he's good for twelve hours or more."

At that I really protested, but I knew it wasn't going to do any good. Once again they had me tied and gagged. And an awful thought came to me entirely too late - I had, as usual, failed to negotiate an end time with Lila. I was there for as long as they wished to keep me. Damn, would I never learn?

Lila and Chuck lifted the end of the basket and rested it against the table with the rack so that I lay at an angle with my head about three feet above the floor. I could see out into the whole dungeon and tell that the four bound people in the chairs were concentrating on watching me. The men on the crosses were blindfolded so they could only hear what was happening.

"We must let him stay until Ruth, Victoria and Janice can see him," Lila said.

I grumped my protest, but they ignored me entirely. So Lila and Chuck left and there I stayed - a baby put down for his afternoon nap in his basket.

After a rather long time, Lila returned and released the two couples from their chairs. They chatted for a while, and all four came over and took a good look at me in my 'crib,' as the older woman put it, "He's one of the cutest babies I've ever seen."

"First baby I ever saw with hair on his chest," said the man with a smile. The younger couple just stood and stared, still wearing only their thongs. The young girl had nice tits. I was glad I was wearing the heavy diaper as I watched her. Then they left.

"How you two doing?" asked Lila as she passed the two men strapped to the crosses. They made sounds through their gags, and then Lila left too.

Finally I heard a crowd coming down the steps. It was Victoria, Lila, Amos and Arnie. Amos and Arnie were wearing only their police embossed jockstraps and their wrists were tied in front. The four of them made a bee-line for my basket and they stood around making the usual comments about such a cute baby and "isn't he darling?" I grumped obscenities into my gag which didn't do any good at all. Arnie reached down his tied hands and rubbed the side of my face.

"This baby needs a shave," he said.

"Enough out of you two," said Victoria. "Into the boxes with both of you."

And as I watched, Victoria and Lila put gags on both Arnie and Amos who then went into two of the black bondage boxes. The women inserted the dowel rods that held their elbows in place below heir knees, then leaned in and kissed the men on the forehead, and closed up the boxes. Then Victoria came over and tickled me by caressing my sides. I squirmed and tried as much as I could to avoid her touches, but she persisted. Laughing into the gag, I realized how ticklish I was. Finally, when I was exhausted, she stopped.

Victoria and Lila released the two men who had been all this time on the crosses. They too came over and spent time looking at me in the basket. They didn't say much, and then they left thanking Lila for a great time and vowing to return. "Maybe I'll try that baby thing some day," said one of the men.

"Not me," said the other man. "I'm going to do some time in one of them boxes."

They all left and I was alone in the dungeon.

It must have been early evening when Lila and Victoria returned with three young men - probably college kids, who they hog-tied and gagged on the floor.

Victoria came with another man who she bound entirely in leather and then lashed him to her flat board - the one on which she had kept me prisoner for so many days a while back.

Later on Janice arrived. She came over to the basket and just stood there looking at me and laughing. "You're a beautiful baby," she said at last. She ran her hand over my body. "Such smooth skin and such a nice ass," she smiled as she tucked her hand under my butt feeling the diaper and me under it. "Does your diaper need changing?" she asked in a mock baby voice.

Turning to Lila, who had joined her, she said "I love the bonnet."

Lila agreed and observed, "The pacifier gag is very effective too."

"Yes," said Janice. "I think we should leave it in for a while."

"Were you planning to spend the night here?" asked Lila.

"Not really," Janice said. "I've got work to do. Why not keep him in the basket all night and I'll come for him in the morning when we he and I had planned to do some shopping. The wedding will be in just a few weeks and there are things we need to get."

"Sounds good to me," said Lila. "Arnie and Amos are in the boxes over there, and we don't plan to let them out until morning either. We can all have a nice early breakfast together."

"Oh, good," said Janice. "Let me know what I can bring."

The comment about keeping Arnie and Amos in the boxes all night brought loud grunts of protest from the black boxes, but certainly by this time both cops knew that if that was what the women had planned, that's what would happen.

I spent the night laying in that basket with the pacifier gag in my mouth. I did pee in the diaper. A few customers were paraded through the dungeon, each spending some time bound and gagged in one way or another, and all at least came over and looked at me in my basket when they could.

In the morning Victoria, Lila, and Janice came down and released me, Arnie, and Amos. After a spell in the bathroom, all of us sat down for breakfast with Ruth and her boyfriend joining us. It was delightful, and we joked about the way that Chuck and Lila had turned me into an infant for the night. I wondered how many clients would follow me in that basket.


Chapter 25

The Shower

I had already started packing up my things. The school year was close to ending, and I had finished most of my finals already. Janice and I were to be married in about two weeks, and I needed to prepare for the move. We had rented an apartment about a mile away from the University, and Janice had begun living there. I looked forward to becoming a husband, but had to admit I would miss Lila, Ruth, and Victoria and the adventures I had experienced while living in their house. Janice assured me that I would spend ample time in bondage and I was sure she meant what she said.

As I looked over my clothes and wondered how I would pack them, the door to my room opened and in walked the two cops, Arnie and Amos. Both were dressed in full uniform complete with gun and night-stick.

"You are to come with us," said Amos in a very serious voice.

"I need to get dressed," I protested. I was only in my shorts and tank top.

"No," said Arnie. "You need to get undressed. Take everything off."

"I don't think so," I said.

"Dave," said Arnie in his most serious voice, "You can do this and make it easy or we'll do it the hard way."

Since both men are larger than I am and probably stronger and in better shape, I decided to see what was up, so I stripped. Once naked, the two led me down two flights of stairs to the dining room where Lila, Victoria, and Ruth stood waiting.

Without greeting or prelude, Lila said, "There is a document on the table. You are to sign it!"

"Can I read it first?" I asked.

"You may, but make it quick."

It was a slave contract. In so many words it said that I agreed to become the slave of Janice, that my body was hers to do with whatever she pleased. That I was to obey her every order, wait on her hand and foot, and that she could bind and gag me whenever she wanted, however she wanted, for as long as she wanted. Furthermore, I was giving to Janice everything I owned - my car, my clothes, everything. I would own nothing.

"That's pretty final and complete," I said. "It makes me a total slave with no free will at all, no money, nothing."

"Right," said Victoria. "Sign it."

I hesitated. All five of them stood rigid and silent watching. Ruth held out a pen. I signed the document. All five of them signed as witnesses.

"We will happily testify in any court of law that you signed of your own free will," said Ruth sounding as firm as I had ever heard her.

"Now, slave," said Victoria, "into the bondage bedroom, and no talking."

They took me into the room down the hall. With Amos and Arnie standing guard so that I couldn't leave, they went to work on me. With zip ties supplied by the cops - the things they use on prisoners - they bound my legs at the ankles and above my knees. They lashed my wrists at my side to my upper legs.

Victoria produced my red ball gag and put it in my mouth, fastening it behind my head.

Lila pulled a clear plastic bag over my head tucking it around my neck and quickly making a hole at my nose so I could breath. Meanwhile Ruth and Victoria had started wrapping my body in clear plastic. As the cops lifted me, another bag went up around my feet. The only thing not covered in the plastic was my cock and balls which they left alone.

Next, out came the silver duct tape. They started at my ankles and slowly, neatly, wrapped my legs. They moved on up my body covering my trunk, my stomach, my chest making sure that it wasn't too tight and that I could take deep breaths. The tape went around my neck, carefully, then up around my head.

Soon my head was encased in the tape with only the hole for my nostrils and two slits for my eyes. I could still see out, sort of.

They wrapped my feet in the tape. Only my cock and balls continued to hang out. Lila started to fondle my penis, and soon I was erect. She then rolled a condom down on my erect member. A little plastic bag went around my testicles.

Very carefully, showing considerable skill, Victoria wrapped thin strips of duct tape around the area that connected my genitals to my body, making my genitals stand out about half an inch or so. Then she continued to wrap my still erect penis, and finally she covered my balls so that they stood out separately.

I was now an obscene mummy, encased entirely in the duct tape with my hands at my side, my mouth gagged, and my male genitalia protruding out in front of me.

"How you doing in there?" Arnie asked.

"Mmmmmmmmmmm," I said discovering just how thoroughly restricted I was.

"Time for an explanation," said Lila. "You have been a royal jerk. Today is Janice's bridal shower and all of her friends will be there. She has asked you again and again to attend, and you have refused, saying stupid things about how showers are for women and so on. Well, now you will be there and there's not a damn thing you can do about it. And they will see you in all of your glory and know what a 'Man' Janice is going to marry."

Saying that Lila grabbed my bound erection and gave it a pull and slapped it.

"They'll see that you've got balls." She slapped my balls causing me to gasp into the gag.

Ruth took the slave contract that I had signed and was taping it to my chest.

"And they will see and witness that you have nothing, that everything is Janice's, and that you are reduced to being a slave for the rest of your life."

This all sounded rather foreboding and ominous, and I decided that enough was enough. I protested into the gag, indicating that they should forget it, I wasn't going, and they should release me. A joke was a joke, but this was getting too serious.

"Nice try, Dave," said Lila. "But this isn't play. You are now Janice's mummy, and you are going to the shower, you will be on display, and she can let you go if and when she wants."

And so they kept me mummified in the bedroom until later that day when Arnie and Amos carried me out to their police car. They put me in the back seat, and drove me to the apartment where there were already quite a few people gathered in the play room available to renters. It was a large room with tables and chairs, a piano, and for that day, decorations fitting for a bridal shower.

Amos and Arnie carried me in an propped me up against the wall under a large sign that said, "Here Comes the Groom!"

Maybe thirty-five people attended the shower - both men and women. Of course Victoria, Ruth, Lila, Arnie, Amos, and Ruth's boy friend were there along with many of Janice's friends. All admired me apparently and many took the time to read the slave contract that I had signed.

"Will he be bound and gagged at the wedding?" I heard one of Janice's friends ask her.

"Maybe," Janice answered. "It depends on how he behaves over the next couple of weeks.

"Will you parents understand?" someone asked Janice.

"You bet they will," said Janice. "I can't remember how many times as a youngster I went into my parents' bedroom and found my father tied up. When I told my mother that Dave was into bondage, she said she was happy that I had found just the right man for me."

The bridal shower was a huge success. They played a few of the silly games typical of showers, and Janice opened many nice gifts. None, fortunately, were related to bondage, but coming close to me Lila said that as a wedding gift, they were giving Janice a black box. I could hardly wait!!! After the shower, Arnie and Amos took me up to our apartment, and laid me on the bed. Janice said thanks and good-by to everyone, then came in and lay on the bed next to me. I made sounds in the gag indicating that I wanted to be freed, but Janice had long since learned to ignore anything like that. She took off the slave contract and put it away for safekeeping. I feared she was going to keep me mummified all night, but finally, just before she was going to bed, she carefully cut away the tape and released me, let me go to the bathroom, then tied me to the bed for the night - a night of pleasure. God, how I love it.

The wedding came off without any problems, and no, I wasn't tied up and gagged. Janice didn't think the minister would understand, nor would some of the others who attended. I did spend the entire honeymoon pretty much trussed up, but it was heavenly.

And that ended my year with Lila, Ruth, and Victoria. I do miss them, and whenever Janice has me bound and gagged, which is often, I think of them and wonder how they are doing. Arnie moved into my room and Amos moved in with Victoria into her room. It was quite an experience being a renter with them.